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Clever Solution Inc is an SEO company located in New York, committed to making our clients’ businesses thrive and garner rich profits. We pride ourselves on more than 10 years of successful work in the niche, numerous client-oriented and research projects, a close-knit team of knowledgeable experts who specialize in the full spectrum of online promotion, in particular, SEO.

Even though our main offices are located in New York City, we serve clients in all US states and beyond. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that you are busy performing daily responsibilities. Our responsive team values your time and is ready to consult you without a face-to-face meeting. You can pitch a request for a free audit from any point on the globe and expect us to provide a detailed report on the actual performance of your web platform and options for its improvement.

Do you want your venture to thrive? Turn to the Clever team for a customized promotional strategy and watch your online platform featured in the first lines in SERPs, expand your client base and maximize sales. Using the best approaches and technologies from our extensive SEO toolkit, we will craft a customized solution tailored to your needs. See your company’s performance metrics constantly improve as your project is exposed to millions of targeted users.

Why You Need Our Services

The era of conducting business face-to-face in brick-and-mortar stores is long gone. Savvy businesses have followed their customers to the web, where well-designed promotional campaigns reap exponential sales. Having a professional and convenient online platform is not enough to attract customers and grow your business. Without a well-crafted optimization campaign, your website will be buried pages-deep in SERPs, making it nearly impossible for customers to find your venture and purchase your goods and services.

When users look for products like yours, your organization should be featured among frontrunners in SERPs. Web users rarely leave the first pages when looking for items online. A professional optimization campaign is indispensable if you strive to beat your rivals and win a significant market share.

Search engine optimization influences how your venture is displayed to searchers. Due to its complexities, business owners rarely do their own SEO. Google’s constantly evolving rules require close attention and ongoing adaptation of optimization strategies, and most entrepreneurs simply cannot spare the time.

In the past, some website owners found ways to outsmart search robots by overstuffing their pages with keywords, plagiarizing texts from other resources, and placing spam-like links on other sites. Today, Google has learned to recognize original and high-quality content that delivers value to web users, and has adjusted its algorithms. Deceptive tactics no longer work, and only companies with honest and conscientious promotional policies are able to elevate their links to page one.

The modern web promotion is a multi-faceted craft that requires time and constant attention. Trying to master SEO and apply its principles to your website will leave you with little time for your daily activities. Outsourcing your promotional campaign to seasoned experts will free you up to manage your venture, knowing that your online platform’s performance is in safe hands.

Clever Solution is a team of experienced specialists providing SEO services in New York, able to make your online platform perform flawlessly and yield high profits. Based on our extensive experience, we create a winning strategy and apply the best SEO practices to accelerate your website’s rise in search rankings.

Our certified specialists know about all important updates within the industry, share a common language with popular search platforms. We constantly monitor trends in SEO and invent breakthrough solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of search giants. No matter what niche you are in, whether you are a huge holding or a small boutique firm, our cohesive team will tap into the specifics of your project and cater to your needs.

We believe that there are no unreachable goals. With a reasonable approach, every aspiring venture can succeed, while companies standing in one place for years can revolutionize their promotional strategies and drive a solid performance growth.

To see your online platform emerge from the depths of SERPs and rise to the top, entrust the web promotion of your venture to Clever Solution. We support you at every step, help you overcome the challenges of SEO and reach new levels of excellence.

Personalized Approach

We understand that each venture is unique, has specific goals and values, and, therefore, requires a personalized approach to reach its full potential. At our SEO company in New York, we serve enterprises large and small, from industries of all kinds. Whether you currently have an SEO campaign or the craft is new to you, Clever Solution will find the best approach for advertising your commercial offers.

We take the following steps when creating promotional plans from scratch:

  • Conduct an in-depth technical audit.
  • Analyze online images of industry leaders to identify successful patterns.
  • Tailor a customized promotion plan.
  • Create strong meta tags.
  • Compose high-end content that resonates with your values and the interests of your audience.
  • Take additional steps necessary to strengthen your promotional campaign.

When enhancing a company’s existing SEO campaign, we take the following steps:

  • Conduct an in-depth technical audit.
  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s current promotional campaign.
  • Identify industry giants and tactics they use.
  • Offer ways to improve the content and ensure better search results.
  • Enhance meta tags.
  • Take additional steps to meet the needs of your project.

Services We Offer

Clever Solution is a full-cycle SEO agency from New York that provides a full range of services to promote a holistic image of your venture across the webspace.

You can order either a comprehensive promotional campaign or only an on- or off-page part, depending on the current performance of your online platform and the heights you are going to conquer.

On-Page Optimization

Striving to change the world, first change yourself. The same way, each fateful SEO change starts from your own online platform. You have to establish order on your site pages prior to spreading promotional messages, inviting prospects to check out your catalog or read your blog articles.

