To successfully promote your business, having a website is simply not enough. You also need the power of social media, especially Facebook. Numerous research indicates that a great deal of conversions are achieved through a company’s Facebook business page. In addition to conversions via Facebook, 78% of consumers admit their favourite companies’ social pages inspire them to make purchases.

The best way to convert your subscribers into potential leads and clients is to know the whole Facebook advertising system inside and out. This will help you identify the correct strategies to promote your official website and capitalize your investments. There are a variety of ways to promote on Facebook, but it’s up to you to decide which will work best for your business.

In this blog post, we’ll supply you with some simple yet effective Facebook advertising tips and how each one is used to create a winning strategy. While these ads aren’t 100 percent free, sacrificing a part of your marketing budget to Facebook promotion today can help you in the long term. Don’t worry if you are financially restricted: Facebook has an opportunity to market for any type budget. Furthermore, the advertiser help center offers solutions to the most frequently asked questions regarding Facebook ads.

So if you’ve been thinking about launching a Facebook page but haven’t done so, the time to start is now!

#1. Connect with users

Spread information about your company and attract followers to your business page using the Page Like Ads feature. Target users who are perfect potential clients for your business using location, age and interest targeting. Page Like Ads will attract users who are likely to become fans of your business for a reasonably low cost. In addition to cultivating an ideal target market, you can select customer demographics, behavior or create Custom Audiences to advertise to. There are three ways to launch a Page Likes Ads Campaign: you can use Ads Manager, Power Editor or directly from your Page. If you choose to promote directly from your own page, you will need to complete the following three stages:

  1. Click “Promote”/”Boost” under your profile picture
  2. Select the desired audience, daily price and ad duration in the pop-up window
  3. Promote your business page

Facebook Page Like Ads

But before you launch a Facebook ad, you’ll need to come up with an objective and identify which post is worth promoting. Your objectives will be determined by  existing statistics including  audience type and interests. You’ll also need to make sure to  regularly post content and identify the prime posting time for your niche market. If you want to reach as many people as possible, we recommend running Page Post Engagement ads.

A Page Post Engagement ad consists of:

  • post likes
  • comments
  • shares
  • photo views
  • link clicks

Promoting Page Post Engagement Ads  is similar to promoting your Page Like Ads: click the Promote/Boost Post button, choose your audience and start promoting. Facebook offers three main audience options:

  • existing fans
  • fans’ friends
  • all other targeted users

Facebook Engagement Ads

Adding images, links and videos to promoted posts is also a great idea because of the power of visuals. Promote posts with behind-the-scenes videos, client stories, testimonials, and master-classes to help boost your company awareness. High quality video content and unique images are an efficient addition to your post.

#2. Get an appointment on Facebook

Did you know you could gather users’ data without pestering them to fill out multiple forms? You want to capture as much information from your potential clients but asking customers to fill out endless forms can be a major annoyance for clients. Lucky for businesses, Facebook wizards have optimised this process in order to give your company an opportunity to focus on more important endeavors.

Today, users can simply click on an ad and auto populate a contact form using the information pulled from a user’s Facebook profile. By streamlining the contact form process, customers can bypass filling out a form’s individual fields and give businesses a chance to generate more leads.

You must also consider your mobile users. Considering the fact that 80 percents of Internet users have a smartphone and they spend 51 percents of their total time surfing the mobile web, it seems very logical to make forms  mobile-friendly. Facebook pre-populated forms simplify and hasten the process of submitting info so you can be sure users won’t drop-off without submitting all of their information.

To make your Facebook forms even more efficient, you can customize them to your standards. This step is very simple: just put the most important questions first and make the whole form no longer than several questions. Remember that these forms are the key to more clients, so try to create forms for various types of offers such as:

  • subscriptions
  • events
  • ebooks
  • webinars
  • registrations

We also recommend adding forms to your ads to double the effect of every advertisement and to gather as much information from all your subscribers. Here you can learn more about the different types of lead generation forms and their designs.

#3. Boost your website conversions

There are four ways to improve your website’s online presence through Facebook. All of these processes are designed to redirect users to your website and to show them various types of valuable content.

  • Facebook Links. These will get your subscribers to your website via a custom link, providing them with the info they are interested in and giving them an opportunity to sign up for emails or directly buy products and services. You can also add a wide range of CTAs encouraging users to complete several actions in an easy way. To track the results, you can download a conversion-tracking pixel.Facebook Links Ads
  • Facebook Carousel. This type of ad is designed to show up to 10 images with links to a certain section of your website. When a user clicks on a given image, they will be directed to a product page (for example) where he or she can buy if interested. Carousel works best for companies that want to illustrate different products and services and their advantages.Facrbook Carousel Ads
  • Facebook Canvas. This option  is ideal for mobile news feeds. It gives you an opportunity to tell customers everything about your business – from telling customer stories to showing products to providing background info on your company. Make sure that after a customer clicks on an ad an inbuilt link will lead him to your website.Facebook Canvas Ads
  • Facebook Collection. If you want to highlight mobile shopping as one of your business strategies, than Facebook Collection is your best choice. With clear and appealing visuals of your products, users will be enticed to click and buy it in several steps.

#4. Manage local advertising

Local awareness targets potential clients located somewhere near your business. Keeping local audiences informed of your business will increase the amount of customers and sales because people love using services that are easily accessible.

Local advertising can tell customers a lot about your company. For instance, advertising local offers, flash sales, Black Friday deals and other promotions can quickly motivate nearby customers to visit your stores. Plus, people love reading about local business stories, giving communities a greater opportunity to connect to their neighborhood businesses.

CTA buttons are an effective way to collect feedback and get in touch with your future clients. Here are some of the most widely used ones:

  • Call Now (calls in one click)
  • Message/Send Message (message right from an advertising post)
  • Directions/Get Directions (helps to find your company via maps)
  • Learn More (directs users to your website’s section showing more info)

Facebook Local Awareness

A Comprehensive Facebook promotion strategy is a never-ending wheel that requires businesses to continually maintain the process. It’s up to you to decide what promotion strategy is best suited for your company, but if you would like to know more about Facebook advertising, we are here to help guide your business marketing strategy.