Google announced the merger of its two earlier content management tools, News Producer and News Publisher Center, into Publisher Center, an advanced platform that combines the advantages of both, and provides even more opportunities to content marketers.

Publisher Center content management tool

Let’s consider how the new platform differs from its predecessors and why you should try it.

Earlier Tools

Over recent years, News Producer was used to feature content in Google News and monetize it. Authors were able to add logos and contact data to their posts, and to choose a suitable color palette.

News Publisher Center was used to adjust the way Google perceives content, attribute it to certain categories, improve visibility for interested users, and expose some parts of text to crawlers while hiding others.

New Tool

The combination of the two earlier tools provides the following advantages to content creators:

  • Since Google News now pulls content directly from the Internet, as is done when ranking websites for standard search results, there is no need to spend time creating RSS (Rich Site Summary). The URL and some brief information about a piece are the only things you need to provide.
  • Productive authors with a large number of publications will no longer be confused by extensive content volumes, since the new tool makes it easy to switch between different content pieces. You can eliminate disarray from your writing routine and establish a more orderly workflow. Also, it is now much more convenient to collaborate with fellow publishers.
  • You gain better control of the way your brand identity is presented to users. For example, if readers alternate between light and dark design templates, your logos will switch automatically.

The new content management platform is available in the same four languages that were used in earlier tools: English, French, Spanish, and German. But Google’s administration promises to expand this set in the near future.

How Existing Publishers Can Switch to PC

If you have been using the two earlier platforms, do not worry about your content. It will not be deleted from Google News. Publisher Center automatically migrates content to its catalog of publications, and continues exposing it to your target audience.

There is no need to conduct migration manually and upload old news again. Just visit and see all your previous articles listed there. Upload all future content via this page.

start for new users

How New Users Can Start Using PC

If you have never used Google News to promote branded content, you need to register your company and set up simple settings. Use Google Search Console to verify the ownership of your content.

Since Google scans all news available on the web by default and selects the most prominent pieces for publication, you do not need to specifically submit articles for consideration, as is done for online journals and contributor platforms that accept guest posts. But be sure to comply with the search giant’s editorial policy so they do not overlook your publications.

Also, keep in mind that Publisher Center is not a CMS like WordPress. You do not need to upload an entire article; simply specify:

  • Publication name;
  • Short description: text of +140 characters that will help you hook the right users in Google News;
  • Category: Architecture, Arts, Automotive, Business & Finance, Crafts & Hobbies, Design, Entertainment, Events, Fashion & Style, Food & Drink, and much more;
  • Language: choose a language and turn on automatic translation if you want to allow readers to read your articles in their preferred language;
  • Website property URL: site’s domain, sub-domain, or URL prefix;
  • Location: headquarters of your publishing office;
  • Contacts: your editors’ emails and topics they would like to consider for publication;
  • Distribution: by default, your content is accessible from everywhere in the world, however, you can block access for some regions;
  • Tracking: you can tie your publications to Google Analytics or add a tracking pixel URL to monitor traffic.

featuring content in Google News

Benefits of Featuring Your Content in Google News

1. Boost Targeted Traffic

Google News has a stupendous audience and advanced algorithms for selecting the right readership for any topic. Rather than spending time and resources advertising your business to everyone on the web, better to begin by attracting interested users with Publisher Center.

2. Project an Image of Expertise

It is assumed that only the highest quality content gets published on Google News. If users find your brand there, they will automatically trust you as a reputable business.

3. Provide Proof of Authenticity

Pitching news via PC and being listed in Google’s directory shows the world you are a serious authentic company, and not a fly-by-night venture.

how to monetize your content

4. Monetize Your Content

Marketing content has to bring in money, whether through sales or in other ways. In the case of Google News, you can allow the search giant to display ads in your publications for a fee.

5. Promote Content for Free

While Google may pay you, you pay nothing to Google. It displays your content to a targeted audience absolutely free of charge, and you enjoy the influx of organic traffic to your site.

6. Get More Links

Websites link to reputable sources to boost their own authority, and you can use linking to grow your online presence. Regularly post news, build an image of expertise, and other platforms will soon start linking to you, as a specialist with a big name.

7. Instant Indexing

All new articles featured in Google News are instantly added to the index. There is no better way to make your fresh content visible to web users than to submit it to PC.

Hopefully this post will help you take the most of your marketing efforts. Monitor Google updates, adopt new tools, and watch your organic traffic and sales multiply.