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Why Clever Solution

Clever Solution is the only stop you need to make. Leave the digital aspect of your business to us. We will create your digital presence...

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  • Quality
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  • Clarity
  • Simplicity
  • User-oriented
  • Visual
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Why Clever Solution?

Design Solutions

Our goal is to not only design an intriguing website, but to increase your customer base. We create a clear, responsive and customer-oriented user interface which is guaranteed to retain consumers’ attention, reducing the bounce rate and converting new customers. Our designs are unique, visual, and aimed to keep your website visitor interested and reading.

  • - You remain in control throughout the entire design process
  • - Custom Graphic Design to complement your brand
  • - Explore the design possibilities that reflect you and your business
  • - Attract your audience through a clear and user-friendly interface
  • - Design of your logo and brand
  • - We design to engage your potential customers
“Most people make the mistake of thinking design is what it looks like. people think it’s this veneer - that the designers are handed this box and told, “Make it look good!” That’s not what we think design is. it’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” - Steve Jobs

One of the biggest challenges for a business is to determine the interface design for their web application, for their website not only provides information on what they do, but also reflects who they are as a business. What we do at Clever Solution is never a generic website design, but a strategic web design, that will result in an increased customer base for you.

And we completely agree with that quote and at Clever Solution fully believe that design is far more than a pretty picture.

Here is the list of the design solutions we offer for you, depending on the needs of your business:

And here are some of the results you should be looking forward to with Clever Solution designs:

  • custom design of the logo (if you have not got one still), which represents you as a brand
  • custom design of the web and mobile applications (either/and)

And here are some of the results you should be looking forward to with Clever Solution designs:

  • attraction of the consumer
  • retention of their attention on the website, due to a clear, interesting, and user friendly look of it
  • clearly designed interface which reduces the bounce rate and increases customer conversion rate, in other
  • words - brings you cus tomers and increases your revenue
  • designs reflect who you are as a business and a brand, not just inform people of what you do, but inform them of who you are

The process at Clever Design Solutions involves these following steps:

  1. You need a web or a mobile application designed
  2. We note down all your requirements for the design, and consult you in some areas on the basis of our extensive experience in this field
  3. We start sketching and drafting a design for you
  4. You continuously give us feedback on whether you like it and whether it reflects what you have had in mind
  5. We keep on designing further, and
  6. Once you are happy, you are presented with the finished product
Design of the website, is an integral part of the business’s image, as well as key to its digital marketing success. If you, as a consumer, don’t like the design of your website, chances are, your potential customers will not either. So forget about the expression of ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, and instead remember to make the first impressions a lasting one on your visitors.
It is important for you to stand out from your competition, and gain that advantage over them with your digital image, and that you have to compete with them for your share of the 85% of the consumers that look for local businesses online.
Why Clever Solution?

Development Solutions

If you already have a design for your website, we will develop the site for you and make it functional and of the highest quality. Is your mobile device an extension of yourself? Then the same is probably true of your customer, and they may be looking for you. We develop our websites to work on any device with Internet access.

  • - Development of user-friendly mobile apps
  • - Selection of web publishing platforms available depending on your price range
  • - Continuous feedback on your behalf
  • - Two-way communication on functionality of the website
  • - The end product is thoroughly tested before it is handed over to you
  • - Training provided on how to use and maintain your new web or mobile application
Without clear functionality, no matter how pretty the design, your website is useless. While both elements are important, website design is only half the job. The development stage includes multiple components. Depending on the needs of your business, we find the best solution, guiding and consulting you throughout the process, based on our extensive experience. Be it a web app, mobile app, or both (as is most often the case with the growing use of mobile devices), we develop an application which is clear and easy to navigate, allows the consumer to provide feedback, and affords a degree of personalization.
We offer a range of development solutions for our clients, with an individual approach to each challenge presented. If you have a limited budget for website development, we can create a more standard site to meet your needs.
We work with a number of publishing platforms and customer management systems (CMS), including, but not limited to:
  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Drupal
  • Technologies: Yii Framework, Node.js, React.js, React Native, Ember.js
[ “mobile devices empower shoppers” ]
of users search in-store to help them make up their minds
use it as self-help instead of seeking help from store-emplayce
Why Clever Solution?

