Our Customer

Our company has successfully worked to promote our client’s brand since 2011. The business is a medical services clinic that offers Manual Medicine, Physical Therapy and Osteopathic approaches. Clever Solution has been entrenched in every aspect of the company’s growth, from its brand concept and website development, to advertising campaigns and SEO.

The project

When the client turned to us, the following tasks were set before us:

  • Increase the amount of traffic to the site
  • Increase trust of potential clients in the medical field
  • Target an advertising campaign to customers whose health insurance covers services
  • Increase conversions with a minimum bid per click

how to achieve results through contextual advertising

The Challenge:

Our task was to help the client quickly achieve the desired results through contextual advertising.

Specifically, our work entailed:

  • Campaign creation and account management – defining the target audience, identifying the most popular search queries and pinpointing their locations.
  • Creation of eye-catching text for the advertising campaign to attract, engage and convert customers.
  • Working effectively with all possible settings for ad extensions, including specifications, additional links, addresses, and structured descriptions.
  • Results tracking: We scrutinize keyword analytics to identify bounce rate, session length and conversions, to distinguish between the most efficient queries and those that  render low conversions.
  • Individualized rate strategies, tracking expenses and monitoring traffic from potential customers.
  • Additional systems integration, including call tracking of target traffic for each query group and keeping tabs on KPI growth.

The Solution

Region – NY, USA

Search ads in Google Ads

  • Correct tracking of all channels for attracting traffic was set up and a number of optimization steps were carried out to select semantics, identify negative keywords, optimize the structure of the account and ads, and study optimal placement strategies.
  • Google Analytics Counter was set up correctly in order to view conversion sources.
  • Goals of the campaign were set using Google Tag Manager, to fill out the feedback form, click on the phone number and click on the email.
  • A dynamic call tracking service was connected to track the lead source of each keyword.
  • The structure of the advertising campaign was adjusted to the various sections of the site, and the advertising campaign was divided into different categories with unique targeting.
  • Advertisements were carefully created to indicate the clinic’s benefits and present a call for targeted action, using the maximum number of ad extensions.
  • The company was registered in Google My Business and synchronized with Google Ads to first display the address and rating of the client’s company in each ad, and to display search advertising on Maps.
  • A “manual bid management” strategy was applied, maintaining the ad impressions in their proper positions.
  • An analysis of search queries was carried out daily, and lists of keywords and negative keywords were expanded.
  • We conducted A / B testing of ads to identify those most clickable and conversion-friendly.

A / B testing to identify most clickable and conversion-friendly ads

The Results

  • Work is underway to reduce cost per click – we were able to reach $8.35 in January 2019 compared to $10.54 in January 2018.
  • The number of unique calls increased by 32% in 12 months.
  • The number of conversions doubled, and the cost of conversion decreased by 35%.
  • The number of new users increased by 124.46%.
  • The bounce rate decreased by 92.4%, meaning we are attracting more targeted users.
  • The number of pages per session increased by 80.4%.
  • We increased brand recognition, attracted potential customers to the site and achieved a high conversion rate.

how to achieve a high conversion rate

As a result of a lot of work on conducting an advertising campaign, improving the landing pages of the site, improving the quality of ads, working with bidding strategies, we were able to constantly increase the number of unique calls by 32% in 12 months, increase the number of conversions,  improve CTR, reduce CPC.

To sum it up

Any successful website needs constant work to improve the outcomes of their advertising campaign. All metrics should be considered, including analytics, call tracking and goals. Keywords need to be constantly monitored and their results tracked. Taking these steps will help you achieve the best results for your advertising campaign.