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of a consumer’s mobile time is spent in applications

Mobile technology is getting greater recognition among average users. Increasing numbers of businesses are keeping pace with the fast-evolving technological landscape and choosing mobile application development as their priority. The goal is to gain the attention of target audiences and become better connected with them. Mobile technologies, and iOS & Android applications in particular, can help companies stand out by creating the elusive wow-factor that attracts and retains customers.

Why Develop a Mobile Application?

  • Optimize your processes
  • Increase loyalty and engagement
  • Be recognized as an innovative company
  • Stay ahead of your competition

Mobile Application Development for Businesses

Delivery Services
Social Networking
Construction Businesses
Online Media
Hotels & Booking
Financial Institution
Sports & Healthcare
Big Corporations
Games & Multimedia
Educational Institutions

A mobile application reinforces your website and acts as an additional cost-efficient marketing instrument, since

  1. 1It allows you to better understand the needs of your audience and communicate with them more effectively without delays
  2. 2It shows your customers that you care about them by offering them an efficient communication tool to fully enjoy your business, its products and services
  3. 3It empowers your business with an additional, flexible tool to manage your brand’s reputation and build trust with your targeted audiences
  4. 4It allows you to drive more sales and to exponentially increase revenue

Our Applications Work On Any Type of Mobile Device

devices2 devices

And Are Empowered by React Native

This universal framework allows us to build complex cross-platform applications, which operate on both iOS and Android. Apps as such are not separate from your website’s data, enabling your company to maintain efficient business processes across different platforms.

As Our Core App Development Technology, React Native Ensures:

Strong performance of your application
Impeccable UI and smoother UX
Flexibility and adaptability of code
Development efficiency (which reduces costs)
Consistent business logic and data for your Web and mobile app

Our Top-Notch Mobile Development Services Include:

iOS App Development Given the popularity of Apple, iOS mobile application development is prioritized by most mobile application development companies in New York, New Jersey, and the US as a whole. However, Clever Solution does not separate Android mobile application development from iOS app development. Our cross-platform applications can operate on any platform.
Android App Development Mobile application development cost is always an issue. Since Android mobile application development is often considered to be a more cost-efficient option, companies often opt to build Android-based apps. With Clever Solution’s cross-platform development, you no longer have to choose. Our apps work perfectly on Android, iOS, or any other platform.
Cross-Platform Development With React Native at the core of our mobile application development process, we build cross-platform apps that are operable on all platforms. Our applications are flexible and ensure consistency of data across your website and your mobile application.

To Achieve Your App Development Objectives We Will:

  1. 1Analyze your business, goals and needs
  2. 2Help you define the concept of your application
  3. 3Audit your competitors and their apps’ backgrounds
  4. 4Design your application and develop a prototype
  5. 5Track analytics to see how well the idea works
  6. 6Gather feedback from initial testers to make further improvements
  7. 7Release your app and place it in the app stores
  8. 8Market your mobile application
  9. 9Provide support and upgrade your app (if needed)

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Who We Are

Clever Solution is a full-cycle digital marketing agency and a mobile app development company headquartered in NYC, New York. Over the last decade we have provided businesses with high-quality mobile application development services. Our professional team has developed mobile applications for all platforms, and we regularly enhance our skills to ensure a smooth and cost-efficient mobile application development process.

Why Clever Solution?

More than a decade of experience in providing mobile development services
A skilled team of developers who have honed their mobile application development skills by building cross-platform apps
As a recognized mobile application development company, quality is our top priority
A results-oriented team that distinguishes us from other mobile application development companies in New York
With customer satisfaction as our priority, we efficiently compete with NY’s best mobile application development agencies
With 24/7 support of clients’ apps, we ensure that your business reaps the benefits of our mobile development services to the fullest