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Physical therapy SMM is a key marketing approach to consider for marketing your PT practice in the 2020s. 

With digitalization becoming integral to all facets of modern society, the majority of business operations and personal communications are taking place online, saving time and money. Many people turn to Social media throughout the day for information and entertainment. In the US, people devote more than 2 hours a day to their favorite social media channels, to enjoy engaging content, communicate with friends, and share interesting stories. In 2020 Facebook remains one of the most popular networks, with around 2.7 billion active users.  

Social marketing for PT lets you reach out to your prospective patients in their favorite online communities like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube. SMM for physical therapy involves communicating your message and spreading the word about your brand by offering online users entertaining and educational content in the form of blogs, articles, videos, and imagery. By finding a path to your customers’ hearts and minds online, you will steer more traffic to your website and amp up your clinic’s revenues.

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Create a New Image for Your Business
Our expert team will create and maintain your clinic’s pages on social marketing networks that best fit your business. We will study your audience in depth to provide them with the most current and engaging information on topics of interest. Your public profile reflects the values and trustworthiness of your business, so it should have a professional look and be intellectually engaging. Our social marketing for PT services will help you foster positive relationships and communicate with your audience with ongoing content updates.
Increase Your Brand Awareness
Your SMM for Physical therapy campaign will cover all major points, from creating a professional profile and composing stellar content, to analyzing your target audience and generating higher revenues. The Clever Solution team knows how to leverage Social Media Advertising to make more people aware of your PT clinic. By using the most innovative and profit-generating marketing strategies, we will build a unique online image and a solid reputation for your clinic.
SMM is a Cost-Effective Strategy
SMM for physical therapy is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies, since most social networks are open-source and freely accessible for business marketing. However, depending on the size and complexity of your advertising campaign, most networks offer paid advertising options as well. Our top-notch social media advertising strategies will save you money in the long run, while providing the most skillful management of your public accounts and furnishing you with new followers and higher conversion rates.
Communicate with Customers about niche topics
As a healthcare provider, you know your patients and their needs. You feel their pain and offer practical solutions to solve their problems. Our physical therapy SMM approach will help you share topics of interest with your patients that educate and inform, building your reputation and authority. Our social media advertising tactics encourage open discussions about musculoskeletal problems and how to overcome them. We will help keep your audience up to date with the most current content in the field of physical therapy.
Promote your products and services
Clever Solution’s top experts are pros when it comes to product promotion. We use the smartest solutions to optimize your social media advertising campaign, to increase your profits and raise consumer awareness. We can assist you in advertising your services and merchandise directly by placing sales ads on social channels, or indirectly through case studies, articles and blogs that inform your audience about the latest trends and research in physical therapy.
Gather data from your audience
Social marketing for PT fosters back-and-forth communication between your PT business and its clientele. Information about your patients’ user experience can be a huge asset when refining your digital marketing approach. There are multiple ways for consumers to provide feedback, such as short surveys, chat comments, and submitting user reviews. A state-of-the-art physical therapy SMM campaign is always client-centered, rendering invaluable data about user experience and customer satisfaction.

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Our Advantages

We have extensive experience working with social media networks
With over 10 years of experience, we know how to set your PT business in motion via prime social channels. By executing our excellent content plans, our top experts will help you develop a prominent online image, with a supportive and engaging space for your future patients.
We convert leads from social media into customers
At Clever, we use modern marketing tools, strategies, and technologies to drive an outstanding and productive Physical therapy SMM campaign. We will study your audience and engage them at the best times, and with the most compelling content. Our time-proven tactics guarantee successful lead-to-customer conversions.
We increase trust of your brand through social media
The Clever Solution team will help you build trust with your followers and amplify your conversion and retention rates through robust and time-proven social marketing for PT solutions. We help you build a confident image for your practice by emphasizing your strengths and achievements, and by establishing intellectual and emotional bonds with prospective patients. Our SMM for physical therapy campaigns are designed to promote your positive image and reputation among a broad range of followers.

SMM Services for your PT

Optimization / Creating your profile on Social Media
Physical therapy SMM begins with building your brand awareness by creating state-of-the-art accounts on the most popular platforms. Our skillful and creative designers will help you master an appealing visual presentation of your business.
Creating and publishing your content
Social media advertising requires thorough and careful planning. At Clever, we will help you set attainable goals and develop powerful strategies to achieve them. When composing your physical therapy SMM content plan, we carefully consider your target audience, the nature of your message, its format, placement, and times of publication
Managing your advertising campaign
With volumes of new data emerging daily, the online environment can change in an instant. To keep your audience engaged, Clever Solution offers continuous management and updates of your social network accounts. We will post new content and maintain real-time correspondence with your audience. Productive social marketing for PT focuses on acquiring new customers. With Clever, you have the best chances of attracting new fans and retaining existing customers.

Who We Are

The Clever Solution team is an experienced and passionate group of digital experts, specializing in web application design and development and digital marketing since 2009.

For the past 10+ years, our team has undertaken numerous projects and created multiple top-quality desktop and mobile applications, breathtaking websites and eCommerce platforms, and brilliant SaaS options.

Why choose Clever Solution?

  • We get to the core of things while running your physical therapy SMM campaign. Our time-tested and creative solutions will quickly take your business to the next level.
  • After thorough analysis of your industry’s market, we make sure you are compliant with all requirements, to outperform your competitors.
  • Our social media marketing team is a tight-knit group of professionals, meaning  minimal confusion, quick decision-making, and less time lost in miscommunication.
Our Case Study

From this case study, you will find out about the difficulties of working with legacy projects

From this case study, you will find out about the difficulties of working with legacy projects

From this case study, you will find out about the difficulties of working with legacy projects

From this case study, you will find out about the difficulties of working with legacy projects


Medical Director, New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation
Clever Solution provided SEO, PPC and social media marketing to a medical clinic. They also helped with content strategy and advice on how to appeal to the right audience.
Denis Pinsky
Founder, Savvy Herb & Webfia
SEO efforts have benefitted from both immediate feedback offered by Clever Solution Inc., as well as from internal changes stemming from knowledge gained during the engagement.

Our awards

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2020 Manifest Top 25+ Drupal Developers In New York
Clutch Top SEO 2020
2019 Manifest Top 40 Pay-Per-Click Agencies In New York
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Frequently Asked Questions
How can social media marketing help my physical therapy practice?

Physical therapy SMM is an economical method for telling your story, amplifying conversions, and developing warm ongoing relationships with your online audience. SMM can help your PT practice build connections with prospective patients on their chosen online platforms.

How much does social network marketing cost?

The price for social media advertising includes content creation and management. It all depends on the size of your project and your goals. Fees may include an hourly or fixed rate for larger projects.

How can I promote my clinic’s brand on social networks?

Our team will help you select the best platforms for your physical therapy SMM. We will analyze your practice and develop a unique content plan for recommending your services and increasing your profits. Our specialists will teach you how to build a lifelong bond with your patients through engaging content, appealing design, informative infographics, and the latest technologie

How much does it cost to advertise on social networks?

The price for paid SMM advertising is based on cost-per-click or cost-per-mile, and varies from one platform to the next. On Facebook, you can start your campaign with a minimal budget. Organic advertising costs may include design, copywriting, and social media management services. 

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