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If  you want to attract new patients to your clinic using smart online marketing strategies, Clever Solution can help. Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) can be an extremely productive tool for lead-to-patient conversions, so long as your PPC preferences are correctly laid out from the beginning. PPC advertising lets you increase your traffic, outbid your opponents, and adjust the costs of your bids and impressions to suit your budget. 

Maintaining a successful PPC campaign requires experience and expertise in marketing and technology, along with patience and persistence. To obtain the best results from your PPC campaign, you need a professional marketing team that understands the nuances of Pay-Per-Click advertising. Clever Solution’s marketing experts can help you get the most out of PPC for your physical therapy practice.

Our team will guide local leads to your practice using time-proven tactics. Our goal is to bring you more conversions, not just visitors to your website. The process is simple – every time a prospect clicks on your ad, you pay an agreed-upon amount of money. We make sure your ads are displayed in the most favorable geo locations, at the right time of day, to get the attention of potential patientsPositive change occurs when a lead who clicks on your ad makes an informed decision to contact your clinic and set an appointment. Our expert team will help you acquire and retain patients with state-of-the-art physical therapy PPC services.

Only One Client In One Area Is Our Rule.

What Clever Solution Can Do for Your Physical Therapy Clinic

Increase patient traffic
Steering more traffic to your website is key to getting conversions. Artfully crafted PPC for your physical therapy practice can potentially double or even triple your number of patients. By applying the latest PPC tactics, the Clever team introduces your practice to ever-larger audiences, and converts them to regular clientele. Persistent and tech-savvy strategies are fundamental to a successful ad campaign
Increase your visibility on the Internet
Basic PPC elements like bidding, price, keywords, negative keywords, and timing all work together to skyrocket your visibility on the web. Prospective patients will see your ads as soon as they search for services. Improve your conversion ratio by expanding your brand presence and leveraging the benefits of physical therapy PPC services.
Lower the cost of patient acquisition
Overspending on advertising occurs when your PPC campaign lacks a habitual and well-rounded process. Get higher returns on your customer acquisition cost (CAC) by utilizing the most profitable and time-proven PPC approaches. Clever Solution will provide you with cost-effective PPC options, whether you are a small and growing clinic or a large thriving practice.
Discover new patient sources
PPC is one of the top online tools for acquiring new patients. Along with SEO, content, and email marketing, a thoughtful PPC campaign attracts new patients and grows the popularity and recognition of your brand. At Clever Solution, we continually revisit the current needs of your practice to optimize the impact of your campaign.

How to get started

Discuss your needs
Identify the target audience
Trust us
Getting new Clients

Our Advantages

We conduct in-depth analysis of your business before launching your advertising campaign
Learning your business inside and out helps us strategize, saving you time and money in the long run. Understanding your clinic’s history and current status helps us discover new ways to give your practice a fresh start.
We constantly implement new ideas to optimize your advertising campaign
Physical therapy PPC is not just about numbers or technical expertise. It entails staying current on the latest available software and the newest innovations for solving complex marketing tasks. Guided by Agile methodology, we constantly brainstorm new ideas and update our existing workflow.
We conduct daily analytics of your advertising campaign
Your physical therapy PPC data is analyzed daily by our meticulous team. We quickly identify the highest-yielding tactics and further refine them for even higher profits. Our dedication to your success ensures fast and rewarding results.

PPC Services for your PT

PPC (pay-per-click) is a time-saving and cost-effective strategy for getting fast results from your ad campaign. With PPC, you pay only when a prospective patient clicks on your ad. A well-organized PPC campaign can help you outpace your competitors and amp up your conversions.

Our tech professionals will work with you to select the most effective keywords and suggest bidding settings that give you the most bang for your buck. With skillful and deliberate bidding strategies, your PPC campaign can bring you fast profits and make your brand more visible to patients in your community.

PPC Campaign Audit
Auditing involves tracking conversions, adjusting target settings, managing keywords, optimizing for mobile, and more. We conduct continuous appraisals to maximize your profits and make your PPC investments worthwhile. Skillful auditing is a must for your physical therapy PPC campaign. If you already have a PPC campaign, Clever Solution will update your settings and restructure your campaign to optimize your results.
Developing Your New PPC Campaign
If you are new to the market, we will research your practice and create a workable plan that perfectly meets your goals. A strategic setup of target and geographic preferences will raise your click through rate (CTR) and increase conversions. At Clever Solution, we value quality content. We will make sure your ads include eye-catching headings and transparent descriptions of your services.
Managing Your Advertising Campaign
Painstaking analysis and planning are at the core of our management policy. The world of advertising is ever-evolving, and every hour of the day brings something new into the picture. Our expert team fine-tunes every stage of the advertising funnel to implement successful and productive PPC for your physical therapy practice.

Who we are

The Clever Solution team is an experienced and passionate group of digital experts, specializing in web application design and development and digital marketing since 2009.

For the past 10+ years, our team has undertaken numerous projects and created multiple top-quality desktop and mobile applications, breathtaking websites and eCommerce platforms, and brilliant SaaS options.

Why Choose Us

  • We always keep your goals and expectations in mind while working on customized solutions for your business.
  • We apply our in-depth knowledge and expertise to make your business stand out from your competitors.
  • Our team is small, which means minimal confusion, quick decision-making, and less time lost in miscommunication.
  • For the past 10+ years, our team has undertaken numerous projects and created multiple top-quality desktop and mobile applications, breathtaking websites and eCommerce platforms, and brilliant SaaS options.


Medical Director, New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation
Clever Solution provided SEO, PPC and social media marketing to a medical clinic. They also helped with content strategy and advice on how to appeal to the right audience.
Denis Pinsky
Founder, Savvy Herb & Webfia
SEO efforts have benefitted from both immediate feedback offered by Clever Solution Inc., as well as from internal changes stemming from knowledge gained during the engagement.

Our awards

Clutch Top App Developers 2020
Superbcompanies TOP SEO companies 2020
Best Mobile App Developers in New York City
SEO Tribunal
Top SEO Companies from the USA Top 20
2020 Manifest Top 25+ Drupal Developers In New York
Clutch Top SEO 2020
2019 Manifest Top 40 Pay-Per-Click Agencies In New York
Stevie Bronze
Clutch Top B2B

In the media

Search Engine Journal
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is PPC for a Physical Therapy clinic?

PPC is a digital advertising approach that allows you to pay only when a prospective patient clicks on your ad.

How can PPC help my Physical Therapy clinic?

PPC can help increase traffic to your website, enhancing your clinic’s visibility, boosting your lead-to-patient conversion rate, and saving you money on ineffective advertising.

How much does PPC for my Physical Therapy clinic cost?

We work with your budget to devise a cost-effective campaign. Clever Solution charges 15% of your company’s overall PPC budget. Your cost is contingent on the type of platform where we place your ad, your bidding strategies, and the amount you designate to be spent per click.

Will PPC for my Physical Therapy clinic bring me new customers?

A well designed and maintained PPC campaign will raise your CTR and bring new patients to your clinic by targeting audiences who are most likely to be interested in your services.

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