It doesn’t matter if you sell tires or start an English language school – to gain media coverage and recognition, and get conversions, you need to have your content marketing strategy up and running. As your site grows, more time is required to get things done. But fear not – the answer is there for you. Have a look at this straightforward selection of content marketing tools to aid you in your daily Internet marketing journey.


The vast variety of available web analytics tools can be overwhelming. To make your site perform optimally, listen to what Google Trends or Alexa is telling you. Be curious about what your buyer personas are seeking, prepare “the next best thing” for them, and make it bright and exuberant.

When choosing your web analytics tools, remember to strategize your budget to include a specialist who is able to read and manage all the data for you. There is no use in having all the analytic tools plugged in if you end up with a bunch of useless data.




Internet marketing is the process of “spreading the word,” most of the time. It includes dozens of daily repetitive processes. As your sphere attracts more visitors each day, your “to-do” list does not get any shorter. Getting bogged down in random stuff that needs to get done will not do your business any good. Make life easier on yourself by considering a Marketing Automation System. This software allows for routine marketing tasks to be done independently. Start with the basics, or move into the more advanced functions of Marketo. Set up your daily dispatch with good old Mailchimp.


This software

Make it look good. Very good

Graphic design is the skill of planning and projecting an idea or an experience with visual content. Needless to say, over 60% of the population prefers visual information over other options. Statistics tell us that over 60% of B2B marketers are currently increasing their investments in visual content marketing. A talented graphic designer never hurt anyone. Adobe Creative Cloud and Canva are great time-savers, but original ideas and professional execution are key to obtaining exceptional results. There is nothing better than a one-of-a-kind infographic (like this one) or a slideshow, to get tons of views of your resource.

Make it look good

views of your resourc

Exceptional writing

Remember, we are creating excellent content only. Nothing else counts these days. Research shows that resources who publish great quality content on a regular basis get considerably more traffic to their websites, and most of all – leads. And there are creative tools to help you accomplish that. Whether you pick Twords or Daily Page’s morning writing prompts, remember to keep in mind the demands of your target audience. Write with flare, and spell-check your content. Write, rewrite, edit and then proofread twice.

Exceptional writing

Write with flare

SMM. Be aware

Get to know your audience on a more personal level, learn what excites them, and follow what’s trending. All those videos and ads are on top for a reason! Social media platforms are a great way to study your viewers in depth and learn some performance tricks from your competitors. Drive more traffic and engagement by shaping your content accordingly. Establish your authority, or draw inspiration from Quora. Manage your social media campaign with Hootsuite. Social media is a great place for anyone who wants to attract more visitors daily.


 trusted software

It is always a good idea to rely on trusted software to do things for you, but remember to stay in tune with your overall content marketing strategy, to know what’s going on. Do not take your fingers off the Internet pulse: artificial intelligence only goes so far. A great master plan needs a great strategist at all times. No software can inspire your team to face new challenges like you can.

And always stay optimistic and industrious!