Our experts will make your online platform attractive to prospects and ranking robots by:

  • using strong keywords;
  • building a straightforward and comfortable site structure;
  • enhancing your page titles, meta tags, and descriptions;
  • creating visually appealing five-star content that delivers value to prospects;
  • improving the URL and Sitemap;
  • setting up Robots.txt.

Off-Page Optimization

Having established perfect order on your site, you can start promoting it on third-party platforms and attracting new visitors from outside. For off-page optimization, we use reputable external resources to attract traffic to your pages and build your company’s good name.

Our key off-page SEO approaches include:

  • featuring our client on popular contributor platforms and sharing brilliant content on their behalf;
  • registering your company in niche listings and industry directories;
  • maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the community on Q&A resources and forums.

The above tactics are augmented with natural appearing link-building, to enhance your backlink profile. We will leave the trace of your brand throughout the network to lead more visitors to the site. Further conversion-boosting success will depend on how thoroughly on-page aspects were elaborated.

It is best of all to implement on- and off-page optimization in parallel. This approach does not double but triples your benefits, since all promotional steps are well-coordinated in space and time. There is no mess and contradicting tasks.

Name the target you want to achieve, and our seasoned experts with compile a comprehensive plan for advertising your project. We are attentive to details, maintain perfect order in SEO campaigns, and offer our clients the most cost-efficient solutions. With us, you can be sure your promotional budget is disposed of wisely.

Most Demanded SEO Services

The Clever team receives the most requests for the following services:

  • Tech SEO. We know how ranking robots work, and we make sure they scan your online platform in the most favorable ways.
  • Content marketing. Every skilled digital marketer knows that content is king. We will create quality texts, organically embedded with strong keywords to attract the attention of both people and ranking robots.
  • Internal SEO. Seasoned optimizers can scan and clean your HTML code and metadata to make sure Google receives the right signals about the purpose of your online platform.
  • Outreach. The Clever team will build a superior backlink profile and feature your enterprise on reputable third-party platforms.
  • Mobile optimization. With mobile searches constantly growing, it is vital to make your online platform accessible and user-friendly from mobile gadgets.
  • Local SEO. This craft differs from regular optimization in that it focuses on promoting your brand to customers in a defined location.
  • SEO audit. Prior to taking any optimization steps, we thoroughly analyze all the factors influencing your success in SERPs. This will save you tons of time and resources spent changing facets of your venture’s image that are already working well.

How We Work

Every collaboration with new clients begins with an in-depth audit. We then tailor a customized strategy, implement it sequentially, and provide periodic reports to showcase results and confirm the effectiveness of our solutions.

Comprehensive Audit

There are numerous factors that may hold your website back and prevent it from climbing to the first positions in search. Some common mistakes:

  • Poor title tags and metadata.
  • Low-quality and weighty images impairing loading speed.
  • Non-optimized CSS, HTML, or JavaScript code.
  • Unoriginal content that brings zero value to potential buyers and lacks strong queries.

We have considered only a few common SEO issues. There are multiple other factors that can adversely influence your site’s place in SERPs.

We dig deep into the source of your problems, distinguish the promotional approaches of leaders in your industry, and tailor a customized strategy to correct your site’s shortcomings and send its rankings upward.

Your initial consultation and audit are completely free of charge, giving you the opportunity to think and decide whether our assessment and offered solutions will be a worthwhile investment in your future success.

Monthly Reporting

We always keep our clients aware of the progress of their promotional campaigns, and we constantly seek ways to improve our tactics.

Specialists of our SEO company in NYC understand that promotion through search is not a quick fix that brings lasting results. Each project requires ongoing monitoring and adjustments to find the winning toolkit to boost your audience and conversions. We set our sights high, to achieve the best performance metrics each month and make quantum upward leaps in SERPs, bringing you more leads and conversions.

The style and volume of communication provided in monthly reports depends on your degree of interest in SEO details:

  • If you are busy running your venture and would like to simply get a summary of results, we will provide you with a concise but meaningful report detailing the last month’s changes and listing the key metrics that reflect your success in SERPs.
  • If you want to get insights on how search robots operate, learn what factors influence rankings, and why we choose certain tools and tactics for your project, our responsive specialists will answer all your questions.

The Clever team strives to establish a transparent and trusting relationship with every client. You can always rely on our open and prompt support.

Why Choose Clever Solution?

