Elementor is a visual editor that allows for assembling the layout, design, and functionality of a WordPress website from pre-built modules, saving you from having to code different components manually. To simplify the creative process even more, the WP community has come up with ready-made themes and templates, where Elementor modules are assembled into full-value compositions. 

Due to the extensive assortment of website building solutions, it may be challenging for a beginner to find the tools that better cater to their needs. The first step is to choose a suitable category:

  • WP themes provide layout and design for your entire website, with uniform styles for a footer, a header, and a page body.
  • JET templates are designed for individual pages (landing pages, for instance) or single-page websites. You can use them to add new pages to an existing online platform or apply a unique style to important categories. These templates are beautifully designed, color-rich, and easy-to-customize.
  • PRO templates. The popularity of the Elementor editor means that a huge number of webmasters use pre-built modules. To stand out, you can ascend to the PRO level, utilizing advanced functionality and original designs. 
  • WP plugins are designed for individual features and layout elements. Using them, you can customize a ready-made theme or template, to create an original composition that does not exist elsewhere on the web. 

Once you have decided on the type of an Elementor tool, experiment with popular options to give your website the desired look and feel.