Clever Solution works with LaptopMD, well-known East-Cost device repair chain to provide unique, fresh options for our many Tri-State area clients. LaptopMD CEO Arthur Zilberman strives to consistently run ahead of the pack, taking advantage of the latest technological advances to improve his websites’ functionality. Clever Hosting is an equally ambitious web host, and together they’ve devised many unique features on the LaptopMD sites, including repair wizards and mobile friendly browsers.

LaptopMD and Clever Solution began their relationship 9 months ago. Arthur Zilberman chose the brand to modernize the original (the website serve North New Jersey customers).

Determined to shift the paradigm of computer repair sites, Clever Solution and LaptopMD marketing team did extensive marketing research to understand the issues most plaguing New Jersey customers. We didn’t want to simply place a wall of text on his site like other unaware services. Once the statistics were compiled, Clever Hosting collaborated with LaptopMD online marketing team to create an interactive repair wizard for their site.

Along with a dynamic live chat system, which helps to resolve client’s issues on-site, the repair wizard allows users to seek immediate solutions for their device ailment and relieve some of their anxiety by knowing exactly what they’re in store for.

Clever Hosting used their considerable web development expertise to convert the LaptopMD content into useful, mobile-friendly site. With the emergence of smartphone browsers, it’s entirely necessary to have a website that’s compatible with computers and portable devices.

This relationship between technology and customer service allows LaptopMD to optimize their reach and tend to their customers online with the same personalized touch they implement in their brick-and-mortal locations.