Competition is stiff in every industry and everybody is struggling to earn a place in the sun.

Now, like never before, the importance of establishing a strong online presence is undeniable. A sure-fire way for your business to do so is by having its own digital home – your dental website (and you know it).

This article will come in handy for dental business owners who already have an online presence. However,  professionals still living under a rock should know that they are missing out on an opportunity to get more clients by showcasing their services online. According to a Local Search Association’s survey, conducted in 2015, 65% of consumers refer to search engines to find local businesses and around 50% of those asked said they turn to company websites for information.   

Anyway, let’s get back to the point. Even though you are diligent in running your dental website, your efforts may fall short. Sounds familiar? If so, it is high time to learn how small changes can mean big results.

Make sure your dental website features these elements

#1 Attractive Overall Look

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. Keep this in mind while designing your website. The way your website looks is the way your visitors perceive it online. Pay close attention to your home page as it is the first thing your users get to see when they access your website (unless they follow links to your service pages). Consider it as both your billboard and your business card – it should be appealing, professional and relevant to your company.    

Your home page is a perfect place to grab your user’s attention right away by telling them who you are, what you do and why they should trust you. Make the most out of it, but remember, you only have a couple of seconds to persuade them. Keep your message obvious, short and clear.

Humans are visual creatures which means that visual elements on your website (especially, on your homepage) are more likely to catch their eye. Logos, fonts, themes, layout, color scheme and whitespace are all your friends, if used wisely.

#2 Easy Navigation

Your dental website’s navigation should be simple to understand – each section must be easy to find and access. Nothing discourages users more than a poor navigation experience. Trust me, no one will complicate their lives by struggling to find, for example, your contact information when your competitor has this info right where it should be.

So, try not confuse and overwhelm your visitors with multiple levels of navigation and unnecessary information, unless you want them turn to your competitors.   

#3 “About Us” Page

People want to know who is going to take care of their teeth. In most cases, they are really concerned about with whom they are about to entrust their health. Your “About Us” page is your best chance to sell your story and tell your potential clients what they want to hear – “I’m the professional you need”.

For better effect, your “About Us” page should feature your latest headshots – both yours and of your team. This will greatly contribute to customer engagement and personal connection. We are all human, after all.   

Remember, though, there is a fine line between providing relevant and useful information and showing off. Try not to overdo it.

#4 Service Pages (with CTAs)

Now, it is time to tell visitors the focus of your dental practice. Do you provide pediatric dentistry services? Do you work with implants? What kind of teeth whitening services do you offer? These questions should be answered on your service pages.

Create a unique page for each dental service you provide. Don’t just list them on a single page. You can describe your services in detail, emphasizing the advantages you offer and adding points about who would benefit from them. This information will be of great use to your users and result in better SERPs.

Come up with actionable CTAs (Call-To-Action) for each page. If visitors check your service pages, they probably have serious commercial intentions. So, what is the next step you want them to make (call, email, make an appointment, etc.)? Encourage your visitors to convert with easily recognizable next-steps.      

#5 Payment Methods and Policies

Describe your payment methods and policies one time on your website and save hours in the long run. People always ask questions about what types of insurance you accept, payment methods, credit card acceptance terms, discounts, guarantees (if there are any), refunds and so on. Your website must be useful to your prospects, so make sure you have clarified all of the essentials.   

#6 Contact Information/Location/Hours   

If both you and your website have been convincing enough to persuade your potential client that you are a perfect fit, how can they make an appointment? What are your business hours? Where is your dental office located? Is it possible to see a dentist at 8 am on Saturday?

This information should be easy to find, so it is best to display it on every page (on top of a separate page with details and maps). You can opt to include it in your headers and footers. This is typically the best way to keep the information noticeable and prominent.  

#7 Online Appointments

Your patients will love the option of online appointments. In our busy lives, we may not always have the time (or possibility) to schedule our appointments over the phone. Or, from time to time, the phone lines are busy. This is when an online appointment system comes into play.

With the option of scheduling online appointments, you can show your availability and make it convenient for your patients to choose a preferable time slot without needing to make a call.

#8 Testimonials and Case Studies     

Choosing a dentist may be a very difficult and nerve-wracking process. How do potential patients go about choosing the right option? Do they ask friends, relatives and colleagues for references? Sure, they do. But they also read reviews and testimonials online. These often help them to make a final decision.

Don’t limit yourself to written reviews only. Reviews can include pictures and videos as well. If you have accounts on Google+, Google My Business, Yelp, Yellow Pages or Youtube (or all of the above), don’t hesitate to link to them so that your prospects can check out your great testimonials.

Case studies may be another effective trust-boosting tactic. Positive and unusual experiences described from A to Z by your current patients will help you to acquire trust and grow your dental practice’s credibility. Moreover, utilizing the power of testimonials and case studies will do your SEO a big favor.

#9 Q&A for Dental Problems and Disorders   

A Q&A page can be another great way to both show the level of your expertise and improve your website’s rankings in search engines. This may look like a mini-Wikipedia where you describe common and rare dental diseases, their symptoms, consequences, your treatment plans and advantages and, most importantly, implement relevant keywords.

Your prospects can access your dental website to find out more about their condition and understand what to expect from your healing methods. This way, Google can see that your website features useful, meaningful and unique dentistry-related content that provides value to users.

#10 Mobile Version

A mobile version of your website is no longer a nice-to-have option, it is a must have. According to recent studies, approximately 60% of searches are conducted through mobile devices. This means that more than a half of your website visitors have found you on their smartphones and tablets. And whether they stayed or not strongly depends on your website’s proper mobile optimization. Mobile optimization results in improved user experience which, in turn, is a crucial ranking factor.  

Bottom Line  

Your business’s goal is to attract and convert customers. In a world where the Internet has already become part and parcel to everyday life, your dental office will never bring about desired results and show sustainable growth without having a nice website. Make sure you are heading in the right direction. Use these tips and feel free to contact Clever Solution for professional help!