2020 has become a year of changes for most businesses, and for the everyday lives of almost everyone on the planet. The COVID-19 virus has destabilized many small and medium businesses, impacting individual entrepreneurs and enterprises worldwide, and disrupting the established norms of service provision, sales, and supply chains.

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To avoid the risk of infection, businesses have allowed their employees to work remotely from home, away from crowded offices and busy enterprises. Private clinics and medical practices have changed their mode of treating patients, and numerous practices have suffered huge losses of revenue. To preserve your business and survive the pandemic, you need to adapt so you can continue providing your clients with the same quality services. 


There are several methods you can adopt to hang onto your clients, make your services relevant to the current situation, and provide each customer with needed services. Learn how to keep your revenue flowing at its previous level and remain confident about the future of your business. 


Build your web presence


It is essential to communicate with your client base and keep them informed of your activities during this time. 

  • Add some posts about your methods of combating the virus.
  • Inform your client base via advertising channels
  • Keep your customers confident about the safety of your services. 
  • Share your cleaning and disinfecting protocols.
  • Let your clients know about changes to your business hours. 
  • Use a professional digital marketing agency to fine-tune your marketing content.

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Send the right message to the right audience


Check your marketing channels to make sure all of them are effective. In the current situation, people want to know the latest news, and they constantly check their social networks. Define your target audience and find the most popular channels to promote your clinic’s services. Pull ads from unproductive marketing channels, and redirect your funds into more lucrative channels that are more productive and efficient. You can even use direct marketing channels like email to send personal messages to clients. 


Pay attention to the content of your message. Do not overload it with negative information about the virus. People are growing tired of hearing bad news. Send a positive message that makes your audience feel confident about the quality and safety of your services.


digital marketing channels

Effective marketing channels are key to success


Diverse marketing channels provide you with different audiences to promote your services. It is essential to define the best of them, to acquire a steady client flow that will support the development and growth of your business in the future. There are multiple channels that you can choose from for a successful marketing campaign. 


  1. Website 

To meet the demands of the current situation, you will have to make some changes to your clinic’s website. Increase the frequency of posting new content, to reach the highest position among your competitors, and to keep your clients up to date on changes to the times and ways you provide services. 

     2. Social networks 

Post your latest information so users can check it any time. Keep communicating, and be sure to answer the most frequently asked and important questions. If you have a chat-bot that automatically sends answers, make sure the information is updated about any changes you have introduced to your services. 

     3. Email

Inform users via email about changes to your business. Most of your audience and busy clients will only check for your emails from time to time, but remember to keep in touch with all of them, and be sure to respond to their questions. 


Communication with your audience is vital during the pandemic, and you will have to adapt if you want to preserve your authority and continue providing first-class services. Use these methods, and your business will succeed and remain in demand in any situation.