Bing is one of the leading search engines worldwide. It is powered by Microsoft and accommodates more than a third of desktop searches. Bing’s administration constantly strives for excellence, introducing updates that improve the user experience of shoppers and provide a useful promotional platform for businesses that want to see their websites at the top of search dropdown.

Bing has kicked off 2020 by launching of a beta version of Bing Pages. This helpful program allows you to consolidate promotional efforts and see how your profiles look when accessed via different Microsoft products, including Outlook, Bing search, and several popular social media platforms.

advantages of Bing Pages

Advantages of Bing Pages

Today, having a strong website dedicated to your commercial brand is not enough to build a perfect online image. You also need to feature your company on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and others. and link them to your website.

It may be challenging to manage a large number of promotional channels, especially if you are not a professional marketer and have little time to allocate to advertising. In such cases, helpful tools like Bing Pages come to your rescue.

Bing Pages offers the following advantages:

  • Monitoring of all your promotional channels and contact data on a single Bing page, assigned to you once you join the program.
  • For 24 hours of publication, Bing will feature your social media posts in its search results, absolutely free of charge. You can choose suitable locations and categories to target the right users.
  • You can enhance your Outlook profile with five-star content, images and relevant contact data.

how to get started with Bing Pages

Getting Started With BP

It is extremely easy to launch your personal Bing page. Obligatory authentication data includes your email and a link to your Twitter profile. Alternatively, you can feature your social media profiles on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and Mixer.

create your personal Bing page

Keep in mind that you have to link to your branded profiles rather than your personal profiles, since you are promoting your business, not yourself. You do not want prospective clients to see your private photos.

For the time being, you can sign up for a beta version free of charge, but this policy may change if BP catches on and gains popularity. So be quick to create a Bing page for your company while there are still no strict requirements or registration fees.

The team at Clever Solution believes that this is a great opportunity to boost your brand awareness, grow your target audience and maximize sales.

Remember, Bing comes in second after Google for desktop search volume. If you want to successfully promote your brand, pay close attention to Bing and its updates.