Go Mobile With App Development Services From Clever Solution

A custom mobile application is a sure way to bring your company to the next level, win your customers’ trust, and attract business partners and investors.

Each startup is unique, but all startups face many of the same issues. You have to raise awareness of your idea with limited time and resources, without compromising your standards for quality and design.

At Clever Solution, we take on the challenges of startups with cutting edge technologies and expertise. Tell us about your project and budget, and let us create an astonishing mobile application that will grab the world’s attention.

Go Mobile With App Development Services From Clever Solution

What We Offer

iOS App Development
iOS App Development
Android App Development
Android App Development
Windows Mobile App Development
Windows Mobile App Development
Cross Platform Solutions and Integrations
Cross Platform Solutions and Integrations
Assistance featuring Your App on Apple and Google Play
Assistance featuring Your App on Apple and Google Play
QA and UX testing
QA and UX testing

How We Work

  • Before beginning development of your project, we meet with you to learn about your goals, ideas and vision. We want to thoroughly understand your expectations and offer relevant solutions.
  • Next we choose the platform. You eventually want to create apps for iOS, Android and Windows to cover the largest possible audience, but we have to start with just one.
  • Proper planning includes defining the project’s scope, setting clear tasks and deadlines, budgetary considerations, and the application’s technology stack.
  • During the development stage, we work to perfect a simple and convenient UI design, with a strong backend and original features that make your application stand out.
  • Throughout the process, we send you regular descriptive reports to keep you informed of your project’s current status.
  • Once all tests are successfully completed and the app is launched, we provide ongoing support and maintenance. We take care of updates and improvements, and add new features upon request.

Why Choose Clever Solution

Flexible Methodologies

We choose the most relevant methodology for each project: Agile, Scrum, Kanban, etc. We ensure adaptive planning, solid development, a flexible work process, proper testing and on-time product delivery, along with continual improvement.

Best Development Technologies

At Clever Solution, we only opt for tried-and-tested technologies that guarantee flawless performance, application security and customer protection. We use proven frameworks and libraries to achieve the best and safest solutions.

Quality First

Our priority is to create a top-quality product within the agreed-upon timeline. We apply our best efforts to writing clean and testable code, creating MVP and MVVM architectural versions, conducting regular reviews and ensuring proper testing.

Dream Team

Clever Solution’s team of certified developers, qualified QA engineers and top-notch project managers has extensive experience in app creation. We work with both iOS and Android platforms, keeping abreast of the latest updates.

Our latest works

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