Digital Marketing

Rapid respnose to the market is key to survival, and this can only be done with the help of digital marketing. The virtual world enables us to get real-time feedback on how a marketing strategy is working, enabling us to efficiently respond and make adjustments. We provide an in-depth analysis of how your business is doing digitally, and develop a strategy which suits your brand and your goals.

  • - Development of a strategy for your company to increase your ePresesence
  • - Make it easier for your customer to find your products and services
  • - Raise awareness of your brand through social media
  • - Stay current and relevant among your customer base
  • - See how your audience responds to your brand
  • - Adjust your strategy without wasting time

Having an awesome website, which looks and works like a dream is wonderful, but unfortunately, it isn’t enough. Considering that there are well over a billion websites out there, covering everything and anything, standing out becomes quite a bit of a challenge. That is why digital marketing is essential, as it brings you and your potential customers together. What every business should remember, is that it’s not only you looking for the customer, but that said customer is looking for you too.

Businesses today have to be very conscious as to how their web presence overall, not just their website, impacts their business and profitability. What we do is bring both you and your potential customer together through a number of tools.

Marketing via the internet differs greatly from traditional methods of marketing, as it is in many ways more subtle. Today’s customers are more informed than ever before, and they get that information from the internet. A digital presence for a business today is just as essential for its survival as air is for us.

What Clever Solution does is put you on the map in the internet, attract to you your consumers, engage them, convert them to become your customer, and keep them coming back to you. Engaging the customers is probably the hardest bit, since today’s internet users have learned to ignore much of advertising and look specifically for content that is valuable particularly to them. We can’t go spilling our secrets at how we do it, but we will tell you this - we have a proven track record of reducing the bounce rate of visitors to our clients’ websites, which leads to an increased customer base and increased profits for you.

[ The Big Deal AboutDigital Marketing & Its Purpose ]
Digital Marketing
Consumer Searching On-linefor Service/ Product
Your Web + Mobile APP
Digital Marketing
Your Business Goals
Internet fundamentally changed in how we communicate and shop


it brings the 2 elementsin most cost-effective way possible
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Internet marketing consists of the following major elements that we offer for you at Clever Solution:

  • consultation and evaluation
  • search engine optimization
  • content marketing
  • campaign creation
  • social media marketing
  • email marketing
  • blogging
  • pay per click advertising
  • conversion optimization
  • analytics
...and of course, if you are looking for someone to not just do bits and pieces of digital marketing for your business and are looking for someone to develop your digital marketing strategy and maintain it, then Digital Marketing Solutions at Clever Solution is for you. What differs us from other similar companies is that we offer to both design a strategy for you and execute it thoroughly throughout, while you still remain in control of the entire process. Our goal is not to simply increase traffic to your website, but to increase your revenue through increased customer conversion rate due to the digital marketing work that we do.

The strategy is created specific to your business goals and constantly checked upon and adjusted depending on the results of the analytics. The beauty of digital marketing is real time feedback that is immediately available on how effective the strategy is, what your customers are looking for, what you need to do to attract them better, and compare yourself to your competition.

The way we do it at Clever Solution consists of these following steps
  1. You need a digital marketing solution for your business (to achieve a business goal or goals)
  2. Clever Solution comes into the picture and evaluates your goals, you digital presence, and any previous digital marketing strategy that you might have
  3. We consult you on what elements need to be changed and/or introduced
  4. You choose what you want done, or leave it to us to help you accomplish your business goals
  5. We develop a CleverStrategy
  6. We carry out all the actions necessary to achieve that goal, as outlined in the strategy
  7. We constantly analyze your business’s performance online, and where needed, tweak the strategy to stay competitive
  8. You end up getting more customers and more market exposure, and of course, more profit

People research online before they buy in store

and ~8 different media

sources are used for research:
90% search engines
48% internet yellow pages
48% internet yellow pages
48% internet yellow pages
  Why You Care...
Because… 85% of consumers search for local businesses online…
& for 65% of them, internet research help them make up their mind
& they may he looking for you

So? You want them to find you

Why Clever Solution?

