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The popularity of YouTube has grown exponentially over the past decade, with as many as 60-100 video hours uploaded to YouTube every minute. Just about everyone uses the video giant for recreation, entertainment, and education. In addition, YouTube can be utilized as a powerful marketing platform.

According to Alexa traffic rankings, YouTube scores a close second to Google at the top of search results, even though many companies think of YouTube as another social media platform. As a marketing platform, YouTube offers many brilliant opportunities and benefits. Make the most of this great promotional environment to boost your company’s online presence.

Of course, with millions of uploaded videos, it is not always easy to make your own creations look interesting and original, and attract an audience to view your content. Search Engine Optimization can help you accomplish this goal without too much trouble and expense. In this article, we will provide helpful tips on how to create top-notch YouTube video content to improve your brand’s exposure on the web.

What is YouTube SEO?

SEO deals with a variety of content types, not just video, and the same principles apply in all cases: a web user enters a query in a search field and gets a list of the most popular websites related to their search. If your resource appears on the first page, it is more likely to be visited, and people are more likely to place orders, increasing your revenue.

Search engines develop complex algorithms to determine which websites are displayed in response to different queries. To comply with these algorithms and boost search rankings, business owners should regularly post original content related to their brand and engage users with special online offers and events.

The Basics of a Successful YouTube SEO Strategy

Unlike textual content, YouTube cannot analyze what you say and do in videos. YouTube video optimization can be accomplished by adding text in titles, descriptions, and on your channel’s main page. Keywords in these texts should correspond to the most popular queries used to search for goods and information in your niche.

Viewer engagement is crucial for successful YouTube promotion. If your videos do not engage your target audience, even the most powerful keywords will not be able to save you. People will visit your channel, realize you have nothing useful to offer, and leave.

For the best possible results, your content should generate many comments, likes, and screen clicks, and should retain your viewers’ attention for an extended period of time. All these metrics can be easily analyzed and controlled in YouTube analytics.

Find Relevant Keywords

Keyword optimization is one of the best ways to increase your YouTube video ranking. You should adhere to standard SEO principles by analyzing the preferences of your target audience, detecting which queries are most often used, and incorporating these queries in your content.

How do you determine which magic words are likely to stimulate a robust influx of traffic? It is pretty simple. Enter a query in YouTube’s search field. You will see suggested word combinations that are often entered by users searching for trending content in your niche. Word suggestion is a standard feature, so there is no need to activate it in your account.

Also, you can leverage Ubersuggest, one of the top free YouTube SEO tools. It generates great keyword suggestions based on the user’s query. To make the most of it, be sure to replace your standard Web search with a YouTube search in the appropriate field.

Once you have compiled an approximate keyword list, compare it with selected queries to detect the most powerful ones. For this, you can use another free tool for YouTube video optimization – Google Trends.

Because “Google” is in the tool’s name, many digital marketers do not associate it with YouTube. They are unaware that “Web Search” can be replaced by “YouTube Search” so they fail to leverage it, which is a great mistake. This convenient option can supply you with valuable data to help promote your YouTube channel with maximum efficiency. Data is expressed in percentages rather than numbers, but that is enough to compare keywords and choose the most popular ones.

YouTube Search in Google trends

As a rule, search engines feature keywords of the following types:

  • How to (“how to bake a muffin”);
  • Reviews (of movies, books, products, services, etc.);
  • Tutorials (“creating a website from scratch”);
  • Healthy lifestyle and sports (“cardio workout at the gym”);
  • Beauty (make-up, hairstyles, fashion, etc.);
  • Humor (stand-ups, funny animals, sketches, etc.).

Use Google Keyword Planner to find out how many monthly searches your chosen queries attract. Several hundred searches is a normal result. If you get fewer than that, consider revising your keyword list.

Analyze Viewers’ Motivation

To successfully promote your products or services, you should learn not only how your potential clients search for similar goods, but also why they do so, and what factors and circumstances influence their choices. To your gain customers’ trust, put yourself in their shoes and try to think like they do, to find ways to satisfy their needs.

Entering keywords into a search engine and analyzing the content of leading pages will give you a general idea of what people are interested in, and what their needs are.

It is best to conduct your search using a VPN with a target location. Doing an incognito search will increase your chances of getting objective results.

Let’s say your video offers tips on how to get rid of acne. After analyzing existing trending content, you will discover that your video falls under the “Beauty” category.

Create High-Quality Videos

If your videos are boring or annoying to watch, even breakthrough SEO solutions will prove useless. Nobody will watch boring content, and your channel will remain at the bottom of search rankings.

When scripting your video, do not aggressively advertise your product. Create educational and entertaining content that does not scream, “Buy this now!” The following formats are most suitable for business promotion on YouTube:

  • Tutorials. Act as the teacher, providing useful recommendations, explaining complex concepts, and showing interesting ways to use your brand’s goods.
  • Testimonials. Invite satisfied customers to share positive feedback about your services.
  • Corporate culture. Tell subscribers about your company’s values, community involvement, and charitable donations. Film videos about how your team works and plays together. Build your own community, and invite your audience to become a part of it.
  • Webinar. This educational format is interactive, allowing you to engage with your audience. By initiating real-time discussions, you show potential customers that you are open to hearing their questions and opinions.

