Integrations For Startups

For your progressive and innovative project, you are most likely planning to run multiple platforms with their own applications. Developing custom software, CRM, ERP and other complex solutions from scratch can take months or even years. Since careful allocation of both time and financial resources is essential to your startup’s success, you need a ready solution that aligns with your business needs, goals and processes.

Integration Services From Clever Solution

At Clever Solution, we bring our expertise in-house, consulting with our customers about their most efficient and helpful integration options. We prioritize your business goals and are always ready to help you find the most suitable and relevant solutions.

Our team of professionals assumes responsibility for smooth systems integration, proper testing and comprehensive project management. We work on cross-platform integrations to provide our customers with flexible, scalable, optimized, controlled and highly efficient business applications.

Contact us today if you are looking for a reliable service provider to integrate new systems into your startup.

What We Offer

  • API integration: XML, JSON, RESTful.
  • Integrating shipping functionality directly into your website with UPS Shipping API.
  • Payment systems: Stripe, PayPal,, CardConnect.
  • SMS integration with Twilio.
  • Google API Integration Services: Google Maps, Google Chart, Google Search, etc.
  • CRM integration: Quickbooks, Hubspot, etc.
  • Integration with automotive data such as Chrome Data, Edmunds, and more.

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