is a virtual platform that helps companies looking for SEO and IT services to find their best provider. does extensive research on companies in each region, and then rates them based on a set of requirements such as quality, reliability, and market presence. Companies that score the highest go to the top of the list. has 10+ years of experience analyzing businesses and their qualifications. They are thorough in their work, helping clients to make informed decisions. 

Today there is a high demand for quality SEO services and providers. Many new companies need help developing their businesses in virtual markets. That’s why studied the IT and SEO companies in New York and created a list of the top 37 IT companies in the state. 

The international IT company Clever Solution is at the top of the list collated by With its office located in New York City, the company helps businesses around the world. It assists clients in generating and managing their virtual projects, making Clever Solution an excellent choice for businesses wanting to evolve their products online. 

The Clever team has extensive expertise in web development, mobile application development, SEO services and digital marketing. The company recently developed new mobile apps − 3D Living Guide, the Love Help App, and Spiti.Social. The apps are entertaining, with engaging graphics. 

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