Some website owners are so focused on their homepages and product catalogs that they give little thought to creating a Thank You confirmation page.

Overlooking a TYP can be a critical mistake. A poorly designed Thank You page can discourage users from taking further action on your site, and you may miss the chance to build strong and lasting relationships with your clients. A heartfelt Thank You page can extend your customers’ shopping sessions, ultimately increasing your profits.

It is often easier to increase sales among your existing customers than to find new ones and hope they place expensive orders. Satisfied customers who have already bought something from your site will not need to be reassured of your trustworthiness if they already know your brand, and are pleased with your high-end services or products.

Create a Thank You page embellished with meaningful content and strong calls to action to deepen your relationship with your loyal customers. This article provides an overview of the purpose and advantages of a well-designed TYP, with a guide for designing a great one for your website.

perfect thank you page tips

Website Thank You Page in a Nutshell

The transition to your website Thank You page is triggered by certain actions taken by your visitors. It may be an order placement, account registration, adding goods to a cart, subscribing to your newsletter or blog, or other actions that merit your gratitude. Any of those steps can serve as signals to redirect your customer to a separate page with relevant information and offers.

A well-designed TYP shows customers that you value their attention to your brand and have more products to offer that can simplify their lives. Your TYP inspires them to stay longer on your website, extending their buyer journey and ultimately increasing your revenue per client.

Here are some key benefits to having a brilliant Thank You page:

  • User actions become useful statistics that can help you distinguish, analyze, and influence specific customer behavior patterns.
  • Since your regular customers tend to buy more, you will increase your profits without having to attract new clients.
  • A TYP makes users linger on your site, increasing your search rankings thanks to longer view times.
  • By receiving useful content, customers get a deeper insight into the history of your brand and the unique features of your products. You become a trusted friend, not just another faceless website they stumbled across by accident.
  • You have another chance to advertise to a genuinely interested audience.
  • You can showcase the full range of your relevant products or services to solve your clients’ problems.

Tips for Creating a Superior Thank You Page

Concise and meaningful text, convincing CTAs, pleasant background, moderate color schemes, harmonious shapes and stylish fonts all make up the perfect Thank You page design.

Semantic load varies from company to company, depending on the specifics of their business, the audience they want to reach and actions they want to drive.

Let’s walk through the key phases of building a brilliant TYP that reflects the best interests of your business.

1. Determine Your Goal

What do you want users to do? Should they contact your sales representative, read articles on your blog or review your catalog and add more items to their cart?

How will those steps benefit them? What makes those actions worth their time and effort? Use convincing arguments to emphasize the value of your offer.

2. Provide Clear Instructions

Once you have captured your users’ attention, explain exactly what they need to do to achieve the desired result. Use a compelling call to action that triggers an immediate response. Vague or complicated instructions are likely to drive customers away, for the sake of saving time.

3. Act Promptly

Users should be redirected to a TYP immediately after performing a trigger action. Any delay can cause them to lose interest in remaining on your site. A quick response will help you get more leads.

Once a shopper adds products to their cart, be quick to show them related products to increase the total sale. If you wait until the order is already placed and paid for, the customer is unlikely to place an additional order.

content options for a thank you page

Here’s a great batch of Thank You Page Examples that will help you build strong and lasting relationships with your clients

Content Options for a Thank You Page

Analyze which resources you can share with your clients that will benefit them. Present your offers in an appealing and engaging format. Use the win-win options below, or come up with your own original content ideas.

Related Products

Simply confirming a purchase and letting your customer walk away is a mistake. Seize the moment when they are in shopping mode and maximally engaged with your brand. Retain their attention with new relevant offers and related tools and accessories to help them get the most out of their purchase.

If a customer has purchased a bicycle in your online store, invite them to order a pump, special shoes, sports clothing and protective gear. Offering relevant items will boost your average purchase amount with cross-sales while providing a valuable service, satisfying multiple needs at once.

Offering additional items to your customers that they may need and buy later is doing them a service. You are saving them the trouble of searching for accessories elsewhere, while keeping the profits out of the hands of your competitors.

Also, you can use your TYP to upsell your customers. Explain the benefits of higher quality products to encourage higher sales. Provide compelling arguments for why customers should switch to premium solutions. Offer discounts or rebates to make up for the price gap.


Before making a big purchase, most customers conduct thorough online research. They visit forums, look for consumer reports and read reviews and testimonials. Very few consumers are ready to try a new product without reviewing information on key features, advantages and drawbacks.

Savvy web users know better than to take your word about the merits of your own brand. They are more likely to trust other buyers who found solutions to their problems by using your products or services.

TYP is a great place for testimonials. Once your customer adds products to their cart, display related offers and highlight positive customer feedback to increase the likelihood of conversion.


Pamper your clients with gifts to make them feel special and cared for. Generosity need not drain your resources. Helpful information in the form of an eBook or user guide can serve as a valuable gift. When your clients are pleased and engaged with your brand, you do not need to spend a lot of money to show your appreciation.

Service companies can offer free consultations and audits. Doing so will introduce potential customers to your business, build trust, and give you the chance to convert them to regular clients.

webinars at thank you page


For users who have already downloaded your eBook and read articles on your blog, an invitation to your webinar can help broaden their horizons. It will give them a chance to learn more about your company’s goals and discover new ways to use and maintain purchased products and extend their lifespan.

Add to Calendar Option

People often accept invitations to webinars but quickly forget about them. You may have 50 participants signed up but only five show up. To prevent no-shows, give users the option to automatically add your events to their calendars, so they will receive reminders prior to the event.


Users are often pleased to learn that you value their feedback and want to tailor your business to meet their needs. Make your survey questions brief and to the point, and limit your questions to three to five points per survey.

Ask specific questions rather than general ones. They should be directly related to a user’s most recent actions on your website. Compile a variety of questionnaires to target different audiences.

thank you page surways

Link Share

Invite clients to share your content on social media, to leverage word of mouth and turn happy buyers into advertising agents. Their shares and satisfied testimonials should drive a robust influx of traffic to your site, since friends and family are likely to trust their feedback.

Subscribe Button

Invite visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or blog and receive useful information via email. Place a bright and attractive button in a visible spot and enhance it with a strong CTA.

About Us Info

Provide a brief description of your company to establish a strong brand-customer relationship. Specify your key services, your brand’s development stages, goals and guiding principles. Apart from text, you can use a short video presentation and photos of your team to liven up your About Us content.

Site Navigation

New visitors may find it challenging to navigate an unfamiliar site. Simplify their buyer journey by providing links to main catalog categories, FAQs, content and other important pages.

Checklist for a Perfect Thank You Page

thank you page requirements

Prior to publishing your newly created TYP, make sure it meets the following requirements:

  • Kind and heartfelt language is used to express gratitude for patronizing your brand.
  • Trigger actions are followed by additional content or related bonuses.
  • A strong CTA inspires users to take subsequent steps on your site.
  • Users are invited to share your content on social media.
  • The text of your TYP is well-written, straightforward and free of grammar or spelling errors.
  • All links work as intended.
  • The TYP displays well on all devices.
  • Analytics (views, clicks, etc.) are collected to determine the effectiveness of your TYP and identify any need for improvement.

Follow this guide to create a superior thank you page, boost conversions and grow your brand and sales.