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Clever Solution is a NYC-based web studio that offers full-cycle services to local small- and midsize companies. We are experts in design, development and digital marketing, including Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click marketing and Social Media Marketing. Our goal is to help businesses in the greater New York area build better presence in the online advertising space.

Our digital marketers have devised turnkey solutions for ophthalmology clinics in NYC. We are dedicated to helping every client succeed: get more patients, increase patient loyalty, build better brand awareness, improve ROI and conversion rates. Our solutions are cost-effective and honed to pay for themselves. It gives your eye clinic a competitive advantage over competitors and helps cement your presence in the industry. We will not let you down.


Turnkey digital marketing solutions to win new patients and boost ROI

Conversion Tracking for Eye Clinics

Track conversions to learn more about your ophthalmology
patients, optimize your website to boost performance


Web forms allow visitors to input data on your eye clinic website. If web forms look and feel right, users are more likely to use them, later becoming converted to patients. Our SEO pros will collect and analyze data from different traffic sources to learn how to optimize your web forms, achieving better performance. We will design and implement customized web forms to boost conversions. To keep your website on track for success, we will continuously adjust and optimize web forms. Better conversions are guaranteed.


To succeed in Search Engine Optimization, you need to focus on realizing viable conversion goals. We are ready to help. Our experts will analyze your digital marketing campaign, improving your conversion goals. We will devise a smart, cost-effective solution to boost conversions and sales. After the goals are set, we will track and analyze the campaign to accomplish those goals.


Increasing your conversion rates is absolutely crucial. But to convert visitors, they need to feel that you want to solve their problems. Improve your website’s UI/UX design to show that you care. Our designers and SEO pros will help you do that. We will analyze how visitors and patients use your eye clinic website, how leads and sales are generated, etc. We will update your website to your patients’ liking. You can rely on us to boost conversions.


To develop an efficient digital marketing campaign, you need to track, measure and analyze traffic. Our pros will help you do that. We will set up and manage a traffic analysis system, extracting vital information about visitors, prospects and patients. We analyze the data to drive more traffic to your website and improve ROI & conversion rates.

On-Page SEO for Allergy Practices

Boost search engine rankings in Google
and Bing by optimizing on-page factors


Search engines use keywords to determine a website’s contents and calculate its ranking. Many businesses realize that keywords are vital, but only a few are able to find and implement the right ones. Our SEO whizzes will analyze the eye clinic space and select the best keywords. We will optimize your website’s content, tags and meta descriptions, including these keywords. As a result, your eye care practice website will enjoy top search engine rankings.


Properly optimized tags and descriptions are what every website needs. Our SEO experts are ready to beef up your eye care clinic website according to search engine guidelines. We will rewrite tags and meta descriptions, including the right keywords and eliminating errors. We will ensure that both users and search crawlers love your website.


Neither users nor search bots value websites with poor architecture. They are just too hard to use (and scan) properly. Our designers, developers and SEO experts will audit your website. We will find and fix design errors that take a toll on a website’s search engine ranking. You can count on us to make your website better.


The linking profile of your eye care clinic website might be the difference between a winning campaign and failure. Even if every tag, description, image and article is optimized, low-quality links will quickly drive a website’s search engine ranking to the bottom. Our SEO pros will solve this problem for you. We will scan your website, find and fix broken links, disavow low-quality links and build high-quality ones. We will implement readable URLs and interlink website’s pages to maximize the effect of each link.


To calculate a website’s SERP, search engines rely on links. They take into account the number of inner and backlinks, their value and quality. Clever Solution is ready to help. We will audit your website to find low-quality, spammy links and duplicates. Our SEOs will improve your allergy website’s linking profile to ensure better performance and higher search engine ranking. Just contact us and we will improve your link profile.


To stand a chance in the competitive ophthalmology space, your website needs to please both patients and search bots with content of the highest quality. Our team is ready to help you create SEO-friendly content for your blog. We will analyze what your competitors do and trump their copy with superb content. We will make sure that you get the most out of each article. A better search engine ranking is guaranteed.

Off-Page SEO for Ophthalmology Offices

Attract new patients, drive high-quality backlinks
and gain a higher search engine ranking


High-quality content is what search engines value. Their business is consumer-oriented, and websites that feature compelling content will always enjoy higher search engine rankings. Your eye care clinic website needs to take advantage of that, and we are ready to help you. Our content wizards will create interesting, useful and relevant articles for your blog, update copy, write compelling texts for infographics, polls, quizzes, white papers and much more. We will make sure that our content marketing strategy brings value to your business and improves your website’s search engine ranking.