Many satisfied clients believe that Clever Solution is the best place to order search engine optimization in NYC due to the following reasons:

  • We employ an effective mix of well-proven tactics and innovative ideas. SEO is a science with specific rules and standards, and any science evolves when creative minds think outside the box and look at things from a fresh perspective. The Clever team not only adheres to time-honored tactics, but also enriches the craft of SEO craft with original ideas.
  • Our ultimate goal is to see your venture thrive in the long run. We approach each client as a long-term project, fully recognizing our responsibility for their online image. We genuinely care about our clients and strive for perfection in every aspect of their promotional campaigns.
  • We keep in mind the unique characteristics, goals, and corporate values of your business in crafting your promotional campaign.
  • A personal manager will be assigned to your project. You can contact them at any moment to ask questions, share your preferences and concerns, and get updates on the progress of your project.
  • Your staff is encouraged to communicate directly with our experts, to share ideas about how your online platform should work and what outcomes are expected.Different staff members often have different ideas, and we are ready to hear them out, to create a breakthrough solution to satisfy your entire team.
  • Stay tuned in to your project’s SEO process via regular Skype conferences, and enjoy live communication with our polite and friendly experts.

You have numerous reasons to enlist the support of first-class SEO specialists to promote your business. Contact Clever Solution to schedule your complimentary audit, and take the first steps towards exponential business growth and success.

Industries We Serve

The Clever team works with many businesses in the following niches:

  • Legal services
  • Medical services
  • Health and beauty services
  • Contractors

However, we take on projects of all types, and work with organizations of any size. From small startups to established corporations, we know how to best promote your enterprise on the Internet.

Regardless of your industry or goals, we will find individualized solutions that improve your online exposure and stimulate a robust influx of traffic to your website.

From our very first day of working on your project to the successful completion of the final task, our team is available to provide support and advice.

Key SEO Campaign Stages

The stages of our SEO campaigns vary, depending on the specificity of your business. The following four stages are the pillars of most SEO strategies:


Once your request is received, we begin studying your current online image to evaluate its strengths and identify any shortcomings that can be fixed. We thoroughly analyze keywords on your online platform and match them with trending niche keywords, as well as scan links, indexation, domain authority, and more.

All metrics collected are compared with competitors’ metrics since our ultimate goal is to surpass companies listed on the first pages. We always proceed from a marketing perspective using actual circumstances, not just theoretical concepts.

Technical SEO

Ranking robots assess not only your keywords but also the usability you provide, paying special attention to how long visitors stay on your online platform. You should eliminate all technical issues and make sure everything works smoothly.

The Clever team will improve your navigation, page loading speed, and markup. We will ensure your online platform is easy to navigate on mobile devices and highly responsive, and we will shut off unnecessary plugins, remove broken links, and correct any errors or detrimental factors that negatively affect your online platform’s performance.

Addressing technical issues is fundamental to maximizing the effectiveness of your SEO plan.

Content Marketing

Google’s primary target is to cater to web users’ needs, and they approach ranking from the searcher’s perspective. Delivering valuable content matching the interests of your prospects is a must if you strive to score high in rankings. Offer your brand’s followers to study and share useful, original, and up-to-date info in a variety of formats and presentation styles. Include articles, infographics, case studies, expert interviews, and other formats to engage your prospects and see them come back for an additional portion.

Fruitful content marketing requires full dedication and attention to popular trends. Most entrepreneurs lack the time and talent to take on their commercial content at the level necessary for successful promotion.

The content specialists at Clever Solution combine creativity with the knowledge to generate five-star texts embedded with popular keywords, to help your pages rank higher month after month.

Link Building

As the frontrunner SEO expert in New York, Clever Solution always puts quality over quantity. We realize that a brilliant link-building plan steers clear of awkward spam that can be penalized by Google, select the effective third-party resources, and place links to your platform in a natural and non-intrusive way, wrapping them in brilliant texts. Our links are never deleted by administrators of contributor platforms, Q/A services, and forums because our content provides value to their readers

Clever Solution has received the following awards:

Top 15 SEO Services Providers in New York by The Manifest in 2018

The Manifest Top 15 SEO

Top SEO Services Firms in Nyc by Clutch in 2017

Top SEO Agencies by Upcity in 2017

Stevie Bronze Winner by International Business Awards in 2017

SEO Tribunal Total Score of 8.9



How soon will I see results?

All websites are different, meaning all SEO campaigns are unique. Detailed information about your project is needed to accurately estimate its duration. Among many other factors, your industry, company size, target audience, and the initial performance of your online platform all influence the success and speed of an optimization campaign.

How many keywords are needed per page?

Keyword usage varies depending on the level you want to attain in SERPs and your SEO budget. A single keyword family is usually selected for each service or category page. Clever specialists pay increased attention to the meaning and relevance of queries rather than their number.

Does a superior backlink profile matter?

A solid backlink profile is critical to the overall success of your promotional campaign. Being featured on authoritative platforms shows search robots that your online platform is reputable and your venture is trusted by your community.

The relevance of links should be always put over their quantity. A single strong backlink can be more beneficial than dozens of weak ones. Care should be taken when choosing contributor and affiliate platforms.

