Every qualified audiologist knows that the natural aural perception of external things is vital to human beings.

In other words, audiologists understand the ability to hear is important to everyone. But at some point in our lives, we may need a professional hand to help diagnose, manage and treat future hearing disorders.

The audiology market in America is extremely competitive. There are hundreds of clinics offering similar treatments and services so standing out among the crowd requires strategic search engine optimization and search engine marketing. With a thorough and well-crafted SEO plan, your business could reap the benefits of a high search engine ranking.

When patients search for a business, they’re looking for the highest ranked service on the Google results page. Your website’s presence on Google’s top 10 will determine if customers choose your service over competitors, so it’s important to pay attention to and refine your SEO strategy.

Sites with high rankings all share several common traits: they link heavily, host killer content, use high-quality visuals, are user-friendly, and update social media on a frequent basis. Google’s search engine crawlers love sites containing these elements and will index these businesses as trusted and authoritative websites. Simply put: the higher your audiology website ranks on Google, the more customers you’re likely to attract.

Here are five ways to optimize your clinic’s website to stand out from the competition without breaking your marketing budget :

#1 Create Contagious Content

Unique content is a great SEO and marketing tool because users searching for audiology website want sites with helpful information. Google looks for a user-first approach to content, so make sure your website delivers valuable content to your target audience. Focus on creating intriguing yet beneficial content and let the search engines do the rest.

Here are some ways to improve your existing content:

  • Create a blog page and update blog posts on a regular basis (once/twice a week)
  • Edit all blog posts for clarity and originality
  • Use storytelling to vividly share personal experiences and customer stories
  • Spruce up headlines to grab the attention of your reader
  • Include numbers, statistics and graphs to solidify results
  • Use visual content to catch the eye of potential patients

#2 Build Link Credibility

Surpass your competitors by utilizing a link-building strategy. A strong linking profile can help Google bots establish your website as a reputable source and boost your search engine rankings.

  • Use short URLS – Shorten any links you include and make sure they are relevant to the rest of your content and keywords.
  • Grow organic links – Essential for Google’s algorithm, organic links can build your website’s reputation. Include third party recommendations for your service and other links pointing towards your site.
  • Guest blogging – Collaborating with respected bloggers can generate useful links and content for your website. Try reaching out to trusted bloggers to write a sponsored post featuring your services to increase publicity.
  • Anchor your text – This linking method is used to rank your site for specific keywords. Be strategic in choosing your anchor text keywords: Google will fine any sites that anchor to target keywords only, so add some generic keywords.
  • Polish your visuals – Google will also index any visual content (images, videos, infographics  etc.), helping your website link building so choose your pictures wisely, add target titles and alts.

#3 Identify Relevant Keywords

Keywords are the words that customers use to search for a business or service in any search engine. Google Keyword Planner can help your business identify the most popular keywords for your specific industry based on relevance, average monthly searches, location and even competition. Remember to use both informational and commercial keywords to reach prospects who are in various stages of customer journey. In competitive niches like audiology, using strategic keywords in meta titles and website descriptions can help attract more customers to your business.

At the same time, tread with caution: excessive keyword usage can trigger search bots and have your website labeled as spam. Use relevant keywords sparingly to avoid a Google penalty.

#4 Optimize for Mobile Viewing

With over 40 percent of website traffic coming from smartphones and tablets, it’s important to make sure your website is compatible with any mobile device. Google is prioritizing mobile indexing, so businesses must focus on creating a mobile interface to help their website rank high on both mobile and desktop versions. A mobile-friendly approach will not only bump your website to the top of search results, it will also make your platform user-friendly and ideal to Google search bots.

#5 Tap into Social Media

To increase your audience reach, consider creating a business account on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It’s important to advertise where your potential customers spend most of their time. Millennials, for example, spend a significant amount of time on social media so it would make sense to have social accounts to interact with the younger generation. Social media can also generate great feedback and conversions for your website, serving as the first point of contact for a previously untapped market.


As a hearing aid professional, you work hard to make your practice the best it can be. Your website should be a reflection of your audiology services! Maintaining a successful SEO strategy isn’t easy, but with proper due diligence you can optimize your website to top any search engine ranking and attract the customers you want. Clever Solution can help your audiology business get the most out of search engine marketing and perfect every aspect of your website. Focus on serving the patients who need your services most – we’ll work on all the rest!

For more information about our SEO, SMM and PPC services, please visit our audiology digital marketing page. We hope to see you soon!