Expertise is a news platform that conducts in-depth research and selects the best representatives among Mobile App Development, Software Development, SEO, and more than 200 other industry agencies. Their analysis process grades agencies for Availability, Qualification, Reputation, Experience, and Professionalism, helping users to find the best companies to satisfy their business demands. Since its inception, Expertise has identified more than 10 million best companies in diverse fields, in large cities across the United States. 

Rating System

Over 10 million satisfied customers use the company’s services each month. Expertise’s hard work and qualitative scrutiny during the selection process helps them identify companies with the most practical experience, positive customer feedback, industry awards, and client responsiveness. With the exploding growth of new technologies, it can be difficult to find an agency capable of meeting all your needs. Expertise has proven itself to be a trusted resource for finding the best companies and service providers.

Our Achievement

Clever Solution is proud to be chosen by Expertise as a top company providing Mobile App Development services in the USA. We are honored to hold a position among Expertise’s TOP 23. 


Our team is grateful to Expertise for their in-depth research of our activities, and for listing us in their Top 23. Their recognition confirms that as a company, Clever Solution is moving in the right direction, and it motivates us to keep improving. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best available services, and we are thankful for all the positive feedback that made this honor possible.