If you want to tell the world about your company and services, gain more target audience and succeed in your niche – just start running a blog!

Constant website upgrading is not enough to surprise a spoilt reader. Mind the great competitive pressure and do your best to create worth-reading content. Hold the subscribers by your side!
This is why you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of having a blog:

  • Blogging B2B marketers obtain 67% more potentials
  • Having launched a blog you get 13x higher ROI
  • Permanent posting will give 97% more links to the website
  • 50% of new traffic will be generated through blog

And much more..

If you still doubt – do not! The only thing you lose is time, but it’s worth it.

Let us help you to overcome first rough goings so you could reach your goals.

50 hacks to reach the heights in blogging

1. Content Plan

Content plan will help to work out the strategy and simplify your step-by-step work. This is how you can make a list, search and share out the themes and familiarize with the thriving blogs in your niche. Control the accomplishing of assigned goals. Be your own judge and jury.

2. Blog’s goal

Do you know the goal of your future article? Make sure you do. Because knowing your goal beforehand is already half of job. Whether you intend to attract new target audience or enhance the brand awareness – decide it in advance.

3. Looking for an idea

Procrastination is a part of creative mind. But with an accurate algorithm of actions you will beat the time waster. Hold to the following:
write down every idea (to have a choice of variants)
cut off all the irritating factors
respect the deadlines
evaluate your productivity to perfect the future

4. Type of article

Type of your article depends on stylistics and focus of the product/service. In order to diversify your blog we recommend to alternate it using various existing types.

5. Become a journalist

Among the above given types, interviewing is one of the most demanded. Try to reach wide known leaders of your niche and discuss spicy sensations. Make them talk about you!

6. Picking up the keys

Having faced website creation, you already know that the search engine’s results won’t hit the top without the right keywords. Optimize your website’s position using Google Keywords Planner, Wordstat Yandex, SemRush.com, Prodvigator.

7. Brainstorming

Take into consideration the collective brainstorming. Cooperative mental activity could be more productive than writing alone. Stick to the following commandments: you shall not condemn, you shall not think formally, you shall not plagiate, you shall not lose focus, remember to be initiative.

8. Investigate your niche

It is impossible to become a demanded blogger without knowing the gurus of your niche. Examining the other blogs, you can enrich yourself with ideas, knowledge, inspiration, methods and hacks. Darren Rowse, Nick Eubanks, Neil Patel, Peep Laja..are these names familiar to you? Get acquainted with these senseis right now.

9. Marketing text

The subscribers are wrathful about «spam or liquid texts». But a well thought-out text delivered to people’s minds can be an extremely effective marketing tool. Having published a worthy text, you will observe higher conversion rates, rise of suitable traffic and bigger concernment about your services. Let your articles work on you!

10. Attention-grabbing headline

Do not focus only on your context. According to the statistics, 80% of users do not read below the headline. Isn’t it pity that only 1 out of 5 visitors will read up your blog’s article. Study this delicate process and devote it at least 50% of the writing time. Killer headline will enlarge the readership and augment the repost quantity.

11. Visual filling

Visual perception influences
the reader’s future judgement. Let the first impression become the best! Feel responsible about creating your blog’s design. Every user wants to repost telling and impressive info. Professional web designers will be a right start.

12. Illustration

Don’t bore your subscribers posting black & white text only. Generate more unique pictures. But do not use the existing pictures. Plagiat is not welcome. Be an unrepeatable blogger.

13. Video content

Search engine explorations reveals that the video content requests are the most frequent. This is why 93% of marketers use videos for online marketing. Upgrade your blog articles with video reviews, -testings, -presentations, crash-tests. Build trust and better ROI level showing the appropriate motion picture.

14. Infographic

If you feel that your blog lacks some spicy ingredients, just add the infographics. It grabs together info+facts+images+statistics and serves as an efficient tool. Let the infographic tips help your blog.

15. Respect your target audience

Having an army of subscribers, your blog should be human-oriented. Writing style, vocabulary and delivery – are interpreted individually by different ages, nations, and interests. Knowing your target audience, it will be easier to set the priorities. Therefore, if you treat your subscribers correctly, this will influence the number of reposts, recalls, and comments, building brand awareness.

16. Blog’s censorship

Sure, You can write in Your blog what You want. But you can also do it right. Do you want to make every subscriber read to the end/”like”/repost/comment? Filter the blog’s articles through the following points: don’t speak abstractedly, don’t lie, don’t exaggerate, don’t use complex constructions or unclear language, don’t be rude, don’t bring pathos. Give your blog more chances!