Guest blogging is perfect for cementing authority, attaining exposure and building backlinks. All you need is high-quality content to share and a list of blogs to cooperate with. We can help you kill two birds with one stone. Our SEO pros will scan the Web to find and contact the best blogs and ophthalmology-related bloggers, while our content creators will write interesting articles to showcase your eye care clinic. Guest blogging, though not as popular as it once was, still makes an impact.


Infographics are extremely valuable. They help educate prospects and patients in a fun way, increasing their loyalty and driving traffic to your website. Our SEO pros, designers and content creators are determined in helping you create and submit valuable infographics. We guarantee that your target audience will come back for more.


To build high-quality backlinks, it makes sense to register your eye care clinic website with directories and listings. Our linkbuilding professionals will scan the Web to find authoritative directories and listings to submit your clinic. We will write unique descriptions, add images, contact info and much more. You can rely on us to bolster your clinic’s authority.


It gets increasingly complex to advertise and sell. Customers are fully aware that businesses want to trick them into purchasing their products and services. That’s where passive advertising comes in. Our SEO and SMM professionals will find ophthalmology-related forums and blogs, create accounts, populate them with personas and start sharing info about your clinic. We will work carefully, making sure that we don’t look like advertisers. Our neutral approach builds authority and helps popularize your practice.


To gain traction as an ophthalmology practice, it is important that your website imparts confidence upon visitors. DOCs and PDFs are helpful to build this authority from the scratch, and we can help you do that. Our SEOs and content creators will find relevant topics to report on and produce impeccable content. We will post and share DOC/PDF files online to guarantee that your clinic receives exposure. As a result, you gain authority, drive traffic, build backlinks and improve conversions.

Reporting & Support

Don’t lose track of your SEO effort with our
monthly performance reports and support


Our goal is to help your business succeed in the long run. That is why we provide a detailed SEO performance report every month. It features all the key performance indicators, presented as pictures, flowcharts, pie charts, tables, etc. We are determined to show you the big picture so that you can make smart decisions and set measured goals. We are always open to discuss any suggestions with you.


To attract prospects and patients, your eye care clinic website needs to perform well. Our professionals guarantee that it will work, look and feel right 24/7. Why? Because we provide great customer support. If you detect any errors or anything goes wrong, just contact our support team. We will help you quickly and easily.


Every website needs to be secured against bugs, cyber attacks, server glitches and other errors. Our team can protect your website, performing a monthly database backup. If anything goes wrong, our professionals will just restore your website from the backup version. This approach guarantees that you won’t lose precious time, money and patients. You can rely on us to do the job right.

PPC Services for Ophthalmology Clinics

Utilize the power of search engine advertising to
purchase visits and drive patients to your website


Google AdWords is the most important tool used in search engine advertising. Our team includes certified Google AdWords specialists who can establish and manage an account for any business. We implement all the necessary settings, create and place customized ads, detect keywords with the best KPIs, set up and activate snippets and extensions, target prospects and patients, and much more. Our PPC pros will beef up your account, find and fix errors and fine-tune settings. You can trust us to drive more traffic, attract more patients and increase ROI. We offer cost-effective solutions, aimed at maximizing the effect of each dollar your ophthalmology business spends on PPC ads.


To stand apart from the competition, your eye clinic needs to offer impeccable products and services. We can put your business on the map quickly and easily, establishing and managing a specific Google AdWords account for ecommerce websites. Our pros will put focus on advertising your products and services in an effective manner: keyword-rich copy, smart micro-targeting, snippets and extensions, high-quality images, fine tuning. We will track and analyze patient activity on your website to find the best solutions, driving more traffic and increasing sales. To achieve even better results, we can also fire up a campaign in Google Merchant Center.


Lead generation is a cost-effective way to attract interest to your products and services. Our PPC whizzes will set up and run a cost-effective lead generation campaign based on predefined goals. If we deliver on these goals, you pay us. Set any realistic goal for our team and we will do our best. You can rely on us to drive leads with focus on real conversions, not useless clicks.


If your ophthalmology business sells products and offers services, it makes sense to launch a product campaign in Google Merchant Center to support a Google AdWords campaign. First, our pros will gather and analyze the data, analyze your competitors’ online presence, select viable keywords, write copy and create compelling images for ads. Second, we establish the campaign, taking into account the collected data. Third, we evaluate the campaign to tune and optimize it for better performance.


