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Clever Solution is a full-service web studio located in NYC. We are a team of results-oriented experts; savvy in design, development and digital marketing. We provide efficient, cost-effective solutions for small- and mid-size businesses in the greater New York area and across the United States. Clever Solution has gained a strong foothold in the industry.

Our digital marketing experts provide turnkey solutions for cosmetology clinics and offices, including SEO, PPC and SMM. We have helped dozens of cosmetology businesses attract more patients, build brand awareness, increase customer loyalty and improve their conversion rate. We think strategically to ensure that our all-in-one solution brings value to your company.


Put your business on the map with
our turnkey digital marketing solutions

Conversion Tracking for Cosmetology Clinics

Track visitor actions to learn how
leads and conversions are generated

Conversion tracking of Web forms

Our professionals will design and develop customized Web forms to track key visitor actions on your website. We also collect and analyze data to optimize these forms to increase conversions. Forms are a great way to find out what your patients really want.

Analysis of goals

To achieve the desired results of your campaign, the digital marketing strategy needs to have clearly-defined and properly analyzed goals. Our professionals will assess the goals of your cosmetology clinic and provide a plan on how to perfect them. We will improve your digital marketing strategy and track its results via smart analytics tools.

UI optimization & customer conversion

To boost conversions on your cosmetology website, our experts will track and analyze visitors behavior, and perfect the UI/UX afterwards. We ensure that your website is intuitive, easy to navigate and satisfies your target audience.

Traffic analysis

To learn how your cosmetology patients find your website, our pros will monitor and analyze incoming traffic. We will provide efficient solutions to improve your digital marketing campaign: you will be targeting actual patients, not just paying for clicks.

On-Page SEO for Cosmetology Clinics

Optimize your website, targeting on-page factors
to achieve a higher search engine ranking

Keyword search

To achieve top rankings in search engines, your website needs to include properly selected keywords. Our SEO specialists will analyze your business’ niche and discern which long-tail keywords and phrases are best to insert in tags, titles, descriptions and content. We will ensure that your cosmetology clinic will be properly indexed by search crawlers and found by users.

Optimization of tags and meta descriptions

Tags and descriptions are the most important on-page factors. To satisfy search crawlers, tags and descriptions need to include keywords relevant to your business. Our specialists will optimize and enhance tags and descriptions on your website to guarantee a higher search engine ranking. We ensure that your cosmetology clinic is ranked best in the industry

Site architecture analysis and optimization

Websites have to be easily navigable. Hard to use websites contrast poorly to competitors and drive away potential patients. Our pros will analyze the structure of your cosmetology website and provide smart solutions on how to make it simpler to use without giving up valuable content. We guarantee that your patients will find information about products and services quickly and easily.

Image optimization

Cosmetology websites are filled with high-quality images of satisfied patients. Unfortunately, these images are appealing only to people, search crawlers need something more. To get a high search engine ranking, the images on your website need to be optimized by having proper titles and alt tag descriptions. Our SEO specialists will ensure your business getting the best of everything that digital marketing has to offer.

URL/link optimization

To rank high in search engines, your website needs to have enough high-quality backlinks and properly ‘wired’ inner links. Our pros will build and attract high-quality links which direct to your website while ensuring its individual web pages are perfectly interlinked.

Onsite blog setup

To drive traffic and add new patients patients, your cosmetology clinic needs to have a well-designed blog featuring interesting educational articles, videos and podcasts. Your clinic needs a consistent and compelling content marketing strategy. Our content creators will ensure that your blog converts visitors into customers, increases patient loyalty and builds brand awareness.

Off-Page SEO for Cosmetology Clinics

Drive high-quality traffic to your website
from directories, listings and blogs.
Convert visitors with passive marketing

Content creation for your website

All websites need to feature content and your cosmetology clinic needs it, too. Our professionals will go the extra mile to produce content which creates an emotional connection to your brand: striking informational articles, useful educational articles, captivating press releases, appealing infographics, entertaining videos and podcasts. Let us create content your customers will look forward to receiving.