17. Keep the sense

Have you ever lost the sense while reading an article? These kinds of blogs are immediately forgotten, disliked and have negative comments. Do not allow this happen to your blog. Stick to the chosen theme and control if the goal was achieved.

18. Dialogue with the reader

Preserve your personality. The potential subscriber (future client), will be interested in the blog with the unique character. Communicate with the readers through your text, motivate them to leave the comments. We want to give you some tips:
address using personal pronoun “you”
talk about yourself using the first person
intrigue: ask questions and don’t forget to answer them
use slang, colloquial speech
create moderate paragraphs (1-4 sentences)
write about true stories

19. Be intriguing

Being a blogger also means being a psychiatrist. Certain psychological writing methods, build on human emotions, help to attract more target audience. Use triggers that will raise conversion rate and hook on visitors’ attention. Do not hesitate to awake curiosity and provoke contradictions.

20. Subscriber = author

Have an idea crisis? Want to “reanimate” your subscribers? Or maybe you wish to convert more readers? Here goes the answer: organize a contest for the best idea for the future blog article. The winner can be mentioned in the next blog, which is a great stimulus. Such step will definitely draw more traffic to your blog.

21. More contests!

Constant contests, give-aways, prizes – MustHave of your blog. Prioritize the importance of your target audience, first of all, you’re doing this for your clients’ favor. Motivate your subscribers with bonuses/discounts/free services, for he/she knew that the spend time was worth it.

22. Every subscriber is unique

It’s vital for people to feel needed and significant. But there exist not so many client services to take it into consideration. Take care of each and every subscriber. Build trust and be responsible for all words in your blog.

23. Pick a side

Don’t be afraid to blog during the harsh times. All you have to do is to chose a certain side and stick to your opinion. Don’t let anybody baffle you. This tactics engages both like-minded persons and dissidents, who won’t lose a chance to fire a discussion. Suchwise, you’ll get a great feedback.

24. Be approachable

Be an alive, real human. Sounds weird? Don’t think so. Cause there are so many bloggers who hide behind their articles without showing their “faces”. If you struggle to be an excellent marketer, be humane! Want them to follow, subscribe, repost, buy? Give your target audience the trust they could rely on.

25. Comment yourself

Would you like to have hundreds of comments? Most commonly, the reputed bloggers answer on EACH comment. This is very inviting and urges the subscribers to comment. Everyone wants to get your personal opinion considering their worries, problems, queries.

26. Make friends with the other bloggers

Probably it’s not a news for you that bloggers love to intercommunicate. Become open-hearted with the bloggers in your niche. This is how you’ll attract both new and their subscribers. According to the statistics, lots of bloggers use this method. Take advantage of the competitors and observe the rise of traffic.

27. Social networks

Who doesn’t have an account on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr..? These social media sites are the real perpetual motion machines. Surely because of the neverending circulation of spicy news. Being a part of this process is very easy. Publish the blog articles on the social accounts of your company, niche, city and country communities. Share your classy content with the world!

28. Build trust

If your services are devoted to help the future consumers, fill the blog with the proofs of your sincere intentions. Make your blog wholesome. Fortify it with the accurate facts, studies, polls, analyzes. Who would buy anything not tested? Let your followers trust the real facts. Give the subscribers some bulletproof evidences and watch them come over and over again.

29. More traffic!

Is it possible to generate 70 million visitors per month? Yes, sounds unimaginable, especially for a newcomer. Such result is guaranteed by SlideShare (the traffic of which exceeds Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin). For example, your colleague Eugene Chang has gained 2 million account views and more than 400 new email subscribers. Place a blog presentation here and wait for a big boom.

30. Much more traffic!

The peak traffic effect can be reached through more than 77 useful resources. Seek and you shall find the way which will bring your traffic sky-high.

31. Niche forums

Do you know the forums of your niche? If no, please, hurry up! Be aware of all the gatherings of your target audience. You’ll be positively surprised by the high activity in discussing companies, goods, services, discounts. Place your blog on the cutting edge.

32. Trust circle

Before launching a blog, build a list of your target influencers. Make sure that you have the same general audience, that they have a fortunate marketing reputation and that both of you can get profit out of this professional relationship.

