The digital age is upon us.

Since the birth of the Internet and widespread proliferation of smartphone devices, society has had to adapt to the digital age’s ever changing conditions. The digital age has affected nearly everything we do from the way we work to how we entertain ourselves to making friends. It’s even changed the way we approach marketing.

If you haven’t put your physical therapy business online yet, this can spell some troubling things for your brand. Digital marketing is important to each and every enterprise because it helps attract and retain clients where they spend the majority of their time: online. But this is far from the only benefit digital marketing can bring to your physical therapy practice.

let me explain

#1 Saves Your Marketing Dollars

Digital marketing has made it easier for smaller businesses to effectively compete with larger enterprises in the same industry. Not too long ago, small companies faced several traditional marketing challenges and had to cough up big money just to advertise their services.

New media channels have provided physical therapy practice owners with cheaper and more effective advertising mediums. Digital marketing has leveled the playing field for all physical therapy businesses, regardless of their size.

#2 Generates Measurable Results

Unlike traditional marketing tactics, digital marketing provides an opportunity to check results immediately. This real-time feature allows businesses to measure promotions and to make the necessary changes if strategies are not effective. There are a variety of analytics tools at your disposal to track and monitor each step to ensure your digital marketing campaign successfully benefits your physical therapy.  

#3 Leads to Better Exposure

Digital marketing allows businesses to market their services and products to a wide audience, reaching prospects who were previously unattainable. Keeping local SEO in mind, business owners can capture the local market by retaining the top spot on SERP for people searching locally. These individuals are typically looking for physical therapy businesses in their immediate location.

General SEO tactics can help physical therapies be seen nationally as well as domestically. For businesses that sell healthcare products, smart digital marketing strategies can help you reach a national audience to buy from your practice.   

#4 Helps Reach Mobile Users   

Since the number of mobile searches has surpassed the number of searches conducted on computers, physical therapy businesses must use digital marketing to reach this mobile audience

Mobile users represent a large group of potential clients, with more than 90% of the adult population in the US stating they always have their mobile devices within arm’s reach. Digital marketing targets those mobile users and can effectively attract their attention whether they are browsing on a smartphone or on a tablet.

#5 Doesn’t Annoy Your Audience

People hate being bombarded with thousands of promotional letters and flyers or receiving sales calls for products they don’t even want. Online users have the ability to sift out any irrelevant sales information and look for what they really need. With digital marketing, customers can find the things they want on their own time and make the next step in the customer journey.   

#6 Builds Trust and Reputation  

Great testimonials and positive reviews from social media or review websites can make or break your business. Research shows that people trust online reviews and these reviews often help them make a final decision. Positive feedback from your physical therapy patients and reviews from customers who have used your services or products are your best advocate.

#7 Gives Better Understanding of Customers

A set of digital analytic tools and social media provides a deeper understanding of customer behaviour, preferences and expectations. Analysis is the solid foundation for a successful digital marketing for your physical therapy practice. It gives you valuable insights on your customers and displays where your marketing strategies are succeeding or struggling.  


Digital marketing is all about keeping your physical therapy business up and running in 21st century. It helps drive targeted traffic, attract fresh leads and boost conversions. It also plays a vital role in brand awareness and in building patient loyalty, as well as acquiring the trust of future prospects and improvement engagement. A well thought-out and consistent digital marketing strategy will bring multiple benefits to your physical therapy practice.