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Clever Solution is a NYC-based web studio. Our professionals are experts in design, development, and digital marketing. We provide turnkey solutions (SEO + PPC + SMM) to websites of dental offices/clinics in the Greater New York area and across the United States. We go the extra mile for our clients.

We have helped dozens of dentistry businesses get better results from their online presence: attract more customers, build brand awareness, increase customer loyalty and boost conversions. We know how to help your business.


Turnkey solutions for any budget

Conversion Tracking for Dental Clinics

Track key visitor actions on your website. Learn
how to optimize your website to boost conversions

Conversion tracking of Web forms

Web forms allow customers to enter data on a website. Our developers will create customized web forms for you. We will also monitor and analyze how your patients use these forms, optimizing them to improve conversions. Tracking is done via Google Analytics

Analysis of goals

It is hard to move forward without properly set goals. Our experts will analyze the goals of your dental practice’s online marketing and track the results. We can set proper SEO goals, too.

UI optimization & customer conversion

Easy and intuitive navigation is what every website needs. Our professionals are experts in tracking visitor and patient behavior on your website. We safeguard your website against UI/UX errors, improving user experience and increasing conversions.

Traffic analysis

Track how your patients find your business to optimize your marketing budget. Spend money on patients, not on clicks

On-Page SEO for Dental Clinics

Make a big difference in your
website’s Search Engine Ranking

Keyword search

To achieve top rankings in search engines, properly selected keywords need to be included. General keywords such as “dental clinic” or “dentist” are ineffective. Our developers will select and implement the correct, long-tail keywords to increase the search engine ranking of your business.

Optimization of tags and meta descriptions

Tags and meta descriptions help search crawlers learn what your website is about and need to be properly optimized for better search engine rankings.

Site architecture analysis and optimization

Websites of dental businesses need to feature an intuitive structure. Patients should be able to find information about your products and services quickly and easily. A streamlined simple-to-navigate website shows your patients that you care about their experience.

Image optimization

High-quality images play a major role in the dentistry niche. To maximize their impact on driving traffic, images need to be both visually appealing and properly optimized. Our SEO professionals will apply the requisite tags and descriptions to all images.

URL/link optimization

Links have a major influence on a website’s search rank. If your dental office website does not contain enough links or if they are placed incorrectly, the search ranking will suffer. We are experts at enhancing links and URLs.

Onsite blog setup

Blogs are useful to share important information about your clinic, products and services. Breaking down the complex concepts of dentistry builds the brand loyalty of existing patients and attracts new ones.

Off-Page SEO for Dental Clinics

Populate your website with useful content,
improve the link profile of your practice

Website content writing

We can improve the content quality of your website. Generate dentistry-related articles to attract more patients to build brand loyalty and raise customer awareness

Guest blogging

Gain a strong foothold in the blogosphere by collaborating with third-party blogs and other dentistry bloggers. Post content and share links to increase awareness of your business and improve its reputation.

Infographic creation & distribution

The power of visual is hard to underestimate. We generate and share visually appealing infographics to drive patients to your site, utilizing imagery to cement why your dental services are essential.

Directory submission

Our pros will register your dental office in local and business directories, leaving your clinic’s footprint in the dentistry niche, increasing visibility and, most importantly, receiving more backlinks.

Authoritative business listings (Yelp,, etc.)

Listings allow your practice to be more searchable and visible on the Web. Also, they are perfect for leaving reviews. The better reviews your dental clinic has, the more trust is placed in your business

Q&A posting

Our professionals will use Quora, other Q&A blogs and forums to spread word about your business. We answer niche-related questions to build brand awareness and manage the reputation of your clinic.

DOC / PDF creation & submission

We are experts in creating specific content for DOC/PDF files. Sharing these files on the Web will improve your brand.

Reporting & Support

Control the performance of your business
with the help of detailed monthly reports

Monthly SEO performance reports

Performance reports are generated to keep you informed about how your dental clinic is perceived online. Our pros include data and analysis to illustrate the big picture and optimize your marketing dollars

Customer support (email, chat & telephone)

We provide customer support 24/7. In the unlikely event that your website goes down or experiences glitches, just send us a message and we will resolve the issue quickly. We are ready to fix errors, improve load times and fortify your website against cyber attacks.

Monthly full site and database backup

Every month we perform a full backup of the website’s database. It helps secure the website of your dental office and guarantee that you will not lose patient records.

Services for Dental Offices

Track each marketing dollar with PPC ad campaign.
Pay for converting customers, not traffic or clicks.

One-time setup of Google AdWords account

Our PPC professionals are experts in running Google AdWords accounts. If your dental office needs an account, we will set it up for you: estimate the budget, activate snippets and extensions (if necessary), add targeted devices and social networks, etc.

Primary setup of Google AdWords account

We will set up and run your Google AdWords account. Our professionals will increase conversions and optimize the campaign. We implement best industry practices, bringing value to your dental practice.

