Changes in Instagram’s Branded Content Policies

Marketers know that a rich Instagram profile is an indispensable part of a killer promotional campaign. Brands from any niche can use this popular social media platform to attract new clients with appealing images and inspiring posts.

However, Instagram imposes restrictions on some companies. In particular, it blocks promotional opportunities for tobacco, vaping and weapons manufacturers. While this policy has been in force for some time, Instagram’s administrators recently decided to expand it with a ban on weight loss supplements and alcoholic beverages. The additional regulations will go into effect in 2020, so creators should be quick to adapt their content to the new rules, to prevent being banned and losing their audience.

Many companies find the tightening of Instagram’s policies to be painful, and they perceive it to be an obstacle to gaining new partnerships and sales. To retain the favor of users, Instagram often emphasizes its appreciation of content creators and the important role they play in the platform’s development. Also, to make the introduction of new restrictions less unpleasant, Instagram constantly replenishes its toolkit with features that improve creators’ user experience and help them to fine-tune their promotional campaigns.

We can expect even more positive updates in 2020. For example, Instagram promises to allow the narrowing down of audiences into specific age groups, which will exempt brands from having to irrevocably remove certain types of content from their profiles.

facebook’s brand collabs manager on Instagram now

Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager on Instagram

A select group of Insta bloggers will use a test version of Brand Collabs Manager a tool that was previously available exclusively on Facebook. It enhances support for branded content and makes it easier for businesses to build strategic partnerships. Users can translate their messages to Insta bloggers and receive other brands’ signals to build lucrative advertising mergers.

Once somebody tags your brand, you receive notifications in your Brand Collabs Manager and Instagram profile that alert you to their interest. In the same way, you can manifest interest in other companies. After receiving a notification, they may potentially contact you to negotiate a partnership.

Subject to the tons of branded content that influencer networks accommodate, Instagram promises to continue supporting their access to Graph API.

Advantages of Using Brand Collabs Manager

Let’s consider the key opportunities that BCM provides to content creators.

benefits of brand collabs manager

You can:

  • Easily make connections with new business partners. The tool brings brands with matching goals together. Advertisers interested in your content can find you through BCM and offer to transact lucrative deals.
  • Track the key performance metrics of your promotional campaigns, including post views, the number of followers and their demographic data, and other useful information. This data gives potential partners an idea of the value you can bring to a business collaboration.
  • Select suitable projects in the Project Briefs tab. A short preview of each project featured in this section includes a name, a deadline, a status, a compensation range, and campaign dates. Find offers of interest, notify publishers about your intention to participate, and wait for feedback.
  • Display your best content as an impressive business card. Potential partners like to check out samples of your work prior to engaging in joint projects. Create a small portfolio in BCM to showcase your expertise and demonstrate that you have exactly what they are looking for.
  • Manifest your interest in other brands by liking their pages. They will find your brand on their suggested list of creators and possibly respond with a collaboration offer.
  • Share your audience with advertisers in the Partnerships tab. The tool retains data on users who have engaged with your content in the last 90 days.
  • Get comprehensive performance reports in the Insights tab, analyze user engagement, correct mistakes, and enhance your strengths to build even more powerful promotional campaigns.

Final Thoughts

The introduction of BCM on Instagram is an important innovation that can help content creators and brand representatives realize their goals. Think about how you can use this helpful tool to benefit your business and Insta blog.

Remember that Instagram values the efforts of content creators and constantly works to improve their user experience and provide more opportunities for effective collaboration. You just need to closely monitor the platform’s updates and follow the best practices, to make your content more visible to advertisers, build new strategic partnerships and turn your passions into a solid source of income.