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Pay-per-click is an advertising model effective for reaching the right audience, generating more traffic and increasing conversion rates. These ads appear in Google Search above organic traffic, with a green box that says ‘Ad.’

What Is PPC?

Search engines and social networks run ads and charge fees based on the number of people who click on them. With PPC advertising, you know what you pay for and can measure your results in the most efficient way. Unlike traditional advertising, you pay for your ad only when a user clicks on it.

PPC is an ROI-oriented way of utilizing digital marketing to promote your business online. Statistics show that 64.6% of users click on Google Ads when looking to buy an item online. If you are ready to enhance your business’s online visibility, the Clever Solution team is at your service.

The fundamental principles of Google advertising are pretty straightforward, but mounting an advertising campaign can seem daunting. If you are like most business owners, you do not have time to stay current with updates in Google Ads, making it difficult to scale your company using PPC marketing. Clever Solution can help.

Pay Per Click Services

Facebook Advertising Services

Facebook Ad Services include a complete Facebook advertising package, including strategy, setup

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Google Ads Services

Clever Solution’s Google PPC Advertising Services package (formerly Google Adwords) includes

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Microsoft Advertising Services

Microsoft Ads Services include PPC on search engines like Bing Advertising and Yahoo Ads

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Amazon Advertising Services

promote your products and Store with Amazon PPC ads on Seller Central, Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

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Retargeting Ad Services

Retargeting Services, also called Pay per Click remarketing services including Google Ads, Facebook retargeting ads

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Ecommerce PPC Services

Ecommerce PPC management services offer a complete package of PPC campaigns for your ecommerce business

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Local Services Ads Management

Local Services Ads Management includes local services ads on Google and Facebook Ads

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PPC Audit

A Detailed Audit of your PPC campaigns includes extensive analytics of ads performance, targeted traffic

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PPC Consulting

Advertising management consulting services provide answers to your difficult questions and help you

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Ads Platforms


Google is the largest and most frequently used search engine, worldwide. It makes perfect sense to launch a PPC campaign with Google AdWords, one of the most powerful and influential PPC vehicles.


Numerous searches are still conducted on Bing, and this fact cannot be overlooked if you want to maximize the reach and impact of your PPC campaign.


YouTube has evolved from an entertainment media platform to the popular video-sharing space. With so many people spending hours on a single website, YouTube is the perfect platform for you to promote your enterprise.


Mounting a campaign on Facebook is crucial for expanding your reach on social media. Advertising on Facebook has a big impact on your digital marketing success. It increases brand awareness and converts visitors into loyal clients.


Advertising on Instagram is a great way to reach your target audience. The engagement rate on IG is higher than on all other social media networks. Your reach and impressions define the success of your advertisements on Instagram.


LinkedIn lets you define the niche, scale of business, and professional status of users. Linkedin provides an ideal platform for key account marketing, allowing you to display your ads to users who work at specific organizations.


Advertising on Amazon enables you to maximize the visibility of your product and boost sales. Posting your ads on the Amazon Marketplace will help you scale your conversion rates and bring in tons of new leads.


Twitter is an excellent space for targeted marketing. Users who once visited your posts are sure to stumble upon your ads, and you will only be charged once your campaign has accomplished its main objectives.


Reddit offers big advantages for ad posting. The platform is an excellent venue for targeting since it broadens your website’s audience reach and a single user may see your ad repeatedly on several subreddits.


The younger demographic on Tik-Tok makes this video platform ideal for advertising. With an effective Tik-Tok PPC campaign, you will dominate the market by increasing your brand awareness among tomorrow's consumers.


Pinterest ads provide a quality user experience that generates more leads. Pinterest users often save posts and come back to them when they are ready to take action.

Why You Need PPC

  • Increase website sales
  • Quick effect of advertisements
  • Brand recognition
  • Effective ad creation
  • Instant clicks and sales growth
  • Cost-saving opportunities
  • Measurable results
  • Reaching the right audience
  • Targeted website traffic
  • Comprehensive keyword research
  • Split testing and comparison of ads
  • Increased local visibility
  • Landing page conversion optimization

  • Small-scale enterprises choose our e-commerce PPC agency to boost their sales. Firstly, it brings a quick effect. This is one of the advantages that entrepreneurs appreciate – it works fast. Such an advantage distinguishes paid search from SEO. You get a prompt reward from advertising with our Pay Per Click advertising firm.
  • PPC brings relevant traffic, because Internet users are browsing for the solutions you offer. You do not need to run an aggressive ad campaign to convince users to purchase your goods or services.
  • PPC results can be measured. You can estimate your ROAS by analyzing which ads, keywords, and targets are bringing you the biggest profits. You can easily see your number of conversions and, with the help of other metrics provided by Google, our PPC management company can use the data to develop your ad strategy.
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Why Choose Clever Solution for PPC?

  • More than 10 years of experience in PPC
  • Certified in Google and Amazon
  • Budget-friendly solutions for every client
  • We value your feedback and opinions
  • Monthly reports on PPC campaigns
  • Ready to answer your questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How does PPC work?

In a pay-per-click campaign, you control how much you spend for the search engine to advertise your site. You pay the going rate every time a website visitor clicks on your ad. Our Pay Per Click advertising agency will carefully distribute your PPC advertising budget, to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

What does PPC stand for?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a type of digital marketing where you are charged only when an Internet user clicks on your advertisement. PPC services are profitable, since you only spend money on visitors who are genuinely interested in your product.

How much can I expect to pay for PPC management?

The price of launching a PPC campaign depends on your budget amount. Our PPC management company charges 15% of your company’s PPC budget for our services.

What determines my PPC expenses?

With paid search, pricing is contingent on bids, targeting, and quality. Bids are determined by the amount you are willing to pay for a user to click on your site. Targeting costs more for competitive words. The quality of your campaign is defined by the search engine. The better your ad, the more affordable it will be.

What types of businesses use PPC?

All types of businesses use pay-per-click advertising. A quick search of your goods or services can help you determine if PPC is right for you.

When searching for a company to launch your PPC campaign, look for one with expertise in your field. Clever Solution is a low-risk option for developing an advertising strategy for your business. Our team of marketing experts will help you develop a PPC strategy that works with your budget, and gets you the most return for your investment.

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