Google AdWords account for e-commerce websites

Using Google Merchant Center, our pros can fire up a fully-fledged ecommerce campaign for your dental clinic. It will include lead tracking, goal tracking, purchase tracking, etc. We can also add call tracking and remarketing to your campaign.

Audit of Google AdWords account

We are experts in PPC and provide comprehensive audits of active Google AdWords accounts. If you have an account, contact our team to sharpen it. We will develop an optimization strategy, fix any errors and ensure that the account brings value to your business.

Lead generation

Lead generation attracts patients, first-time visitors and conversions to your dental website. We work to set goals with you and you pay only when they are reached.

Product campaigns in Google Merchant Center

Our pros are experts in advertising with the Product campaign in Google Merchant Center. We also set up product impressions in Google Shopping. Product campaigns are effective for dental office marketing because of their visual nature: prospects see images of products, not barebones copy.

Remarketing campaign in Google AdWords

Ads of your dental clinic will be displayed only to customers who have already visited your website, similar websites in the industry or used dentistry-related keywords in their search queries. Remarketing is perfect for focusing your advertising efforts solely on deeply interested prospects.

Call tracking

Call tracking is used to monitor traffic to your dental office website. We assign a different phone number to each traffic source and can track interested prospects, showing them the ads of your clinic afterwards.

Advertising of mobile apps on Google Play Store

To increase the number of downloads of your clinic’s app, you can use PPC ads. Ads are shown to users who are using similar apps, maximizing the effect of each marketing dollar.

Promotion on YouTube, video ads

Video ads are effective simply because people enjoy watching videos. Using video ads on YouTube may attract dozens of patients to your practice. Our professionals can also promote your company on with a YouTube account: open your YouTube channel, upload interesting videos, video testimonials, etc.

Advertising on Facebook, Instagram

Ads on Facebook and Instagram definitely attract patients. Our pros will design ads, write selling copy and plan a cost-effective advertising campaign.

Google AdWords tutorial

If you already have and account on Google AdWords but cannot use it, contact our professionals. We will provide a detailed tutorial to help you regain access.

Services for Dental Practices

Leverage social networks to stay in touch with
your patients. Gather data and feedback to raise
brand awareness and increase customer loyalty

Analysis of targeted audience/competitors/niche

To develop an efficient SMM strategy for your dental practice, we will gather and analyze data about your target audience, competitors and the overall industry environment. We will figure out what your dental office needs to trump the competition.

Development of content strategy

Your company needs a detailed plan on how to get more patients via social networks. We are content experts and can develop a scalable content strategy for your business including dental-related articles, tricks & tips, industry news, press releases, etc. All content is posted and shared on a schedule which enhances your website’s traffic

Networking accounts & personas

Natural sharing is great to include in your communication strategy, yet hard to achieve if your content does not have enough subscribers. We create networking accounts and populate them with personas to accelerate posting and sharing. This strategy allows us to generate more likes and shares, get more subscribers and increase potential patients.

Communication with users

Personas can be used not only to post and share but also to communicate with subscribers. Our pros ensure that loyal customers and prospects get answers to their questions. Passive marketing works.

PPC targeting

PPS ads are an effective use of social networks. Let our experts write copy and place your ads in a way which draws visits to your website. We spread the word about your company quickly.


Impactful SMM is hardly possible without
useful content. Content is still the king

Articles & infographics

We select, create and post useful articles and infographics on dental-related topics. Patients and prospects enjoy reading tips and tricks, how-to articles and updates.

Industry news

Keep your patients informed about the latest and most important news in the industry. Ensure your company is in the news – spread the word about your dental office far and wide.

Contests, polls, quizzes

Users of social networks enjoy contests, polls and quizzes simply because they are entertaining. Your patients and prospects will love the captivating content devised by our pros. Delight your customers to boost conversions.


Visual content is crucial in SMM. People love videos, so why not give them what they want? Our pros will create viral dental-related videos to make your company popular online.

Social Networks

There are thousands of social networks.
Use the ones that matter to your dental office


Being the largest social network with over 1bn users, Facebook is a great platform to popularize your dental clinic and attract patients. Every business needs a proper SMM strategy on Facebook.

Google Plus

G+ is a platform used to share content and get high quality links. A strong account on G+ can greatly improve the search rank of your dental office.


Twitter is an efficient platform to share multiple news items. It is also great for showcasing your capabilities to current and future patients. We are experts in snagging more followers and boosting the number of re-tweets.


Being purely visual, Instagram is the perfect platform to build brand loyalty. Share images of your dental office and show customers which products and services they can expect…and you will see the boost in conversions


This social network for professionals helps improve the authority and reputation of your brand. Our pros will create articles to make you a well-known guru in the dental industry.


Visually appealing boards on Pinterest generate leads. Our team will create attractive images to make your dental office popular. Prioritize visual and get new patients quickly and easily.