Simply placing links to your platform on random resources is not enough. Google evaluates their relevance to the surrounding text and their value to web users.

Be sure to maintain domain authority at a high level. This indicator shows whether trusted domains refer to your site, which can influence your online exposure.

Should I shift to HTTPS to boost my SEO?

HTTPS is considered a more secure format, so migrating to it would be a wise move. Security is especially important for ecommerce sites that provide payment options and collect users’ personal data. Advanced HTTPS connection protects sensitive data and prevents intruders from interfering in transactions.

Popular browsers warn searchers that pages they are going to visit have mixed content (HTTPS pages containing HTTP elements) that is insecure. In December 2019, Google Chrome introduced an optional blockage of mixed content sites and promised to make it obligatory in January 2020.

Even if all the elements on your HTTP-based website work normally, a security warning in a browser can alienate your prospects. The average user will not take time to confirm if your website is secure. Once warned, they will abandon your site and take their orders to your rivals.

Adopting HTTPS will preserve your authority and existing links on trusted domains, and prevent the loss of customers.

How are images optimized?

Google algorithms are getting smarter and taking many factors into account besides keywords, so SEO-friendly images are increasingly important. There are two key elements to image optimization.

First of all, proper image sizes will help them upload quickly. Page speed is a critical factor in ranking and usability. Google bypasses websites that upload slowly, so compress all large images as much as possible, without sacrificing quality.

Secondly, assign proper names and alt tags to product photos. Google has not yet learned to scan visual content, so these attributes help convey the context of your images. For example, if you display photos of bicycles on your selling pages, random names like “PIC123.GIF” do not provide information about the image context. Use custom names like “MOUNTAINBIKE.GIF”, and add appropriate alt text, for example, “full-suspension mountain bike” instead of “pic123”.

Proper image SEO adapts your site for use by the visually impaired. Companies in home goods, beauty, fashion, and many other industries should tap into the growing popularity of visual search to boost their audiences and prepare for future growth.

What constitutes high-quality SEO content?

Google is becoming more human and less vulnerable to shady practices like keyword stuffing. Quality content is written for users, not robots. It addresses the needs and interests of your prospects, dissolving their concerns and solving their problems.

Analyze the content of your successful competitors to figure out which topics they most often appeal to. Also, analyze different content formats (infographics, blog articles, case studies, etc.), and observe what text lengths are most effective.

When writing about a particular topic, the title and vocabulary throughout the article should reflect the subject matter. For example, if your article’s title is “Tips for Quick Weight Loss,” use words like calories, exercise, fitness, nutrition and other relevant words in the body of your text.

Does mobile-first indexing influence my rankings?

At one time Google was desktop-focused and based its rankings on how well your online platform is displayed on PCs and laptops. However, the rapid increase in mobile searches over the latest years has caused Google to prioritize mobile versions, and apply the results to desktops. This approach is called mobile-first indexing.

Focus on optimizing your online platform’s mobile version, and be sure to figure out the difference from desktop optimization. Convenient design, low loading time, and responsive interface are all essential. Also, spare your users from having to type a lot of text.

SEO vs social media: which yields better results?

These two digital marketing formats complement one another, doubling your gains. The more promotional channels you use, the more likely your online platform is to soar in SERPs. When synced into a single system, they boost your popularity and greatly increase leads and conversions.

With a limited budget, you will have to decide which tactics best suit your industry and goals. If your prospects are not avid social media users, it is definitely worth focusing on SEO.

What are the useful features of Google Analytics?

The successful promotional plan requires constant analysis and improvement. We use GA to collect detailed metrics on your progress in SERPs, identifying success patterns to figure out whether our approaches are effective enough, or if we need to make changes.

What is W3C validation?

W3C validation is related to usability, and it can significantly influence your online presence, so SEO specialists make it a priority. It is especially important to eliminate broken links to maintain favor with your users and ranking robots.

What makes an SEO-friendly URL?

All elements on the page should point to its purpose and give users an immediate idea of messages you want to deliver. A URL is the first red flag people see in SERPs. It takes them seconds to decide whether they want to click the link.

The same way they assess signages, walking down the street. If signage is attractive and offers the goods people need, they willingly visit the store. Otherwise, they pass by. Do not let your prospects pass by. Grab their attention with straightforward URLs reflecting the subjects of your pages.

As with image names and alt text, random symbol combinations in your URL should be augmented with words reflecting the purpose of the page. Custom URLs do not technically influence online presence. But they are definitely worth your attention due to the ability to make page addresses more memorable and simplify navigation.

They also increase the likelihood of people following your trace from external resources. Even before following the link, people understand where the journey will end up and whether it is a wise idea to spend time on it. Which is no less important, your bounce rate improves, since only the right users interested in the services and information you offer visit your pages. A low bounce rate is critical for good rankings, so this property of custom URLs should not go unattended.

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