Did you know that marketers and advertisers have a huge influence on our lives? If you didn’t, think about it: Have you ever purchased anything just because it’s on sale? Do you continuously go to the same Chinese restaurant because they offer $5 off on Wednesdays? Have you ever fallen victim to a ‘buy-one-get-one-free’ trick?

We’re being manipulated by marketers every day. They influence our decisions; they form our buying behavior; they make us visit places and spend, even if we don’t want to. How do they do it? It’s simple: they use psychology and psychological impulses. We buy, and we return, and we click on ads, and we visit websites again and again because smart marketers are constantly tricking us into it.

Who is a smart marketer? The smart marketer is a professional who knows how to manipulate people. He/she is a person who knows how to take advantage of humans’ behavioral habits. Of course, all people are different, and; therefore, psychological tricks won’t work on all of them the same way. However, the smart marketer knows how to analyze assess his/her target audience, make necessary conclusions and better decisions.

In this post we’ll discuss how to use psychological tricks to make your PPC ad copy irresistible. Want more clicks and conversions? Tired of boring “Buy now!” and “Call us now!” ads? Read on to learn 5 quick tips how to use psychology in your PPC ad copy!

#1: Use Emotional Triggers and Focus on ‘You’

The hard truth is people are selfish and self-centered beings. Maybe, you think that you’re not? Well, let’s think about it. Basically, our life is about what we want. You wake up in the morning and you want to drink coffee. You buy things because you want them. You watch TV because you want to. See? Your life is all about what you want and what you need. Your customers are no different, that is, they want the ads they see on the Web to be about them. They want to think that the ad is targeted specifically at them.

Use ‘you’ a lot but don’t forget that the word itself guarantees nothing. Your PPC ad copy should not only be ‘you’-focused but also emotional. Use emotional triggers to persuade potential clients to take action. Emotional trigger is something that entices the searcher so much that he/she clicks on the ad.

Emotional triggers are a must-have because we, humans, tend to value emotions more than common sense. It has been proven that a rational analysis has nothing to do with buying things – we buy because we feel emotionally connected to the product. So, emotions are important.

How can you use it in your copy? Take the following into consideration:

    • find out what your potential client is more inclined to like;


    • find out what he/she dislikes;


    • identify his/her worst enemy;


    figure out who is his/her best friend.

After that, analyze how your brand is connected to these entities. Write your PPC ad copy focusing on positive influence of your brand on the ‘good’ and its negative position to the ‘bad.’

#2: Exploit Fear of Missing Out

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is a common feeling. Can you remember the last time when you had to work extra hours in the office while your friends were going out? Can you recall the feeling? It’s not envy – it’s fear that you missed out on something important, valuable or memorable. Believe it or not, FOMO can be used for marketer’s benefit quite well.

People hate losing things. There’s even a special term in psychology to describe this feeling – loss aversion. We hate losing but we love gaining, and smart marketers know about it. Instill fear of missing out and you’ll get more clicks and conversions.

How to use FOMO? The easiest way to exploit fear of missing out is to add urgency to your ad copy. Make it clear that he/she can get 40% off only today, that he/she won’t be able to use the service for free if he/she doesn’t sign up before this or that date, etc.

Fear of loss is so natural that you don’t even have to do anything special. Just use ad customizer countdowns in your PPC ad copy and you’ll see the effect.

#3: Write Bizarre Ad Copy

The bizarreness effect is well-known in psychology. It says that bizarre and unusual content is much easier to remember and recall than common content. Basically, people are tired of standard and boring ad copy. Common phrasing makes it impossible for people to pay attention to the ad.

So how can you write bizarre ad copy for your PPC campaign? Of course, you shouldn’t go nuts – you only need to be different. For example, you can use jokes, add puns, re-work some clichés and common CTA phrases. It’s all about the approach and saying things in a different manner that is more memorable.

It’s quite a difficult task; however, try to brainstorm and unveil your inner bizarreness, and you’ll see that your ads are much better than your competitors’ ones.

#4: Focus on Ad Headline

People tend to memorize the first and the last items they see on the list of information. The items in the middle are most likely to be forgotten. What does this mean in our case? It means that we should focus on ad’s headline, as well as on its last line. They should contain the most important information about the product or service.

The headline is also important because it is the most readable part of any ad. Critical information about the offer should be included in the headline. Experiment with postscripts to find the best headline for your ad copy. Don’t forget that headlines should be clickable.

As to the last line of your ad, make sure that it either repeats the critical info from the headline or contains the link or ad’s CTA.

#5: Repeat Your Message

According to the illusionary truth effect, people believe more in things they can actually see, hear and stumble across often. Our brains are wired to interpret repetitive statements as true ones only because we’ve come across them numerous times.

What does it mean for us? Repeat your message. It can be your company’s slogan or creative CTA or any catchy phrase. Repeat it in your offline marketing campaign, repeat it in your PPC ads, repeat it in your Facebook ads, and so on. People need time to get used to things. Repeat and make sure that this positive message is associated with your company, your product or service.

Use Remarketing Lists for Search Ads to show ads only to customers who have already visited your website. It is a great strategy to save your budget but increase clicks and conversions.

The more recognizable your message becomes, the more likely your target audience will convert.

Bottom Line

Knowing at least basic psychological tricks is at the core of marketing. Actually, a marketer who doesn’t know much about how people operate and make decisions is hardly a marketer at all. He/she doesn’t know how to influence people, how to persuade them, how to sell.

Learn these 5 psychological tricks and become a smart marketer. It’s never too late to show your boss that marketing is real, that PPC ad copy can be an effective weapon to generate new customers and increase conversions. Become a PPC ad copy guru today!