The Agile methodology has been gaining momentum in the developer community over recent years. Scrum is a comprehensive model for integrating the Agile approach in project management. It greatly simplifies complex development processes by dividing them into multiple consecutive steps, unites all team members and coordinates their actions, and helps developers understand clients’ needs and accurately implement them. 

Even though the Scrum method has gained the greatest recognition in the software development community, it can be successfully applied in many other industries, making teamwork more comfortable, transparent, and fruitful. 

Simply observe the following principles in each case: a team of ten or fewer persons sets a time-frame goal (starts a Sprint) and gradually moves towards it, holding daily meetings (Scrums), evaluating the efficiency of actions taken, and adjusting the route, based on the obstacles and opportunities faced. As a rule, it takes one to four weeks to complete a Sprint. 

Hopefully, this infographic proves useful. Would you like more interesting content on the topic? Read our case study to find out how Clever Solution’s developer team has successfully implemented the Agile Scrum methodology.