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What Is PPC?

Pay-per-click is an advertising model effective for reaching the right audience, generating more traffic and increasing conversion rates. These ads appear in Google Search above organic traffic, with a green box that says ‘Ad.’

Search engines and social networks run ads and charge fees based on the number of people who click on them. With PPC advertising, you know what you pay for and can measure your results in the most efficient way. Unlike traditional advertising, you pay for your ad only when a user clicks on it.

PPC is an ROI-oriented way of utilizing digital marketing to promote your business online. Statistics show that 64.6% of users click on Google Ads when looking to buy an item online. If you are ready to enhance your business’s online visibility, the Clever Solution team is at your service.

Why You Need PPC

  • Instant clicks and sales growth

  • Measurable results

  • Reaching the right audience

  • Brand recognition

  • Increased local visibility

  • Targeted website traffic

  • Cost-saving opportunities

  • Perfect for A/B testing

  • Easy reporting

Advertising on Search Engines


Google is the largest and  most frequently used search engine, worldwide. It makes perfect sense to launch a PPC campaign with Google AdWords, one of the most powerful and influential PPC vehicles.


Numerous searches are still conducted on Bing, and this fact cannot be overlooked if you want to maximize the reach and impact of your PPC campaign.

Social Media Advertising


The sheer number of active users on Facebook makes it a perfect advertising space. A well-designed Facebook PPC campaign provides endless opportunities to put your business name in front of millions of people and attract more customers.


Facebook is not the only social network good for PPC advertising. The number of Instagram users is also impressive, and in some cases, Instagram works even better for business promotion, depending on the type of business.

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LinkedIn was launched as a platform for professionals, which opens up vast opportunities to reach a very specific audience. If your business is geared to attracting professional circles, opt for LinkedIn Advertising.

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Pinterest is a hot spot for brands and products, and the perfect forum for advertising opportunities. The platform offers a variety of content that appeals to its users, making it a perfect choice for various businesses.

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What We Offer

  • Develop a PPC strategy or improve an existing one
  • Analyze your competitors
  • Set-up and manage your campaign
  • Check your rates and campaign’s performance
  • Moderate ads and select those with low CTR
  • Manage ad positions and correct rates
  • Add negative keywords
  • Create new ads with promo propositions
  • Design new landing pages for promo propositions
  • Create new extensions
  • Analyze conversions
  • Manage account balances

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