The cosmetology niche is extremely competitive, especially when it comes to digital marketing.

Numerous businesses struggle to occupy top positions on Google, as they must effectively combine high quality personal care services with website optimization strategies in order to succeed.

All elements that make up website promotions are crucial, but some components should be emphasized over others. Today, we’ll discuss one of the most important factors that make a website promotion successful: visual content.

Properly designed visuals are an outstanding digital marketing opportunity for aspiring cosmetology websites to increase their visibility. To promote your products and services, consider including the following in your marketing package: unique webpage templates, images, high-resolution photos, educational and informative infographics, and video clips.

While it’s widely believed that search engines obtain more information from text than  images when indexing, that doesn’t excuse you from optimizing your website visual content. Visuals will help your business’ rankings in the long term, so it’s equally important to pay close attention to the pictures and videos on your site. A beautifully designed cosmetology website is the first step towards driving traffic to your website and increasing conversion rates.

Visuals, psychologically, are a great way to elevate your patient’s experience once they discover your website. Studies show that after three days, end users remember only 10 percent of audio or written information but can recall 65 percent of visual content. What’s more, 90 percent of perceived info is related to graphic description, so the more engaging visual content you have on your website, the more engaged your target audience will be.

To boost your website recognition, try implementing some of the following tips.

Image Crafting

A visual presentation of your work is vital for the cosmetology sphere. People wanting to change or fix cosmetic imperfections will definitely want to see “before and after” photos, clinic equipment, your team of professionals, their qualifications and experience, and more.  Fill your blog pages, landing pages, product pages, service pages and gallery with relevant and high-quality images. Once you know where you want to place your images, it’s important to understand how to optimize your visuals for the Web. You can easily hire a team of professionals (like our team at Clever Solution) or try some of these tips below.

There are  more than 60 types of graphic file formats (both raster and vector), but we’ll talk about the most popular types of image files:

  • JPGs (JPEGs) are a widely-known file type on the Web. They are ideal for images and photos with a great range of colors, patterns, shadows, etc. This format is quite handy for you and your visitors because everyone can save JPEGs in different levels of quality (high quality, low quality or in between). We recommend using this format for your clinic’s official product images, real photos, banners and homepage images.
  • PNGs offer a higher quality image but are limited in colors, with a pallet of only 256 colors. The transparency feature is what differs PNGs from LPGs. We recommend you use a PNG format to create logos so they will always be high quality and transparent if necessary.
  • GIFs, once incredibly popular and all over the Internet, are also restricted in colors (256 colors). But considering the cosmetology niche, we recommend using GIFs to show short clips of some of the procedures you offer or a patient’s before and after photos. GIFs can be used for logos as well.

We also strongly suggest your cosmetology website host original photos of your practice. Hiring a professional photographer is a great way to show your clinic’s outstanding features and to create a personal approach to every potential patient’s experience. Create galleries with unique visualization of medicine products and real patients you have helped. Google bots will rank your website high for having your own visual copyright content. If you are currently searching for quality images and graphics, our designers are here to help make your resources rich with an out-and-outer visual filling.

Posting Videos

Considering a rising demand of video content, we strongly recommend hosting video content on your cosmetology website. By 2017, it’s strongly believed that we will observe 74% of all traffic consumed by videos. This suggests that posting videos (alongside written content) will result in four times more patients to your site

Video alone is an impressive content marketing tool. Carefully produced video content outlines  current problems and details the solutions that your cosmetology clinic can provide.

The next step is identifying where to place your videos on your website. This will depend on your website structure. Frankly speaking, videos can be anywhere you want: products pages, services pages, special gallery section, event page and more. It’s also a great idea to place videos on your landing pages – this placement can boost conversions up to 86 percent.

Regarding the types of videos, the choices are endless:

  • testimonials
  • sales pitches
  • how-to guides
  • webinar videos
  • live streams
  • interviews
  • animated features

No matter what type of video you choose to incorporate, remember to coordinate the video with the general theme and style of your cosmetology website. With perfect video execution, you can benefit from more than 300 percent of inbound links.

*Videos can become one of the main website features, so make sure you hire creative and qualified directors who have experience shooting high resolution video content.


Infographics are an inherent part of every successful website. The cosmetology niche consists of various methods, techniques, procedures and processes targeted to take care of and fix people’s health and appearances. Since most end users are reluctant to read long form blog articles, consider using simple infographics to deliver helpful information in a short amount of time.

Infographics help users’ understand your business quickly and with ease. These graphics convey data and facts through the use of images, numbers, texts and diagrams in one page.

Here are some suggestions to make your infographics stand out:

  • make sure the design and layout is easy to digest and encourages end users to watch, like or share
  • express data using a  combination of colours, forms, fonts and images
  • proofread all written information and polish content to make it up-to-date and contextually logical
  • prepare descriptive yet informative statists based on your own work to show potential patients your portfolio of stunning results

To attract the attention of search crawlers and end users, your cosmetology business must make the development of promotional materials a top priority. For example: infographics are three times more likely to be shared and “liked” on social media versus other text-based content. The better your promotional material works, the more Web circulation you will get.


Every top-notch business website employs a user-first approach that considers the needs of its target audience. Your cosmetology clinic website shouldn’t be an exception. Visuals are believed to improve memorization up to 400 percent, so including visual content on your website is a musthave. Once you have your relevant and eye-catching visuals (such as pictures, videos and infographics), promoting your content is the next step. Content promotion can help your cosmetology build brand awareness on search engines and solidify your reputation among patients. With a strategic plan in mind and a commitment to improve your visual content, your cosmetology site will reap the benefits of strong search engine rankings.

If you’re looking to improve your cosmetology site today, Clever Solution is ready to help. Learn more about our full-cycle services for cosmetology business on our website.