Whether you are the owner of a new cosmetology practice or a well-established business, you can always benefit from fresh leads. Leads are the foundation of your business’s sustainability and growth.

As a new enterprise, your business has to focus on how to get clients through your doors and make them come back again. Existing cosmetology businesses, in turn, focus on both their current client databases and new clients if they wish for further development and improvement. No matter what stage you are at in your business ownership, lead generation is one of the most important digital marketing strategies to stick to.

How to Get Started with Your Cosmetology Business Lead Generation Campaign

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#1 Landing Pages

Your website may look beautiful, but it doesn’t mean much if you don’t generate leads. Remember: lead generation is not only about a website and its design. While a stunning and visually pleasing website design is important, it should be paired with great usability to maximize the effect.

When users access your website, you want them to choose one of your many services to explore. That’s why your landing pages have to be visible, easy-to-find and navigate, and feature a clear message to lead potential clients to the next step of their customer journey.

We recommend creating a separate landing page for each of your services, leaving plenty of space to describe each specific procedure, its advantages and who needs it. Each of these pages should include a well-conceptualized headline, clickable CTAs, web forms and your contact information.      

With an advertising campaign, users can click on ads to access dedicated landing pages that describe your services. Create separate landing pages for your ads so you can track your visitors and analyze their behaviors as they navigate your website.

#2 Freebies

Everyone loves free things. That’s why freebies can be a good way to grab your potential client’s attention. Design a separate landing page for this purpose as well: suggest downloading a coupon for a free add-on, offer a discount for a visitor’s first visit or send free samples of your products in exchange for visitor’s contact information. Don’t forget to spread the word about your free promotions across as many mediums as possible to attract new leads.

#3 Social Media  

Social media is one of the most effective mediums to draw new leads to your website. Actively curate Facebook and other social networks for your business promotion by posting relevant and useful cosmetology-related content; before-and-after pictures; great user-generated testimonials; and add photos of your skilled staff and their work.

Your followers can learn what your business is about from your posts, but this may still not be enough to encourage them to try your services. Encourage them to test your services by offering discounted prices or retarget clients with one of your established giveaway promotions.  

#4 Forums and Q&A Websites

Forums and Q&A sites are platforms people refer to to find targeted solutions. Users hope to get answers to their questions from experts who suggest a piece of advice or can resolve doubts on a specific subject.

Users ask thousands of questions concerning medical aesthetics, skin problems, anti-aging treatments and procedures on such websites as Quora. This is where businesses can step in and prove the level of their expertise by answering any user questions. Once your answer user’s questions, remember to share links to your service pages where appropriate, so people will be enticed to click on your website.

#5 Directories and Local Listings  

People Google everything they need to gather information prior to purchasing. Every customer will spend a good amount of time Googling services and businesses available, weighing customer reviews against what they uncover before deciding to choose a service-provider.

Customers refer to websites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Angie’s List and others that offer the information they need to make an informed decision. They usually include information like telephone numbers, website address, working hours, pictures and, most importantly, reviews on businesses left by previous users.

Another reason why you should take directories and local listings seriously is they can contribute to high SERPs. Google is more likely to display businesses that are listed in popular directories and local listings on the first result page, a huge benefit for your business.     


These tips are cost-effective and a great first-step for any cosmetology business looking to improve their SERP. While you can get started on your own with these easy tips, we recommend contacting digital marketing professionals when you are ready to take the next step and boost your business’ search engine results.