The USA is known worldwide as the country of opportunities. Since the birth of the American dream, millions of immigrants have flocked to the United States to join US citizens in creating a better life for themselves and their families. In many scientific and technical fields, the US has managed to outrun other countries. However, in the case of Internet speed, the US lags behind. 

Even though it takes mere seconds for Americans to find and view any content on the web, and our desktop and mobile connections are relatively fast compared to the world’s average speeds, we cannot claim the prize for fastest Internet speed. 

Clever-Solution, a digital marketing company that develops cutting edge products for online promotion, perfectly understands the importance of fast Internet. We decided to compare connection speeds and prices per monthly packages in different countries. Check out the results of our research in the infographic below. 

Do not be dismayed if the Internet in your city is slow and expensive. Google Fiber will soon enter the telecom market in many US cities, offering rates under $100 per 1000 Mbps. Other providers will quickly adapt to meet the competition, so we can expect a mass price decrease in the near future.