Integrated Solutions

Let us help you handle the digital aspect of your business from start to finish. Beginning with the design and development of your website, we move to your digital marketing strategy with analysis of its effectiveness and continual adaptation to the everchanging market. We understand the importance of catering to consumers’ needs and wants, and aim to simplify the process for both you as our client, and your customers.

  • - Turnkey solutions, meaning we will be with you from start to finish
  • - Consulting you throughout each step and supporting and maintaining your website
  • - Use only one company to host your website, market it, and analyze the data
  • - Development of easily operated CMS
  • - Continuous analysis
  • - We do all the work, but you remain in control at every single stage
“Today's consumer relies on the Internet as the ultimate self-help destination, even preferring to consult their mobile devices rather than asking for help from an in-store employee. Businesses today must consider the digital aspect of their businesses to remain successful and competitive in today's market.”


The success of an online business depends on more than just how it is marketed. Three elements are integral to attracting, converting and retaining online customers:

  • design of the website,
  • functionality of the interface, and
  • marketing of the business (web app) digitally.
Clever Integrated Solutions integrates all 3 elements – resulting in design, development and marketing of your online your business. You get a turnkey project handed to you that is easy to use and maintain.
Why you want to stand out…

Clever Integrated Solutions integrates the following six steps, five of which are essential, and the last which is optional, depending on your requirements:

  1. Consultation with the client and determination of the project's specifications This is an information gathering stage, where you tell us what you would like in the finished product, and when you would like it. The goals, purpose, content and target audience are determined in this phase.
  2. Drafting and planning is done at the second stage, where we create a mock-up of the website based on the information you provided in the first step. A website mock-up is like a map upon which the design and development stages will be based.
  3. In the design stage, we create a custom graphic design of a web or mobile application for you, which complements your brand and is attractive to your customers. Our designs are focused on reducing the bounce rate and increasing the conversion rate of your site's visitors into customers. You are constantly consulted on whether you like the design and whether it meets your expectations.
  4. The development stage is when the design is made functional. Functionality is one of the most important attributes of a successful web application, along with successful digital marketing processes. Before the website is delivered and hosted online, it is thoroughly tested by our team.
  5. After the finished web application has been launched online, the digital marketing phase begins. Here, the website is constantly updated with new information, marketed online and search engine optimized, among other things. In this phase, analysis of the business's online performance is done continuously, and digital marketing strategy is adjusted where needed, when needed. You are constantly updated on the progress and work done at this stage.
  6. This last step is optional, as it involves further maintenance and development of the application per your request.

Here is a quick overview of what we offer as part of Integrated Solutions:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which is the overall attraction, engagement and retention of your customers via the use of digital tools
  • SEO across various SERP’s such as Google, Bing, Yahoo
  • Full design and development of your web and mobile applications to complement your existing brand
  • Easily manageable CMS, which you are introduced to and taught to use once you receive your web/mobile application
  • Design of a logo to reflect you as a business
  • A digital marketing plan developed and executed specifically for your business
If you are looking for an online marketing solution for your business handled by a team of professionals, then Clever Integrated Solutions is right for you.

Think that’s a lot?

The internet is expanding exponentially

… 2006, USA’s inet alone will be x50 by 2015

Currently 1 BILLION Websites with

over 1 TRILLION pages of content…

} by 2015 2x much
The Internet caused a fundamental change in how we communicate
Why Clever Solution?

eCommerce Solutions

Increasing numbers of people shop online, and it is not only the product that attracts them to an online store. What shoppers look for in a website is an assurance of payment security, and a clean design that is easy to use. We offer all of the above and then some, to help your business grow.