Guest blogging

Make the most out of your content by cooperating with third-party blogs: share content, generate links, build brand awareness and drive traffic. Our pros will create a detailed list of beauty bloggers to cooperate with, generate compelling content to share. We will maximize the effect of each marketing dollar by gathering feedback, as well.This strategic approach will help put your business on the map quickly.

Infographic creation & distribution

Charts and infographics are perfect for giving potential conversions a push in the right direction. They are beneficial, informative and easy to understand. Our content pros will create and share interesting, cosmetology-specific infographics. We will showcase your brand, cementing its authority among patients and other cosmetology clinics.

Directory submission

Directories are a valuable source of high-quality, relevant backlinks. Our professionals will scan the Internet to find local and business directories to submit your cosmetology clinic to. We write unique descriptions, add vivid images, monitor references and much more. We will improve the reputation of your clinic.

Authoritative business listings (Yelp,, etc.)

Respected business listings are also perfect for generating high-quality backlinks. We are experts in finding the best listings to place your business. We will also set up listings, generate descriptions, specify products and services, and much more. Rely on us to cement the online presence of your cosmetology clinic.

Q&A posting

Q&A posting is a great method to use in passive advertising. Our digital marketing pros will create accounts on different blogs and forums, populate these accounts with marketing personas and write useful answers to industry-related questions. We will also share links to your website and blog to popularize the brand.

DOC / PDF creation & submission

Content for DOC/PDF files need to be specific: useful, deep and rich with facts. Our content creators are experts in generating this type of content. We will cover the issues your patients care about, use aesthetically appealing images and charts, and much more. This helps solidify the reputation of your brand.

Reporting & Support

Receive detailed monthly reports on
the performance of your website

Monthly SEO performance reports

To track the performance of your cosmetology clinic website, our pros devise detailed SEO reports each month. A basic report includes important data, graphs and charts, helping you grasp the big picture with ease. Each report is thoroughly analyzed, resulting in considerable modifications in the overall digital marketing strategy. We work hard to optimize your marketing budget.

Customer support (email, chat & telephone)

Our customer service is excellent. We deal with glitches and technical issues on your website, swiftly bringing it to excellent round-the-clock performance. All you would need to do is contact our team. Our pros accelerate load times and guard your website against cyber attacks and viruses.

Monthly full site and database backup

In the unlikely event of an emergency, your cosmetology website will always be secure with our monthly database backups. We save all data to safeguard your business and guarantee against any patient-related data loss.

Services for Cosmetology Offices

Maximize the efficiency of your marketing budget,
utilizing customized PPC ads and smart targeting

One-time setup of Google AdWords account

Our PPC experts will set up and run a Google AdWords account for your cosmetology clinic: add snippets and extensions to showcase your products and services, activate PPC ads on desired social networking platforms, target specific devices and audiences, and much more. We will also provide budget recommendations and advice on creating a cost-effective PPC marketing strategy.

Primary setup of Google AdWords account

To make the most out of your Google AdWords account, contact our PPC specialists. We will establish and manage your account: apply all necessary settings, add snippets and extensions, fire up a micro-targeting campaign, analyze traffic, and continuously optimize as needed. We guarantee better conversions and higher traffic.

Google AdWords account for e-commerce websites

Utilize the power of Google Merchant Center to track key visitor actions on your website, learning how leads and sales are generated. Our pros will create and run an e-commerce campaign for your cosmetology clinic: track visitor purchasing behavior, leads, goals, calls, and much more. We also provide remarketing services

Audit of Google AdWords account

To succeed in PPC marketing, your cosmetology office needs to have a properly optimized Google AdWords account. Contact our PPC whizzes to audit and analyze your account. We will find and fix any errors, as well as provide a detailed strategy to get your advertising campaign back on track.