Create original thumbnails for all your videos to make them more attractive. These images should have a resolution of 1280*720, and an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Also, keep in mind that longer videos usually rank better than short ones.

Stimulate Viewers’ Activity

Uploading videos to YouTube and passively waiting for users to view them is not an effective strategy. Don’t be shy! Ask visitors to your channel to comment, subscribe, like and share. This is a common practice used by the leading YouTube vloggers to increase engagement metrics and determine the preferences of their target audience.

It is best to ask for feedback after you have delivered some value to viewers – at the middle or at the end of your video. Users who watch your material for several minutes are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. There is little use in appealing to those who abandon your video after the first few minutes.

Offer something valuable in exchange for viewer feedback. For example, promise to provide information on related topics in upcoming videos if your subscribers express their interest through likes and comments: “This video shows how to replace oil filters in your own garage. Add comments if you want to learn about replacing fuel filters in the next video.”

YouTube video optimization

Come Up with Great Titles

A title is a business card for each video product. The quality of this small but important detail can determine whether visitors to your channel open your videos or not.

When creating YouTube titles, take the same approach as when choosing titles for blog articles and product descriptions on your website. Make your title vivid, concise (5-10 words), and attention-grabbing, based on the strongest keyword in your list. Your title should grab users’ attention, awaken their interest, give an idea of the topic, and show why it is useful and important. A carefully constructed title will stimulate users to take a closer look at your content.

Making a thorough analysis of your competitors’ titles will help you avoid repetition and create even better titles for your own content.

Create Appealing Thumbnails

Thumbnails are even more important than titles for attracting attention, since people notice images first before reading text. Even if you follow all the above YouTube SEO tips but fail to create an attractive thumbnail, your content is likely to go unnoticed.

By looking at a thumbnail, people can decide whether your content is worthy of their attention and will somehow benefit them. A poor-quality image is likely to be skipped. Invest some time and effort into creating a stunning and original thumbnail, keeping the following principles in mind:

  • Fun graphics make your image memorable.
  • Textual elements should point to the topic.
  • A thematic photo taken by a professional photographer is preferable to a frame from the video.
  • A thumbnail should not disclose all your information, but rather intrigue web users.
  • All details should be clearly visible in a compact preview.

Choose a bright and appealing color scheme.

Avoid these common mistakes:

  • Intrusive logos.
  • Overwhelming or dull colors.
  • Unprofessional design.
  • Too much text.

YouTube video ranking


Many vloggers write only a couple of sentences in the description or do not use this section at all. This is a great place to provide short info about yourself and your brand, links to articles and products on your website, and unobtrusive calls to action.

It is best to place links at the beginning of the description, before the words “Show more.” Be sure to come up with a catchy phrase that will hook web users and make them read the full text.

Leverage the Power of Tags

Tagging is a great tool for helping vloggers promote YouTube videos free of charge, with minimal effort. Just enter 10-12 powerful keywords related to your video’s topic in a special field and enjoy a robust influx of clicks from search engines.


Video transcription captions your audio and translates it into text. This type of content is recognized by search engine algorithms, so it is important to optimize it.

Even though YouTube automatically captions audio, do not expect high-quality results. To ensure the highest quality translation, closely monitor the captioning process and edit the text yourself. You can also use special services or a Visual Assistant to create transcripts. In the latter case, it is important to use time stamping.


You can translate captions into multiple languages, to expand your target audience and introduce your brand to customers around the world. This will save you plenty of time, since you will not have to reshoot your videos in additional languages. Foreign viewers will find your videos by using search queries in their native language and choose suitable subtitles among the options you provide.

Make Your Channel Look Great

It is essential to make your channel look great before optimizing your videos. Fill out all fields allotted for the company’s basic information. This will be your business card, so make it striking. Use several SEO phrases, if appropriate.

Be sure to add links to your website and social media accounts so subscribers can find more content and get a better idea of your business.

Most people do not like to read long descriptions, so it is better to dilute texts with visuals. Choose bright, stylish profile and background photos, and incorporate targeted keywords in their captions. With these small but important details, your channel will become an engaging harmonious representation of your brand.

YouTube Analytics

A frequent and thorough analysis of your SEO campaign results can tell you if your are moving in the right direction with your SEO approaches. YouTube Analytics is a comprehensive, convenient, and absolutely free tool that can help you determine the size of your audience, provide a profile of your average subscriber and indicate which videos they like.

Based on this data, you can distinguish the most successful patterns and weed out useless strategies that are not worth your time and effort. This will help you streamline your vlogging and refine your individual style to appeal to your loyal subscribers.

Among the many metrics collected by YouTube, subscriber conversion rates are the most sought after, since most vloggers want to expand their audience. With this information, you can identify which videos attract the most regular visitors to your channel and focus your efforts on similar content.


Search engine optimization on YouTube has gradually evolved into fundamental science. Enthusiastic online marketers and YouTube administrators constantly come up with new tricks, advanced approaches, and clever techniques to attract customers. It is crucial to track and incorporate these innovations if you want your pages to rank well and generate many shares, likes, and subscribers.

Implementing SEO for your YouTube content can be challenging and time-consuming. To leverage the many intricacies of YouTube SEO, enlist the support of experienced specialists from Clever Solution. We will review your current videos and descriptions, and develop efficient solutions for optimizing them. Contact us now to get a free consultation from Clever Solution’s digital marketing gurus!