The Manifest, a Clutch affiliate, provides its platform’s users with useful information about the modern market, helping large companies and  SMEs to find the best service providers for their business needs. The Manifest also provides regularly updated information for finding specific business services in different market fields. 


The Manifest publishes a yearly report that lists the top performing and most experienced, business solution providers. Last year, Clever Solution was honored by the Manifest team with placement in the Top 25+ Drupal Developers. We are proud to be listed among the top professionals in such a complex field. 


Clever Solution offers a diverse range of business and marketing services. Our skilled and close-knit team makes customer care a priority, giving all of our clients first-class service and support. Our PPC, Content Marketing, and Web Development specialists keep up to speed with the latest trends in technology, to ensure that our clients remain competitie from month-to-month and year-to-year. 


We look forward to serving a growing number of clients in the future, providing them with top quality digital marketing services. We appreciate our loyal customers, and remain committed to helping them succeed in today’s modern business environment.