To increase patient loyalty, attract new patients and prospects, it makes sense to establish a remarketing campaign in Google AdWords. It is highly effective because it allows you to show your ads to previous visitors once again. Our PPC wizards will collect and analyze the data to reach your patients. We will target them with keyword-rich copy, high-quality images, informative snippets and extensions. We will make sure that your ads are distributed in the most effective manner.


Call tracking is perfect for identifying marketing channels and individual users. Our PPC pros are adept at establishing and managing call tracking campaigns. We will help you analyze your target audience, assigning different phone numbers to specific traffic sources. We gather data and call metrics, studying them to create customized ads to micro-target regular visitors, prospects and patients. You can trust us to devise a cost-effective solution. We maximize the effect of each marketing dollar.


Videos are superb content in many ways: Users love watching videos. They drive tons of traffic. They are great when it comes to conversions. It is obvious that videos are a must-have in any digital marketing campaign. Our digital marketers will create a YouTube account for your clinic. We will populate it with informational videos, video references, product and service reviews, etc. Our PPC team will create and run customized video ads. Videos are expensive, but we create video ads which pay for themselves.


Social networking platforms are booming. Billions of people use them on a daily basis to chat, read news, click through photos and watch videos. They are also great for advertising. Your business needs to take advantage of ads on Facebook and Instagram. They’re not cheap, but they drive lots of traffic: increasing sales and increasing ROI. You can rely on our team to provide a cost-effective solution for your ophthalmology practice. Forget about ads that don’t deliver.


Google AdWords is a must-have tool for any business that operates in the digital marketing space. Unfortunately, only certified professionals know how to use it. If your eye care clinic has a registered account on Google AdWords but you have no idea how to use it, contact our PPC department. Our pros will send you a detailed, easy-to-use tutorial for beginners. You will find all the necessary info on how to set up and run a basic account. Just contact us and we will happily email the tutorial to you.

SMM Services for Allergy Clinics

Focus your efforts on social media to build
brand awareness and attract new patients


Data plays a crucial role in digital marketing. To create an impactful SMM strategy, your business also needs a lot of properly collected and analyzed data. To get your SMM rolling, our professionals will use all necessary tools and services to gather data about your target audience, competitors and niche. We will put together a detailed analysis to develop an in-depth strategy. Our goal is to help your clinic build brand awareness, increase patient loyalty, gain an authority status and improve ROI. Rely on our team and we will do our best for you.


The success of every SMM campaign depends on content quality. Content needs to be interesting, useful, relevant and influential to make a difference in the competitive ophthalmology space. To create such content, your business needs to have a detailed strategy. Our content creators, SEO, PPC and SMM professionals are ready for the job. We will devise a consistent content development strategy for your clinic, including audience and niche to target, number of articles (videos, infographics, etc.), distribution schedule and much more. We guarantee impressive results.


To have an impact, content needs to be shared. However, it is quite a daunting task when your business lacks subscribers and followers. Our SMM pros will solve this problem. We will create networking accounts and personas to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, instagram and other social networking platforms. We will get your eye clinic noticed quickly and easily.


SMM is a valuable channel to gather feedback. You post and share content, analyze its performance, look through comments and figure out what your target audience really wants. But to maximize your SMM effort, you also need to communicate with patients, prospects and even casual visitors. Make sure that you provide clear and detailed answers to every comment to show that you care. If you have no time, rely on our SMM team. We are ready for the job. We will build brand awareness and bolster the reputation of your ophthalmology practice.


To compete with your competitors you need high-quality content that is consistently shared on social networking platforms. But you also need to make sure that patients, prospects and casual users can find and read it. PPC targeting can do the trick. Our PPC mavens will gather and analyze specific data to micro-target patients and interested prospects. We will make sure that your marketing budget is spent on conversions, not clicks.

Content for Eye Clinic Websites

Create, post and share killer content to
gain traction in the eye clinic space


To compete with other eye care clinics, your business needs to utilize the most powerful weapon of digital marketing – superb content that entices patients and visitors to subscribe to your page and return to your website. Our content marketing team is determined for you to stand out. We will create compelling articles and infographics which your target audience will look forward to. You can trust us to make a difference for your clinic.


Being featured by news outlets is great for any business. People enjoy reading news, and it makes sense to take advantage of this habit. Our pros will select and contact news outlets, create exciting industry news and press releases about your eye care practice, employees, product and services. We will help you build brand awareness, gain authority and increase patient loyalty. Industry news is also perfect to drive high-quality backlinks to your eye clinic website.


