Clever Solution, as a full-cycle web studio, cares about the future of SEO. That is why, less than a year ago, we launched a contest for a $1000 SEO Scholarship.

We received almost 500 entries from all over the world. Most of them were students from universities, colleges, business schools and other institutions. Our team of professionals had real a pleasure reviewing the submitted works, because most candidates showed dedication, knowledge, and true aspiration to complete difficult tasks.

But sadly, there is only one winner.

Miss Wilkens

We are honored to announce that the winner of our $1000 SEO Scholarship is Jane Wilkens!
Jane is a 21 year-old undergraduate student majoring in search engine optimization, and she has a great talent for promoting various websites.

Miss Wilkens completed our tasks perfectly, considering all guidelines. She built backlinks to* using 20 linkbuilding methods and wrote a motivational essay that cemented her serious approach and convinced us to choose her above other candidates.

We would like to wish Jane a successful career and all the best of luck!

Stay tuned and wait for our future contests!

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