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Why We Use AngularJS

AngularJS is a comprehensive solution for building web and mobile apps. It satisfies the latest software development requirements and exempts us from the need to use other frameworks and plug-ins. AngularJS framework is easy to structure code. It allows us to keep the model and view in compliance, add new properties, and enables developers and designers to work on a project simultaneously. With AngularJS, we can configure a project of any size and test it by unit, to ensure its flawless operation.

Our AngularJS developers create customized solutions for a variety of industries, tapping into the unique needs and goals of each client.
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Marketplace Development
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Mobile Application Development
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E-Money Wallet Development
4 Reasons To Choose Angular

AngularJS is a product by Google, one of the largest and most advanced tech companies in the world. You can expect impeccable performance, ongoing updates, and topnotch customer support.

This framework greatly expands standard shortcode functionality.

Data binding to HTML allows for syncing the work of designers and developers. It makes the environment more responsive and saturates it with convenient features.

AngularJS enables Model-View-ViewModel architecture that ensures flexibility and profound unit testing. It allows for changing user interfaces without refactoring other codebase logic, and saves a great deal of time for the development team.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is AngularJS in a nutshell?
AngularJS is an open-source front-end framework for the development of dynamic single-page apps with JavaScript. It greatly reduces code volume and simplifies both development and testing.
What is the origin of the framework’s name? What does “ng” in the namespace stand for?
The name AngularJS comes from HTML’s angular brackets, while “ng” is extracted from the word “aNGular.”
How frequently does AngularJS remove obsolete features?
As a rule, each new AngularJS version wipes out any properties of its predecessor that have lost relevance. For instance, the preAssignBindingsEnabled $compileProvider method was first implemented in version 1.5.10 and lost relevance while version 1.6 was in use, so developers decided to remove it from version 1.7.
As for jqLite, the AngularJS team adjusts its product to jQuery. Features are removed from the framework only if those features have already been removed from jQuery. Such logic allows for absolute compliance between the two tools. Based on this relationship, the development community can forecast AngularJS’s updates by gauging those of jQuery. For example, even though the bind method is considered obsolete, it is unlikely to be removed from jqLite because it is a built-in method in jQuery.
Is AngularJS a set of templates?
At first glance, it indeed seems so. AngularJS provides some standardized templates, but at the same time, it has unique features that are not available in most templating systems. One of them is bidirectional data binding. This technology assembles templates both in the browser and in the development environment, allowing developers to review instant results of any changes made. There is no need to write additional code that syncs the view and the model, as is the case for most templating systems.
Does AngularJS suit all browsers?
What does scope hierarchy mean?
There is a single root scope in each AngularJS app. At the same time, unique child scopes are created for individual views. They are connected to the main scope, creating a hierarchical structure.
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