Being a digital marketing agency, Clever Solution aims to increase the number of true professionals in the digital space.

This is why we have created a contest, the winner of which will receive a $1000 Scholarship prize.
More than 300 aspiring students from the US, Canada, Australia and Europe have entered their worthy works.

Our experts carried out a careful analysis of all tasks with the greatest accuracy. One candidate emerged with the most outstanding approach and impressed our team.

We are pleased to announce that Jerry Milton is the winner!

Jerry Milton

Jerry is a 24-year-old part-time student who majors in digital marketing and business development. Mr. Milton was the first person to complete all required tasks, and our team evaluated his results as the most prominent.

Jerry made a thorough plan for SEO, SMM and PPC, and suggested innovative content marketing improvements for a college. Moreover, he gave a comprehensive explanation of why these improvements should be applied to the college’s website.

We hope this $1000 Scholarship will give Jerry new opportunities, and that he will become one of the leading professionals in digital marketing!

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