Lead generation

Our PPC specialists can run a lead generation campaign to drive patients, first-time visitors and improve conversions to your cosmetology website. Set specific goals for our team and pay only when these goals are reached. This cost-effective approach allows you to save both time and money. If you have difficulty setting goals, we can help analyze your digital marketing campaign and your PPC budget in order to develop an ultimate list of goals.

Product campaigns in Google Merchant Center

To advertise a specific product or service using high-quality images, contact our team. Our PPC pros will launch and administer a Google Merchant Center campaign for your cosmetology clinic. Thanks to image-rich ads, your patients will know what to expect when visiting your clinic. We can also set up product impressions in Google Shopping.

Remarketing campaign in Google AdWords

To reach casual visitors of your website (or similar websites), you need to establish and manage a remarketing campaign in Google AdWords. Our pros can help you set up and optimize the campaign to efficiently reach your target audience. Save time and money, spending your PPC budget on ads shown only to interested prospects.

Call tracking

To learn how traffic flows to your website, you should employ a “call tracking” feature. We can help with that. Assigning a different phone number to each traffic source, our pros collect and analyze data to figure out how your cosmetology patients find your website. After that, we create customized ads to maximize the effect of each marketing dollar.

Advertising of mobile apps on Google Play Store

Highlight your cosmetology app on the Google Play Store with our smart advertising solution. Our PPC whizzes will analyze the industry, create customized ads and ensure that they are shown to users who are using similar apps. We will definitely put your app on the map.

Promotion on YouTube, video ads

People enjoy watching videos on YouTube so it makes sense to use video ads to advertise your cosmetology clinic. Our pros can create customized ads and ensure that they are shown to interested prospects. More than that, we can establish and manage a YouTube channel of your company. Share informational and educational videos, testimonials, references, product reviews, and much more.

Advertising on Facebook, Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are by far the best social media platforms to advertise. Our PPC specialists will create customized ads to attract new patients and secure the loyalty of existing ones. Though ads on social networks are costly, we know how to develop a cost-effective strategy for your business. You will see that ads pay for themselves.

Google AdWords tutorial

Many business owners fail to make the most out of their Google Adwords accounts. Let our professionals help you become a proficient user. Contact us and we will send you a comprehensive tutorial on how to access, establish and manage an account on Google AdWords.

Services for Cosmetology Centers

Use social networking platforms to
solidify the reputation of your company online

Analysis of targeted audience/competitors/niche

Every business needs to have a consistent and continuous data analysis procedure. Our professionals will collect and analyze data to create a well-planned, efficient SMM strategy for your cosmetology clinic. We will analyze your target audience, competitors and the niche of cosmetology.

Development of content strategy

A documented content marketing strategy is a must in SMM simply because you need to know what content to create, where and when to share it, and what data to collect for better accountability. Our pros will develop an well-organized content marketing strategy for your cosmetology clinic. We will drive traffic, raise awareness and convert visitors by by creating diverse content and sharing methods. We guarantee that our content marketing efforts will pay for themselves

Networking accounts & personas

Content is powerless unless it's shared on social networks. You may post your content and just wait for users to find and share it. It is a viable strategy, but that takes time. We can help accelerate the process. Our SMM savvies will create networking accounts, populate them with personas and share the content of your cosmetology clinic on different social networks. We communicate with casual users, interested prospects and existing patients to snag more likes, shares, reposts, re-tweets, etc

Communication with users

Effective SMM is impossible without good communication. We enhance your efforts on the social networking front. Our genuine personas can communicate with casual visitors, prospects and patients of your cosmetology clinic. Personas share their experience and answer questions, showcasing your brand.

PPC targeting

A PPC ad targeting campaign is key to driving more patients to your cosmetology website. Our PPC pros will analyze your industry, write selling ad copy, and place ads to get your business noticed. We micro-target interested prospects and convert them into customers.


