How much does web development cost?

In short, the price starts at $3,500. The exact amount depends on your project’s complexity and the scope of work specific to your project and business needs.

Consider your company’s objectives first. Then, apply for a consultation with our seasoned web development specialists, to learn more about your project options and get a better idea of cost.

For example, the cost of a fully functioning small business website normally ranges from $3,500 to $15,000. The price can be lower if you need minimal functionality and very few pages, or just one landing page. It could also be higher if you require custom development, integrations, extensive design or interactive on-site elements.

The less content and the fewer features your website has, the less it will cost. More expensive sites contain advanced functionality, additional features and original design solutions.


What determines the cost of web development?

  • Project type: mobile app, complex solution, integration services, blockchain application or a website (corporate, ecommerce, landing page, blog, information portal, etc.)
  • Web development platform.
  • Project’s complexity and current stage of progress.
  • Architecture and number of pages.
  • Design and development costs.
  • Additional features and CRM or ERP systems integration.
  • Responsive design.
  • Marketing costs, including content creation, search engine optimization, and advertising campaign.
  • Project maintenance: fresh content posting, code updates, hosting expenses, security measures, and other services.

At Clever Solution, we offer a price quote after learning all the requirements of your project. The final number will be accurately calculated after your approval of required specifications.

How we work

  1. First, our project managers learn everything about your needs and discuss details.
  2. Then, we create a working plan detailing all the stages of the development process, the approximate timeline and the price range.
  3. Our team is always open to discussion, so the scope of work can be modified.
  4. We set to work only after you approve our plan and price.
  5. During the entire development process, you will receive informative reports showing the project’s current status.
  6. Once the project is launched, we teach you how to use it and keep working on its maintenance.

Not sure about your project needs or whether you can afford an effective web solution? Call us today. We are here to help you decide.

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