Enhance Your Business With Smart CRM and ERP Systems From Clever Solution

At Clever Solution, our team of qualified managers and CRM developers take time to deeply analyze your company’s needs. Our goal is to create purely functional tools for businesses of all sizes.

If your company is searching for the perfect way to enhance your business processes, the Clever Solution team is ready to integrate and adjust a relevant and efficient CRM or ERP tool, or develop a customized solution specifically for your business needs.

CRM Systems from Clever Solution

CRM Systems from Clever Solution

Customer Relationship Management is a must-have strategy for businesses striving to retain existing customers and attract new ones, correctly estimate sales efficiency, increase returns on investment, and optimize workflow.
A well-organized CRM system is vital to a company’s success. It helps you understand your company’s progress. Are you attracting new clients? Are you achieving your KPIs? With an effective CRM system in place, you can answer these questions with a few keystrokes. A CRM system will allow you to view the status of your entire company in one place, so you can pinpoint weak links and make improvements. .

At Clever Solution, we apply our experience and expertise to create complex solutions and adapt the best technology practices, to help your business choose and integrate the most compatible and effective CRM software. Every company has unique requirements. While working with you, we stand 100% by your side, taking into account your company’s dynamics, goals, and preferences. We provide you with the best options for your business that will serve you in the long run. We offer the best enterprise software solutions available in the current market.

Depending on your business needs, processes, goals and issues, we either arrange the smooth integration of a proven CRM system and adjust it to your needs, or develop a custom solution.

Whether you are an accounting firm or an enterprise software company, Clever Solution can upgrade your current CRM or build you a brand new one. Expand your horizons by considering custom-built software. Be sure to review all the pros and cons of software customization before making a final decision. 


How We Work:

  • First, we learn everything about your needs, goals, vision and expectations.
  • Then, our managers and developers present you with relevant solutions.
  • Once we receive your approval of chosen options and a scheduled plan, we get to work.
  • During the entire development stage, we stay in touch to exchange ideas, ask and answer questions, and regularly send you reports explaining your project’s current progress.
  • When your CRM solution is ready, we conduct final tests and help your team get acclimated to the new system.
  • We stay connected after the project ends. We care about your software maintenance and support.
ERP Systems from Clever Solution

ERP Systems from Clever Solution

Enterprise resource planning is complex software, developed to enhance business process management. ERP solutions allow enterprises to use a system of integrated applications to manage business more efficiently. If your company is using independent software applications that do not function as an organized system, Clever Solution offers state-of-the-art enterprise IT solutions that will transform your workflow. Our solutions include upgrades, modifications and new customized software.

At its core, ERP helps employees improve their work processes by breaking down barriers between business units. ERP software is designed for enterprises, and often requires professional teams to customize the product and make adjustments.

If you are a growing company, functional ERP software could be a game charger for your business. Your enterprise software solutions may vary, depending on the specific requirements of your business, but they will provide tools for effective business management and better communication with your affiliated partners. 

At Clever, we offer smart complex business solutions for companies of all types and sizes. If you want to integrate your current resources, we offer top-notch enterprise application integration software. Our experienced consultants will help you make the right choice for your business!

At Clever Solution, we have vast experience in integrating existing ERP solutions into the business processes of enterprises, adjusting functionality to meet your business needs and handle upgrades when requested. We also offer development services for customized projects.

Today many companies prefer full or partial custom-built enterprise application solutions. Based on the type of work you do and the size of your company, we offer the best business enterprise software available in the industry. With modern needs to digitize and customize enterprise workflow, small businesses can benefit tremendously from our enterprise software solutions. Enterprise Software can be complex, and may require professional management. We offer enterprise software management and enterprise IT solutions.

So what will you choose?

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Existing CRM systems

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Existing CRM systems

are often primitive and require a lot of work to adapt to your business processes. Not to mention the time and expense of designing and implementing new features.

Customized CRM software

Customized CRM software

is designed specifically to meet your business needs, and gives you all the essential features, right from the start. It eliminates unnecessary expenses and time wasted trying to figure out how to add new functionality or change an algorithm.

CRM and ERP Integration Services From Clever Solution

We integrate CRM systems that:
  • Track customer activity at every point.
  • Generate convenient records and drafts of all orders, invoices and other documents.
  • Track customer and staff communications, problems, and solutions.
  • Help to generate sales forecasts.
  • Identify weak spots in the working process.
  • Simplify employees’ routines.
We integrate ERP systems that:
  • Encompass the best enterprise IT solutions.
  • Gather real-time information for improved business insights.
  • Automate core business operations.
  • Enable companies to address concerns proactively and drive improvements.
  • Improve data integrity and reduce risks.
  • Manage business processes quickly and effectively.
  • Lower operational and management costs.
CRM and ERP Integration Services From Clever Solution

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