Focus on creating valuable content
which people look forward to receiving

Articles & infographics

To gain a strong foothold in your niche, your cosmetology clinic needs to create and share useful articles and infographics. Our content creators are ready for the job. We can produce SEO-friendly how-to articles, tips & tricks, informational and educational articles, listicles, etc. Infographics are designed to satisfy the needs of your target audience.

Industry news

To get noticed in the cosmetology industry, your clinic needs to be featured in the news. Our content creators will generate specific news articles about your company. We will also contact news outlets to ensure exposure for your business. Prospects and patients will see that your clinic is trustworthy.

Contests, polls, quizzes

To attract more patients, you need to focus on entertaining content. Our pros will devise a win-win strategy for your clinic, creating exciting contests, polls and quizzes. Captivate your customers to build brand awareness, increase customer loyalty and boost conversions.


Videos are vital to driving traffic and patients to your cosmetology website, simply because people love visual content. Our video wizards will create and share before and after videos, informational and educational videos, and videos about your products and services. We ensure that prospects learn how to improve their health and beauty, with your clinic being the solution.

Social Networks

Use social networking platforms to
reach patients and gather feedback


Having over 1bn active users, Facebook is undoubtedly the premier social network. Facebook is perfect for staying in touch with existing patients, attracting new ones, sharing compelling content, increasing customer loyalty and building brand awareness. Our SMM whizzes will create an efficient, cost-effective Facebook strategy for your cosmetology clinic: content, personas and communication with careful planning.

Google Plus

A strong account on Google+ plays a major role in driving traffic and securing the search engine ranking of your site. Our pros will create and share specific, keyword-rich content on Google+ to receive high-quality backlinks and improve your website’s search rank.


Twitter is a great platform to keep your patients informed. Our experts will create Twitter-focused content, as well as share the latest articles, news, press releases, and videos. We will generate retweets, attract more followers and ensure that they are converted into new patients.


Instagram is a crucial social networking platform for the cosmetology businesses. You sell looks, and Instagram is the best at displaying high-quality images. We can create and share visually and aesthetically appealing images, showcasing the products and services of your cosmetology clinic. Build trust by showing images of your office, equipment, happy patients, and much more.


Utilize the power of LinkedIn to connect with professionals and build trust with your existing patients. Show your customers your expertise in cosmetology by posting and sharing valuable content for both professionals and patients. We can help you do that, increasing customer loyalty and building brand awareness.


Pinterest is another platform to share appealing images of your cosmetology practice. Our professionals will develop a Pinterest strategy for your clinic, aimed at attracting new patients and protecting existing ones. We will create high-quality images, specific boards for each cosmetology procedure, share images on other social networking platforms.


  • Focus on tracking. You need to know how your patients interact with the website of your dental office

  • Analysis of goals and conversions. You need an explicit plan on how to improve your website’s structure (UI/UX) and content and analyze how subtle changes influence marketing campaign’s performance

  • Precise on-page optimization. All tags, images, content and structure need to be properly optimized to get a better search rank

  • Up-to-date digital marketing strategy. You need to have a viable off-page strategy to stand a chance in the competitive dentistry niche. A basic strategy includes blog posting, guest posting, Q&A, directories and listings

  • Focus on useful content. Only businesses with a ‘guru’ reputation are successful. Share compelling info about your dental practice and build your brand’s authority

  • Fundamental importance of SMM. To differentiate yourself from competitors, concentrate on promoting your dental clinic on social networks: communicate with prospects, gather and analyze feedback and share useful content


Certified by Google and Bing

Provide turnkey solutions for any budget

Offer different package options for SEO, PPC, SMM

Deep knowledge of the dental industry

Integrated approach based on thorough online presence audit and analysis

Focus on providing cost-effective digital marketing

Furnish detailed reports on a monthly basis monthly

Support your website 24/7

* If you want to contact us on weekends (or in case you have critical problems), please do it via email