33. Virus can be useful

Having virus doesn’t always mean that you need a treatment. The Internet LOVES virus content. Always join the tsunamis of online boom news. Why? It’s simple. Looking for some hot upgrades, users will come across your blog. Will they subscribe? This entirely depends on the content.

34. Social news website

Nowadays one can sink in the ocean of social news websites. But here comes our Hacker News lifebuoy! The most prominent peculiarity of Hacker News is that it won’t let your post descend or shift down until it gets an appropriate number of points. Thanks, Paul Graham!

35. How many posts do I need?

Every week/month prepare a publication schedule. It is vitally important for your subscribers to know when to expect another post. Don’t write too frequently and don’t draw off the publication dates. Find a golden mean considering the audience’s needs. Make then wait for your blog as they wait for the new series.

36. Publication quantity

The following pieces of advice will help you to make out the update regularity. Also mind the proportional dependence of the number of subscribers and the publication quantity.

37. Quantity = Quality

Search engines love fresh content. They prefer websites (blogs) with the regularly published material. So having published an article in your blog (one more page on the site), you get more organic traffic.

38. Prime-time

Choosing an appropriate time and date for your next blog article, consider the prime-time of every website. For example, Google Adwords recommends to publish on Monday/Thursday, Facebook – Wednesday from 1pm to 6pm., Twitter – Monday/Thursday from 1pm to 5pm. Mind hours of the highest subscriber activity not only of your blog, but also of the social network accounts (where you remind followers about a new article).

39. Self-advertisement

While blogging, link to your articles and social sites. This is how the subscriber will jump to your resources and the attendance will be increased.

40. Motivation

Creating a blog, be ready to rise and fall. Don’t expect an immediate result, because you risk to burn out. Can you imagine, that there exist at about 165 million blogs, the most of which “die” in 3 month?! You can avoid this fate if you stay motivated, patient and study hard.

41. Bloggers are humans too!

We just can’t ignore the psychological aspect of writing a blog. It’s natural to lose motivation when you are not paid. Don’t forget, that you’re not a wageworker but an engine of your own business. This is why you can’t be stopped by any human factor.

42. Gurus of blogging

Being new in the sphere of blogging, orient yourself to the successful blogs. Get familiar with the leaders’ methods which brought them a tremendous lift. Knowing how famous bloggers augmented the traffic to millions of visitors, you will build up your own methods. Who knows, maybe you’re the next sensei of blogging.

43. There are no alien blogs

No matter what niche you belong to, inspiration and ideas can be found everywhere. Absorb styles, techniques and features of all the flourishing blogs. There is always something to learn.

44. Say “No” to spam!

If you spam – welcome to the blacklist! Telling subscribers about new post in your blog or just news, use the electronic mailing list wisely. To successfully convert visitors into subscribers, think about what they need. Mail them only if it brings interest. Let them know that you care and want to help with your service.

45. Greet correctly

Your emails won’t fall into the trashbox if they are useful. Don’t look too advertising and don’t focus on yourself. Your potential clients’ needs are the priority. Make every email effective, include helpful links, files, adds.

46. Social proof

As a wise marketer, you would like to easy the restless customers’ minds. Social proof is a great influence. Commonly subscribers assume marks, results, actions, recalls of others in order to build their own decisions. Attach testings, evaluations, ratings, certificates to the welcome letter to assure the prospective subscribers in the quality of your service. Also you can add them to the landing page and your blog articles.

47. Unexpectable bonus

Bloggers often attract subscribers sending free podcasts, e-books, check-lists, etc. But these presents already pall everyone. So bend over backwards and propose some extra in the welcome email. It will make the prospects think that if you are so generous now, what to expect next.

48. Give even more exclusives

Create an online page in your blog with the free resources, which could be downloaded only by subscribers. Update this page regularly, notifying visitors and subscribers.

49. Be worldwide

If your target audience lives in the different time zones, make a publication schedule. Let every prospect read your blog just in time.

50. Never too old to learn

Except the above given ways to learn blogging, try webinars. This is where you’ll find systematically arranged info and precious experience. And what is tempting – webinars are free!


So, now you’ve read 50 hacks about writing a blog. Nevertheless, there exist even more. Finding them depends on how good you’re looking for.

Given techniques, methods, tactics and decisions are here to help you to start. What comes next? It’s up to you!

Successful SEO, traffic augmentation, top positions and subscriber conversions – are your future goals. We believe that you’ll reach them!

Wish you good luck and already want to subscribe!