Google Adwords Ad Customizers is often thought of as a complex unit of multiple tasks. In fat, some webmasters believe that Adwords is too complicated even for those who are familiar with the main PPC principles. We are here to dispel this misconception and prove that any website owner can lead his or her website to search success when executed properly.

Google AdWords

Before moving on to the main points, let’s review the benefits of using Google Adwords for your business. As most people already know, customized ad on Google makes you visible to targeted customers who search for something you provide. The best part about Adwords? You only spend money when somebody clicks on your ad. Here are the other benefits you get with Google Adwords:

Engage More Clients

Google ads are helpful for attracting a wide consumer following. Your business can blossom in your particular niche by:

  • Growing the amount of visitors to your site
  • Boosting web traffic
  • Increasing online sales
  • Encouraging more phone calls and personal office visits

Become Worldwide

No matter where your customers are physically located, you can target them with the simple push of a button. Simply find your audience in any country, state, region or city and offer your services before your competitors do. Location awareness features will also show every interested user that your office is just around the corner.

Time Everything Appropriately

The majority of Internet browsers find themselves annoyed with irrelevant and ill-placed ads that pop-up during a search session. Google ads, on the other hand, only appear on SERP if searched for. This means you won’t bother anyone with bothersome popups and make your advertisements work for you so every user finds them helpful.

Choose Any Primary Budget

With Google Adwords, you aren’t pressured to spend enormous amounts of money right from the get-go. You are in control of your budget, depending on what you plan to achieve this month. All niche market activity will remain available and it is up to you to conclude what sum will be invested. In addition, signing in to Adwords is gratis.

Google search

Before Launching Ad Customizers: What Else Do You Need to Know?

Ad customizers let marketers add certain details directly from a customizable feed and is a helpful way for users to purchase your services. Ad customizers are more than just changing the colours or styles or even inserting dynamic keywords in your ads, however. Here’s what else you can modify with Google Ad Customizers:

  • Colour
  • Size
  • Price
  • Inventory information (how many items are left, for instance: “Only 3 free ebooks left, hurry up!”)
  • Countdown (how many months/weeks/days/hours/minutes users have left to purchase  your product)
  • Giveaway, sale, discount
  • Events (thematic, national or regular)

One of the biggest advantages of ad customizers is the absolute control a marketer has over the situation and the opportunity to fully manage the process. With a deep understanding of how customizers work, you can target specifically what your potentials might be searching for.

Now, a bit of practice. We recommend following along and recording every tiny detail in the spreadsheet that is available on Google Adwords support  to get a feel for how this works in the real world.

google adwords spreadsheet

Here you can choose the appropriate keywords, texts, numbers, prices, dates and more and the search engine will change them automatically based on what you have written. Whenever you decide to change certain parameters (colour, countdown, upcoming events), all you need to do is change them in your spreadsheet and re-upload it. Additionally, you can select different languages to make your advertisements attractive to a wider audience.

How Can Customized Ads Improve Conversion Rates?

Pay-per-click campaigns may be an unusual way to attract customers, but it’s a completely viable solution to improving conversion rates. Some people believe customized ads are too pesky and can cause an anti-advertising effect, but this is simply not true. Customized ads have nothing to do with anti-advertising because they appear only when searched for. They also tend to be more visually appealing and authoritative because they are perceived as legitimate advertising from a trusted company.

Statistics show that customers choose brands based on who appears the most authoritative and offers a variety of sales conditions. With customized ads you can check, update, upload and review important details and give certain countdowns, sales, events and continue to refine your targeted audience.

One of your main goals is to deliberately make a user choose your website as opposed to your competitors. It makes a lot of sense to try to catch your customer’s attention right away and give him the appropriate incentives to click on your ad instead of another.

Just be sure what you offer in your ad matches up with the landing page that is associated with that advertisement. Remember: you won’t get a desired traffic if you offer a super special sale and the link goes to your contacts page.

Summing up

We hope you will try Google Adwords to reach new clients by showing them highly specialized advertisements. Customized ads can provide an avenue full of new business breakthroughs as long as you do everything properly. When in doubt, we’re always here to lend helping hand!