Okay, let’s proceed with those wicked digital marketing myths! In our previous article, we revealed why programmatic advertising is so plugged these days and discussed that building a perfect communication strategy for your advertising company only requires a trustworthy and qualified team.

We have a different myth on the agenda today. Maybe you’ve heard the following rule: “All you need to do is collect and analyze data – the rest will follow”. We’d like to convince you otherwise. If you want to create an enduring Internet-marketing strategy, do not merely stick to data collection while ignoring all the rest.

Why is this so vital? We’ll explain!

Myth No.2: All you need to do is collect and analyze data – the rest will follow

No doubt, data is significant. It can mean a lot to product and marketing developments. But! Data should not come before everything else. Dozens of companies exhaust data-gathering strategies spending great sums of money from their marketing budgets and wasting precious time.

Know what happens next? They get nothing but data, while their competitors are already way ahead. Don’t step on the same rake and slow down your process.
Sure, you want to make your business smarter and data collection can provide valuable insight. But collect it wisely, because over-indexing can send your company to its grave. In fact, don’t forget to bring some flowers if your strategy is “data first”.

When starting out in this data game, watch your budget. It’s no secret that, nowadays, there are free tools for everything. Certainly, for data too. What a yummy piece of free pie!
Use these tools for collecting and analyzing preliminary data, but take notice when those free solutions aren’t enough to optimize your processes. Then, switch to paid tools. Taking your data to the next level requires more professional help, but it is rarely gratis.

Also, be advised: when it comes to your data, don’t spare any expense. Hire a quality, high-end analyst.

Be multifunctional. Don’t sit and wait until all the GBs have been collected. Create valuable content which will really drive more visitors to your website and make you competitive.

Then focus on your marketing strategy. Data is a component of your strategy, not the nucleus. Collect and analyze data while promoting your product/services, not before or instead of!

Deliberate use of data will help you to make qualitative decisions. Let data supplement your strategy, but make sure to use it in the right way and you’ll succeed in your niche!

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