What do you know about effective email marketing?

While email marketing may seem old and a thing of the past to you, emails are still worth taking a second look at. Sure, it might not always prove successful the first time around but with little work it can greatly benefit your business in the long-run.

When properly deployed, e-newsletters are more effective and less expensive than other cosmetology marketing channels. For example: Facebook posts reach approximately 16% of your audience and forces you to pay for sponsored posts, whereas email newsletters are able to reach your entire audience within your contacts list.

Email marketing is far from a simple task and to be quite honest, initial failures are unavoidable.  There is very little intuition involved, so it’s marketers must develop complex strategy that combines both insider tips and a deep knowledge of your sphere. You’ll often see business owners partner with digital marketers to help them uncover the email tips that will put their business ahead of others.

If email marketing is in your business’ future, ask yourself these 7 questions to begin boosting your open rates and increasing conversions.

1. What does your subject line sound like?

Remember: the subject phrase is the first thing your subscribers see before even opening a letter. Thus it should be intriguing, challenging and informative enough to make people open and read it. Try to avoid going with an overused catchy slogan, which can sound like spam or fail to pique the curiosity of your subscriber.

Keep your subject lines crisp by avoiding the following:

  • too many capital letters
  • unnecessary exclamation marks (!!!!!!!!)
  • unrealistic discounts (%%%)
  • liberal use of the word “free”
  • complicated expressions
  • white lies

Try to make your subject laconic, concise and informative with no more than 50 characters.

2. Are your e-newsletters mobile-friendly?

Let’s all confess: the majority of us can’t imagine parting with our smartphones. In fact, people spend 51% of their  time on the Internet using mobile devices and the average US user kills 87 hours per month browsing via smartphones. People prefer tablets and smartphones to desktops because they can quickly and easily search for what they want  anytime and anywhere. This has led to both positives and negatives for cosmetology email marketing:

Pros: your audience will most likely receive your emails wherever they are.

Cons: you only have a few seconds to keep them engaged

Combined with Google’s mobile-first approach, your cosmetology business is left with no choice but to ensure your emails for beauty salons are mobile-friendly for everyone.

3. How personal are your emails?

Psychology lends a hand in determining how successful your emails will be. How do you currently address your readers? Are you referring to them as simply clients, patients, customers or subscribers? It’s time to drop such impersonal monikers and start emailing your readers with their first name. Using a customer’s first name when addressing them in emails can help your audience feel valuable.

Now evaluate your tone. Did you know that your tone and pitch can be perceived through an email? Therefore, it’s vital to be conversational and relaxed. Imagine that, instead of writing a letter, you are speaking on the phone with a good friend. Bear in mind these tips:

  • Keep your text short and avoid run-on sentences
  • Focus on using the word “you” rather than “we”
  • engage readers with questions
  • add a sense of urgency (ex.Only 3 places left/This offer finishes in 2 days)
  • proofread your sentence structure, grammar, punctuation and spelling

4. Is your content really helpful?

Nobody wants to be attacked with never ending “advantageous” offers or promotions. When your subscribers open an email, they expect to find informative and entertaining content. While it may be a bit of challenge to fit as valuable information into such short emails, it’s certainly not impossible.

First things first: drop the ego! Many beauty salon owners make a huge mistake by emphasising  themselves and forgetting that readers are there for information, not a resume of your business successes.

Show your subscribers that they are paramount to you by sending them the following types of content:

  • Invitations to company events.
  • Downloadable ebooks, podcasts and videos.
  • Beauty and health lifehacks and secrets.
  • Relevant salon news and upcoming releases.
  • Information about new services and products.
  • Professional hair or beauty tips.

5. How could Post Scriptum be useful?

The postscript is a powerful writing tool when used appropriately. Email marketers add a P.S to e-news to encourage recipients to scroll down, read more and click over to the desired site.

Consider including a brief offer, invitation or short bit of news in your email postscript. This will follow your regular email body and often works best when you include an intriguing call-to-action (CTA) button.

6. What about the prime-time?

While it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact time an email should be sent, based on the general cosmetology niche we recommend the following:

  • Avoid Mondays, Sundays and Saturdays, as most people don’t read emails during their weekends.
  • Middle of the week is a better time to engage with your subscribers.
  • What hour to send at depends on many factors. Typically, working people check their emails from 9 to 11am and from 1 to 3pm. If your target audience consists of young individuals, the evening is also ok because they are likely to be checking email on their smartphones.
  • Don’t send emails just before the holidays as customers are preoccupied with other expenses such as gifts and vacations.

For even more precise email marketing, the best way to identify your prime-time is by analysing user activity on your website using Google Analytics.

7. Did you remember to track and test results?

The best way to know whether your campaign is successful or not is by monitoring the whole process before, during and after. When you can identify the weak areas of your strategy, you can then take the necessary steps to improve your campaign.

Without testing your emails, you will not be able to understand your target audience’s email behaviors. Try various methods to figure out what suits your audience best. Change send times, select different subject lines and rework your email body to help perfect your campaign. Consider employing different email marketing softwares  to obtain feedback on open rates,subscriptions and click through rates.


We hope our tips will help you polish your email marketing campaign and produce tangible results for your cosmetology business. By applying in-depth SEO, SMM and PPC promotion tactics to your email marketing campaign, we guarantee your business will achieve significant results. For additional help or if you are looking to take your campaign to the next level, don’t hesitate to reach out and consult with one of our marketing professionals today!