Today, the Internet is the most powerful marketing tool in the world and has become a great part of our everyday life. Social networks, search engines and websites are where people spend more than 35 hours a week, and are the platforms brands will need to target in order to reach their audience.

Businesses that believe they can successfully market without digital marketing in the digital age should consider the following:

  • While traditional marketing remains quite pricey, digital marketing lowers the price for smaller businesses and makes it easy for them to compete with larger companies
  • Unlike online promotion, the traditional marketing approach is harder to track and measure
  • Many digital marketing techniques require little to no skill or investment and can be done in-house  

The Internet provides endless opportunities for brands to promote their products and services in the digital space. All industries, from cosmetic to plastic surgery businesses, are focusing their efforts on digital marketing. Businesses with a strong digital presence are more likely to appear at the top of Google SERP, boosting business revenue and growth.

Without digital marketing your cosmetic and plastic surgery practice is virtually invisible to your targeted audience who spend over a quarter of their time staring at their device’s screens.

What would happen to your cosmetic and plastic surgery business without digital marketing?

#1 Without SEO

seo ps

Ten years ago, if your practise had a website that was even to warrant online success. Now, having just a website alone doesn’t guarantee that the right people will be able to find your clinic on Google. Search dominance is what really matters today, and SEO strategy is what you need to consistently rank on Google’s first search result page.   

Without proper on-page and off-page optimization your prospects won’t be able to find your website and see what you are capable of. This is why SEO strategies remain the #1 digital marketing focus for cosmetic and plastic surgery businesses.   

#2 Without PPC

ppc plastic surgery

SEO is a process that requires time in order to make it work for your business’ sake, but PPC can help your plastic surgery website quickly claim the #1 spot on Google. PPC stands for “Pay-Per-Click”, which means that you only pay for advertising when it works.

The idea behind PPC is to push your website above other organic search results, to convince your potential clients to access your website or landing page, and to schedule an eventual visit. Ideally, once you attract the attention of your target market, your website is compelling enough and meets the expectations of users to funnel them into the next step of the customer journey.

A well-planned PPC strategy can get your business quick results, and without it your initial marketing efforts will be much less effective than it could be.

#3 Without Landing Pages

landing pages

Landing pages help better deliver your message to your targeted audience and encourages customers to explore your services. Aside from your homepage, your landing pages are the most visited pages of your cosmetic and plastic surgery website. But in order to be effective, your landing pages must be a perfect blend of design, usability and include techniques such as SEO, PPC and SMM.

With properly designed and optimized landing pages, you can promote your services, discounts and other incentives effectively to lead your prospects further along their customer journey. Without landing pages your outstanding services are missing out on an opportunity to be noticed.

#4 Without SMM


Facebook alone has more than 1.8 billion users. That fact alone is more than enough reason to start running a campaign at least on Facebook. In reality, businesses should be taking advantage of the most-visited social networks and run campaigns across all platforms to maximize effect.

People searching for cosmetic and plastic surgery services are most likely active social network users. Social media marketing (SMM) helps businesses put their brand names in front of a vast audience through the use of content and social advertisements.

It also helps brands facilitate management over their reputation and to build trust among their customers. With all of these benefits, social media is a strong marketing channel that cannot be neglected by businesses further.

#5 Without Reputation Building


Building and managing reputations is an integral aspect of digital marketing that will benefit  cosmetic and plastic surgery businesses. In the world of professional services, a good name can take your business very far. But crafting a sound reputation takes time, and it takes the creation of valuable content to share with your audience. Businesses also need to work on getting positive reviews, and to remember one false move can put all that hard work in jeopardy.

Without proper reputation building and management, you will not be able to influence perceptions of your brand and will be unable to protect the good name of your cosmetic surgery business.


As the owner of a cosmetic and plastic surgery practice, you need to focus on maintaining your brand’s marketing presence across the web in order to keep up with the competition. To grow your business, you need to embrace digital marketing and with the help of digital marketing pros you can catapult your business to the top of search engine result pages.