Digital marketing is expensive – so it’s important to use your resources wisely. Many businesses have already invested in blogging and PPC strategies, but how many have really thought about or invested in the visuals that greet visitors when they visit a website?

Once you have captured the attention of your potential customer, you not only have to show off your business strengths but also convince them to engage with you.

Landing pages can vary in size, format, content and purpose. But all landing pages have a specific reason for existing: they are meant to encourage visitors to your website and to get them to convert. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the crucial elements that make a landing page so successful, and also help you polish your campaign to see tangible results. According to HubSpot, leads are more likely to increase by 55% if your website runs a landing page. So let’s get started.

Specific Content

Landing pages are the gateway to your website – they  convert random visitors into leads, and those leads can turn into patients. A landing page should not be too vague or cover a plethora of topics. In order to get visitors to engage with your website, your landing page needs to provide visitors with valuable and highly relevant information. Content will determine the effectiveness of your landing pages.

The effectiveness of your landing page depends on presentation. Remember, the majority of your visitors aren’t versed in the medical field so try to avoid complicated terminology and make all information easy to digest. Landing page context should bring value, educate and motivate visitors to use your services, so make them as appealing as possible.

What About Visuals?

One of the best ways to create an unforgettable landing page is by adding visuals. Marketing surveys have found that 65% of people are visual learners and that videos increase conversions by 86%.  Videos also provide a 300% increase in inbound links, and content with images gets 94% more clicks compared to text while infographics can easily summarize your complex data. Combining informative text with high quality visuals can help your landing page attract potential patients and boost inbound traffic.

Landing page content differs from blog articles and product pages because it needs to be strictly niche-related. Depending on how many landing pages you want (the more the better), you can tailor your landing pages to target specific demographics like age and gender. Infographics illustrate statistics and bullet points; videos can explain whole processes in several minutes; and images can display visually apparent before-and-after results.


What’s More?

With proper permission, businesses can include real-life patient stories to showcase their expertise on company landing pages. In addition to patient stories, you can also use landing pages to advertise e-books, tips and tricks, recommendations and much more. Just be sure to add CTA’s on your landing page like:

  • Subscribing to blogs or newsletters
  • Downloading e-books or other white papers
  • Filling out Q&A forms
  • Scheduling a consultation appointment
  • Signing up for events or following social media pages

Now that you’ve given away such valuable information, your business deserves to receive a little feedback from your customers. Ask users to subscribe, but try to avoid overwhelming them with various web forms. Keep your forms short, just a couple of questions so users aren’t tempted to leave your landing page. Convenience and the usefulness of your website will ultimately determine if users subscribe to your website and newsletters.

web form

Unique Design Makes all the Difference

Plastic surgery professionals know better than anybody else that appearances matter. Your website should look as beautiful as your portfolio of work. Websites that are poorly optimized and look obsolete are more likely to repel rather than attract potential customers. The answer is simple: to obtain the trust of your potential clients, you must show you properly manage your own website. Your website should be designed in a way that accurately represents your business.

While there is no single recipe for flawless design, a well-designed website combines informative texts with niche-oriented visuals. Unique visuals can also ensure your visitors will remember your website compared to your competitor’s. Just remember – every design element and visual should serve a purpose for your brand.

To gain a deeper understanding of design, here’s an example of landing page  for plastic surgery businesses to learn from.

Promote Your Landing Pages

How can prospects find your landing pages if those pages aren’t properly advertised? Promoting your landing pages can help you attract more clients to your website, and in a way that is easy to track. Special buttons with specific CTAs can encourage potential customers to engage in targeted actions, such as getting them to read more or to schedule an appointment with one of your associates.

Why do businesses even need CTAs at all? The majority of valuable content in the plastic surgery industry is too long for a single landing page, so CTAs can entice readers to continue their readership on your actual website.This is why you don’t need to stuff your landing pages with tons of info – just create noticeable CTAs anywhere on the page to get them to your actual website.

If you currently have or plan to publish any pages containing details of operations and/or procedures, you can add customizable tip sheet CTA buttons like “Prepare for Your Procedure” or “Schedule Your Consultation”. You can also promote landing pages via social media and email campaigns by giving subscribers a link to convert them into leads and patients. All you need is to make your landing page an integral and seamless element of your website.

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We hope that our advice works for your business and helps convert visitors into future customers. If you are ready to optimise your landing pages and perfect your digital marketing strategies, feel free to contact one of our marketing associates. We are ready to help you take your website to the next level and get ahead of your competition.