With the booming growth of online businesses worldwide, people are looking for medical services via the Internet more than ever before, meaning that an online presence is essential for building a trustworthy reputation as a medical professional who provides top-quality services. 

Healthcare customers are seeking professional medical service providers to safeguard their health and provide the best treatment options. We will give you an overview of the volume of patients who are looking for medical services online, and explain why it is essential to expand your online presence on social media and other popular platforms. 

Technologies in Modern Healthcare

Statistics from multiple resources confirm that telehealth services have dramatically grown in popularity among healthcare providers and patients. Over 80% of medical practices introduced telehealth to their menu of services in 2020. 

medical practices introduced telehealth to their menu of services

Benefits of telehealth include:

  • Practical efficiency. Online healthcare services take much less time for both doctor and patient. Telehealth eliminates the need for patients to travel to a clinic and wait for the doctor to finish previous appointments. It also reduces the time doctors spend waiting for patients to arrive.  
  • Increased revenue. The convenience of telehealth enables doctors to see more patients in the same window of time, increasing patient flow and total revenue. 
  • Fewer no-shows. The telehealth system eliminates the need for patients to travel to the clinic and take time off work. Most patients can easily plan half an hour for an online visit via laptop, smartphone, or other device. 
  • Expanded area of coverage. Your clinic can serve many more patients using telehealth, and have a much farther reach to remote areas. Your patient flow will grow as more customers are able to schedule appointments with their favorite healthcare professional from wherever they are.

The medical industry is constantly searching for innovative ways to serve their customers by making healthcare more accessible and convenient. More patients are leveraging online healthcare services for consultations, prescription renewal and follow up visits. A strong online presence is essential for medical clinics in today’s world, and users are more likely to choose a healthcare provider whose online presence verifies their professional credentials. 

Patients choose medical care online in 2021

Patients choose medical care online based on:

  1. Feedback of previous patients
  2. Reviews of the doctor and clinic from trustworthy platforms and websites
  3. The physician’s credentials as presented on the clinic’s website
  4. Awards and other achievements showcased on the clinic’s website

Patients use online resources to form opinions and make choices. Being active on social media, providing links to your profile from trustworthy sources and posting feedback from satisfied customers gives you a positive online image that will help your practice grow well into the future. 

So, how many patients are looking for you on the internet each day? The easiest way to count the actual number is by viewing your website’s Click-Through-Rate (CTR). This tool is essential for getting a complete overview of your advertising campaigns’ success. You can use it to build a working strategy and to choose the best channels to promote your brand and reach your target audience. Digital agencies often use CTR to research a clinic’s promotional channels and develop marketing strategies to increase revenue, enhance patient flow, and build your reputation as a top-quality healthcare provider.

The number of patients searching online for healthcare services is growing every year

The number of patients searching online for healthcare services is growing every year.  It is essential to use online advertising techniques to attract new clients and grow your practice. Communication technologies are incredibly accessible nowadays, and even patients from remote locations can use their connected devices to access your services. Technologies like telehealth have opened many opportunities for local clinics to expand their reach, to provide professional and timely services to patients near and far.