What do you remember about the end of your 2016? Did it stand out enough to help you define your first steps in the new year?

The end of our year was marked as “productive and motivating”. RuTech’s (Russian Speaking Tech Startup Community) organizers invited several leading experts with massive skills and experience managing their own startups to a live, informal discussion, held in New York on December 22nd. The aim of this meeting was to define the pros and cons of outsourcing, including the risks of hiring out-of-house employees while attempting to monitor the progress of your company.

RuTech’s interactive event gathered speakers from different Russian speaking countries – Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, etc. All of them are owners of companies with remote specialists.

Why is it profitable to hire outsource teams and freelancers? What difficulties do leaders face when managing their employees remotely? Why do VC’s refuse investing in startups that rely on outsource teams? Is it possible to meet US standards in a short period of time?

All these questions were thoroughly discussed by the following speakers:

Sergey Grybniak, CEO of digital marketing agency Clever-Solution.com, founder of Opporty.com and co-founder of Carvoy.com. He shared his ideas about outsourcing strategies for US businesses. As the owner of a full-scale agency Singree, in Eastern Europe (Ukraine), Sergey knows everything about outsourcing. He emphasized the main benefits of allocating resources to outsourced professionals.

Roman Shteyn, a well-known world traveler, tech entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of RewardExpert, is a pro of the travel rewards industry. He shared his experience about outsourcing RewardExpert development.

Tanya Ostromogilskaya, also known as co-creator of a startup Rapid Square Cards, told the audience about her own methods of working with outsource teams for more than 10 years.

Scarred IT professional, lecturer of software technologies in Fontys university of Applied Sciences (Eindhoven, The Netherlands), active member of hi-tech entrepreneurship communities in Eindhoven and Amsterdam – Vladimir Kabzar also attended RuTech meeting. He narrated in details about do’s and don’ts of outsourcing and his startup.

Anton Eremenko, former head of engineering at Pave and senior software engineer at Orchard’s signature trading platform, shared his thoughts on the potential of outsourcing he discovered when managing LendLine.io as CTO.

Working from a distance can be greatly beneficial if you care for each and every team member. Properly optimized outsourcing will bring about savings because of lower international labor payments. It will also bring about increased effectiveness because of the opportunity to delegate and, therefore, free up time to focus on main goals. Every outsourcing campaign can be successful if its leader keeps his eyes on the future.

We would like to thank all participants for this valuable conversation.