  • - Clear layout of your products
  • - Ease of use for both customers and business managers
  • - Bringing the customer to you through SEO
  • - Effortless and continuous updates of your product base
  • - Clear and efficiently manageable CMS
  • - Tracking of your business

Many businesses are turning to electronic commerce as an additional venue for expanding their business, while others focus their business exclusively on it. With the success of companies like Amazon and the enormous increase of online shoppers in recent years, offering products and services online through web stores has become standard practice. During the past holiday season, online shoppers for the first time surpassed the number of shoppers visiting brick-and-mortor stores.

Some of the major benefits of e-commerce include:
  • immediate outreach to your consumer, right at their fingertips
  • your products and services are available 24/7, even during weekends and holidays
  • provides your customer with the degree of personalization they desire
  • provides sustainability on the market, with low overhead and fewer marketing expenses
  • your business is visible to a far greater audience (with the help of SEO of course), which is particularly beneficial if you are offering a niche product or service
  • direct feedback from the customer is always available, which is vital for every business
The benefits listed above are major reasons why so many retailers and businesses are increasing their profits by opening web stores online. According to statistics, approximately one quarter of a company’s profits come from online sales. Businesses are going online to sell their products and services, and if you aren’t already there, you are most likely falling behind your competition.
What Clever eCommerce Solutions offers you:
  • clear web and mobile application design and development, with all security features incorporated
  • easily maintained and updated web applications
  • customers come to you, while we do all the work in the background
  • ongoing two-way communication between you and us
  • optimization of your website to help your customers find you
  • security of your customers' information through advanced technologies

On top of that, we offer additional services, such as writing up the descriptions of the product, hosting your new web-store, and additional development solutions you may require at any stage later on. On the basis of the consultation with Clever Solution team, all of the elements you would like for us to take care for you, will be discussed.

Why Clever Solution?

Niche Solutions

Looking for an industry-specific solution with a unique approach to your problem? Then a ‘niche solution’ is what you need. We offer a number of specific solutions over a range of industries. We have vast and continuously expanding experience dealing with a variety of business-specific issues. We are ready to take on whatever challenges you present us, and go the extra mile to meet your needs.

  • - Digital campaign management
  • - Quality assurance of the end product
  • - Business tracking of progress toward set goals
  • - Solutions offered based on your specific industry
Why Clever Solution?


Finding someone to service your website can be a tedious experience, so we offer a variety of independent services to suit your needs.

  • - Copywriting and writing of content with emphasis on SEO
  • - Search engine optimization of your website’s content
  • - Technical support for your apps and websites
  • - Fixing of bugs in your systems
  • - Administrative support of your web/mobile application
  • - Supplementary development of your project and business
Why Clever Solution?

Who We Are

We are a young and passionate team of experts. Founded in 2009, our team has years of experience in the fields of digital marketing, web application design and development. Each member of our team is not only an expert in their respective area, but can also act across the different functions of our mission: We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing the highest quality of service.

  • - We care about you, your business, and your clients
  • - We are a small team, so there is minimal confusion and less time lost in miscommunication between parties
  • - We have indepth knowledge and expertise of how the Internet works and what needs to be done to make your business more competitive
  • - We have a number of accreditations, including several in the target advertising systems of Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • - We are flexible and understanding of our clients and their concerns
Why Clever Solution?

ICO Launch

The world of blockchain technology is a world of limitless business capabilities. More and more companies are adopting blockchain technology for the purpose of revolutionizing entire industries, and to keep pace with ever-evolving standards and innovations. By kicking off Initial Coin Offerings, numerous companies have already acquired the opportunities and resources to progress forward in the interest of democratizing technology. As a company that has taken this path, we know what it takes to launch a successful ICO, and we are ready to help others:

  • - Conduct a market analysis
  • - Develop a marketing strategy
  • - Design an ICO landing page
  • - Integrate blockchain to your solution
  • - Develop smart contracts
  • - Build a strong community
  • - Launch your token sale