The COVID-19 virus and lockdowns have posed numerous challenges for individuals and businesses alike. The virus has disrupted the daily lives of billions, but people still have everyday needs and desires to be satisfied, and businesses have to adapt to new conditions for providing services. There are many new ways to care for your patients while keeping them safe from exposure to the virus. 

Advanced technologies have enabled us to do things that we never dreamed possible 20 years ago. Internet services allow both doctors and patients to remain safe while delivering and receiving the same high-quality services as in pre-pandemic times.

2.TeleHealth consulting

TeleHealth consulting. Technology that enables secure and private remote consultations is incredibly useful during the pandemic. Doctors can attend to each patient without worrying about infection. Although some patients will still need an in-person visit, TeleHealth services provide a safe and convenient way to review symptoms, follow up on treatment, and consult with patients and caregivers.

3_Medication delivery

Medication delivery. To avoid virus spread, pharmacies are offering prescription delivery services to patients who are isolated at home. Care is taken by delivery drivers to disinfect their hands and wear face coverings to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

During the pandemic, patients want to stay informed and prepared. Share information about your clinic’s current status to support your clients and safeguard their physical and mental health. Once the lockdowns are lifted, there are several things you can do to re-engage your clients and keep in touch with them, to answer questions and clarify topics of interest. There are several methods you can use to let patients know when your clinic is ready to resume normal operations.



  1. Update your social media accounts and add blog posts to your website. You should analyze the most popular resources and information-sharing channels, and use a professional advertising agency to optimize your marketing plan. Most of your audience uses online platforms to find the latest information about your clinic, hours of operation, rules about social distancing, and the measures you have implemented to avoid infection.
  2. Email your existing patients with the same information, to cover all advertising channels.
  3. Discounts and special offers can attract clients whose finances have been affected by the lockdowns. Your patients will feel more confident about your services if you are able to relate to their circumstances.
  4. Check your audience’s feedback, and add more options for various patient groups, to attract clients with special needs or preferences.
  5. Share your methods for preventing infection, such as your disinfection timetable and adjusted operating hours, to instill trust and confidence in your professionalism and your commitment to patient welfare.

    Email your existing patients with the same information, to cover all advertising channels.


Use these simple methods to re-engage your clients after the lockdowns, and instill trust in you as a professional.