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Now every business can leverage the power of blockchain technology for private and secure applications, products and transactions. At Clever Solution, we provide a variety of blockchain development services, including integration and adjustment of ready solutions, and development of customized products.

We leverage the power of the decentralized Ethereum network and other Blockchain platforms, Proof-of-Expertise Protocol, Smart Contracts, Plasma and Plasma Cash Solutions and other cutting edge technologies, to push the boundaries for both established businesses and startups.

We also use Hyperledger Fabric, which has become the standard for enterprise blockchain platforms. Our specialists will learn about your company’s needs and vision, and offer you the most relevant solutions for blockchain adoption.

We offer:

  • Blockchain consulting
  • Smart contract development
  • Tokenization Platforms
  • Mobile apps with blockchain integration
  • Token creation
  • Cryptocurrency wallet development
  • Complex solutions
  • Cryptocurrency crowdsales
  • Launch and support of ICOs and STOs

Use well-built security tokens as digital assets to make your complex solutions safe and effective.

With tokenization, you minimize the risk of hacker attacks and speed up the growth of your project.

Generate funds for project development with a properly organized Crowdsale.

Fuel hype around your brand and generate interest in your business.

Leverage the power of blockchain versatility and watch your business evolve.

Enhance your current solution with a decentralized, distributed and public digital ledger, or build a new one from scratch.

How we work:



Before implementing blockchain in your apps and processes, it is essential to establish its relevance to existing problems and plans for your business.

The first step of our joint venture is getting to know the particulars of your company, to ensure proper work planning.




Once we understand your needs, we will present several options and price ranges.

Our Project Manager will keep in touch with you throughout the planning process, to answer all your questions and clarify complicated technical terms.

Getting to work

Getting to work

During the development stage, you will receive regular reports that keep you aware of our current progress, notify you of any complications, and provide other relevant details.



After-project support is as important to our team as the earlier stages. We answer all your additional questions, ensure proper performance of the project, and help you leverage its full potential.

We want to take our business to the next level, but we’re not sure blockchain is for us. What should we do?

The solution is simple – apply for our consulting services to learn exactly how this complex technology can help your business evolve.

As an experienced and qualified provider of blockchain services, Clever Solution is here to bring clarity and enhance your understanding of blockchain.

Get a detailed consultation before investing your money in expensive cutting edge technologies. Make your business decisions wisely with Clever Solution.

We are tech enthusiasts who are not afraid to enhance our business with complex solutions. Are you capable of that?

Yes, we are. Our extensive experience covers web and app development, design, digital marketing, blockchain integration, smart contracts, tokens, crypto wallet creation and more. The list of use cases is vast and includes the fields of digital identity, voting, air services, fundraising and more.

Our team is continually learning new techniques, adopting best practices and coming up with our own practical solutions. Apart from development, we also know how to choose and implement ready solutions into your project, smoothly and efficiently.

We will be happy to talk to you about any weak points you want to fix, and we would love to hear about your vision and ideas. Let’s make some progress together and leave your competitors in the dust!

Why implement blockchain?

  • Enhance your business processes.
  • Gain a competitive advantage over your
  • Bring transparency to your business
  • Enhance the security of your applications
    and systems
  • Accelerate your transactions
  • Speed up processes, improve efficiency and lower costs.
  • Win loyalty and trust from customers
  • Be prepared for the future blockchain penetration.

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