To win patients, you need to solve their problems. Here’s where articles, infographics, press releases, white papers and listicles play a huge role. However, to stand a chance in a saturated market, you also need to entertain your patients and prospects. Our team knows how to do it. We will create top-notch polls, quizzes and contests and make sure that they work for your clinic. You can trust our content creators. We guarantee great results.


Videos are an SMM must-have. People love watching videos much more than reading articles and even skimming through infographics and vivid pics & images. It is imperative to create and share video content on social networking platforms. Our team’s got you covered. We will devise funny viral videos, interesting educational videos, post and share references about your eye clinic and much more.

Social Networks for Eye Practices

Utilize specific social networking
platforms to achieve a desired effect


Facebook is the juggernaut among social networking platforms. Having over 1bn active users, it has spread all over the globe. No wonder, every business pushes hard to establish its presence to trump competitors on Facebook. Tons of content is pumped into Facebook every day. Our SMM pros know the secret on how to gain an edge. We will devise a strategy, including in-depth analysis, superb content, timely posting and sharing, communication and much more. We guarantee that new patients will flock to your eye clinic website.


Google+ is an important social network from an SEO standpoint. It is a great source of high-quality backlinks. Your patients and prospects may not care about it, but Google and search crawlers do. Our SMM experts will post and share specific content on Google+ to build backlinks and drive traffic to your website. We will do our best to find prospects and convert them into patients.


Though Twitter has recently waned in popularity, it is still an important social network to target. It makes sense to establish and manage a campaign on Twitter simply because it is easy to use and allows patients to stay in touch with your brand. Post and share articles, industry news and press releases to get noticed. We are ready to help you here. We will come up with a plan to bolster your Twitter account to build brand awareness, increase patient loyalty and improve conversions. You can trust us to do the job right.


To gain authority in the ophthalmology space, your clinic needs to invest in DOC/PDF files. But to have a sustainable effect, you need to not only write but also share these files. LinkedIn is the best platform to do that simply because it is tuned for professionals. Establish yourself as an expert on LinkedIn and then apply your guru status to succeed on other social networking platforms, forums and blogs. We are ready to help you do that. Our SMM team and content creators will write high-quality content, post and share it to enhance trust and bolster your digital marketing campaign.


Millennials dominate every social networking website. But they are especially active on Instagram and Pinterest – platforms that deal with photos, images and short videos, not written content. Their success is easy to explain: The Y Generation loves clicking and watching, not reading. Your campaign should play to your strengths, posting and sharing visually attractive photos and images to showcase your clinic. Our team will ensure that you have a strong presence on Pinterest and Instagram. We will put you on the map quickly and easily.

Data makes the difference. To win in the ophthalmology space, you need data. But more importantly, you need to make smart decisions based on it. Utilize the necessary tools and instruments to track your patients, traffic, calls, leads, sales and conversions on a daily basis.
Optimize your website according to search engine guidelines. To achieve a high search engine ranking, your website needs to be optimized. Its structure, content, tags, meta descriptions, design, links, etc. should be in line with what search engines expect.
Craft a consistent digital marketing plan. Strategy creation is a must-have step to stand a chance in the digital marketing space. Create a detailed, in-depth strategy and follow it meticulously but don’t be afraid to adjust and optimize.
Focus on creating killer content. “Content is king” simply because search engines are customer-oriented. Putting it another way: If your patients don’t love your content, your website’s search ranking will suffer. Focus on creating the best content you can.
Social networks play a huge role. SMM role in building brand awareness, increasing patient loyalty and attracting new patients is undeniable. Show that you care about your patients. Invest in social media marketing and you will see the difference.
Authority is crucial. The ophthalmology niche is saturated. To gain a competitive edge, make sure that patients and prospects trust you, that your authority in the industry is unrivaled. Invest heavily to establish your clinic as an expert in the ophthalmology space.

Digital marketing is what we do. Clever Solution professionals have expertise to help your allergy clinic succeed on the internet. We are certified by Google and Bing.

Trust is what makes us special. We believe in your business and walk the extra mile to reach the goals of attracting patients, increasing ROI and building brand awareness.

The client is at the center of our business. We take pride in working with every each and every one. Our customer-centric approach brings value and guarantees great results.

Cost-efficient strategy for your clinic is our priority. Our company’s goal is to use your marketing budget to bring maximum value: higher conversions and new patients.

Customer experience is a fundamental business driver, and we know that perfectly well. Just contact our team and we will do whatever it takes to meet your needs.

Customer support is what we do 24/7. If anything goes wrong or you have a question, contact our support team. We will solve the problem or provide a detailed answer quickly.

* If you want to contact us on weekends (or in case you have critical problems), please do it via email