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In recent decades physical therapy has become a first-line choice of healthcare for millions of patients suffering from pain syndromes, trauma and movement disorders. From rehabilitating accident victims, to working with athletes, to enhancing the lives of older adults, physical therapy is taking its place at the table as a safe, effective and non-invasive alternative for treating and resolving 21st Century medical conditions.

Marketing for physical therapy has never been more in demand. According to recent studies, 1 out of 2 people over age 18, and 3 out of 4 people age 65 and older have an unresolved musculoskeletal condition. The number of prospective patients needing outpatient clinical services is growing, and so is the number of PT clinics competing for their patronage. To stay ahead of your competitors, your clinic needs a strong online presence, to build your brand’s reputation and provide a welcoming online community for your patients.

Laying the foundation for a successful online marketing campaign requires a combination of physical therapy marketing strategies and online marketing tools like SEO, PPC, content creation, and technological know-how. Modern physical therapy marketing focuses on promoting your brand, growing your client base, and maintaining ongoing relationships with your current and future patients. 

A successful digital PT marketing campaign requires professional guidance to help you get the most return for your advertising dollars. The digital marketing team at Clever Solution is continually brainstorming for physical therapy marketing ideas to help your practice grow.

Only One Client In One Area Is Our Rule.

Why Do You Need Physical Therapy Marketing

Digital marketing is cost-effective
A modern physical therapy marketing strategy uses advanced software to analyze data about your advertising budget, sales, incoming traffic, click-through rate (CTR), lead-to-customer conversion ratio, and other variables. Data analysis gives us the big picture of your ad campaign’s performance. It helps us identify strategies that aren’t working, and distinguish areas that need more attention. It also tells us what is working well, so we can manage your budget in the most effective way possible.
Digital marketing is measurable
Data analytics software lets us measure and analyze data from your ad campaign in real time. With that information, we can make informed decisions about which strategies are the most effective in bringing new patients to your practice. By tracking your data wisely, you can see where you stand on a day-to-day basis in terms of progress and overall success.
Digital marketing targets ideal customers
Steer more patients to your clinic by zeroing in on your target audience. Create buyer personas to better understand the behaviors of your ideal patients and identify ways to reach them. In addition, physical therapy marketing to physicians helps you create collaborative relationships with doctors for increased patient referrals.
Digital marketing reaches patients at the beginning of their buying journey
Before launching your campaign, we create a physical therapy marketing plan sample to define your goals and describe your audience. By identifying your target audience and understanding their needs and behaviors, we can create an effective advertising campaign that caters to your most likely prospects.
Digital marketing lets you make changes as you go
You can always update your physical therapy marketing plan to adapt to daily changes. Real-time data analysis helps us predict changes in advance, so we can make revisions to avoid adverse outcomes. Change your bidding strategy, redistribute your budget, and phase out tactics that aren’t working at the click of a button.
Digital marketing improves your conversion rate
Your conversion rate is a ratio of the number of visitors to your website and the number who become real patients. Digital marketers universally agree that professional content writing contributes to 20% of successful conversions. Other contributors include AI, social media, SEO, and more. A mix of effective marketing strategies combined with PR and effective communication will help you turn prospects into patients!

How It Works

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Our Advantages

15+ years of digital marketing experience
Our track record of physical therapy marketing success makes Clever Solution a prime choice for your physical therapy clinic. Our experienced team of experts can quickly analyze your specific needs and identify areas that need improvement. With Clever, you save time and money by applying the most advanced and profitable digital marketing strategies available in modern advertising.
Adept implementation of internet marketing tools
Knowing how to access and implement resources like Google analytics, quality SEO, and PPC platforms is crucial for getting a full picture of your clinic’s online performance. Without that knowledge, it is impossible to know if your online ad campaign is effective, or if you’re just throwing money into cyberspace.
A proven track record of success
Digital marketing is an incremental process that requires patience and deliberate strategies to move your website upward in search engine rankings. Our team has multiple success stories to its credit, making Clever Solution a wise choice of partner for your physical therapy digital marketing campaign. You can check out our success stories here.
We test our hypotheses
Before implementing new physical therapy marketing ideas, we give them a test run to see if they are viable. By trying new approaches, we often discover new marketing angles that give us a competitive advantage. Once they pass the test, we apply them to your campaign to optimize conversions and profits.
Trained and certified professionals
Our seasoned team is made up of talented professionals from all areas of digital marketing, including IT, advertising, and content writing. Ongoing professional development keeps us agile and up-to-date, so we never stagnate. As our client, your clinic’s ad campaign will benefit from a steady stream of fresh ideas and innovative solutions.
We double-check our processes
High-quality content and advertising are our top priorities. We always edit and revise our work to adhere to the highest standards. Advertisments and other marketing content such as blogs, newsletters, and articles are reviewed multiple times before publication.

Marketing of Physical Therapy Services

  • If you are new to online marketing, our team is ready to create a unique and appealing brand presence for your practice. Marketing physical therapy services requires an ongoing analysis of your daily organic and indirect traffic, an aggressive advertising campaign, and continuous SEO maintenance.
  • Additional physical therapy marketing strategies include Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC), content marketing, and Social Media Marketing (SMM). All these methods are highly effective for expanding your digital presence and promoting your brand. Our daily analysis and real-time maintenance of your campaign is efficient, effective and budget-friendly.
  • If your practice already has a digital marketing plan in place, we can help you upgrade and reconceptualize for more effective results. We will do a complete audit of your entire website to identify bugs and errors that keep your site from ranking high in search results.
  • A customized SEO campaign can move you quickly to the first page of search in your target area. We will also review your site’s structure and content to bring it into compliance with new Google standards for healthcare services, and breathe new life into your site’s content for a better user experience.
  • Your physical therapy marketing campaign will enhance your online presence  with alluring ads, engaging articles, informative newsletters, and contemporary blogs that captivate the minds of your future and current patients. Start your journey with us today, and make your practice visible to millions of potential patients who need your help
SEO For Physical Therapy
The online visibility of your PT practice depends on SEO to attract search engine bots and earn your website high rankings in search results. SEO is a craft that requires skill and knowledge of search engine algorithms. A well-rounded SEO strategy will triple your organic traffic and bring more patients to your clinic.
PPC For Physical Therapy
Fine-tuning and automating your PPC campaign will save your clinic time and money. According to Statista, 82% of digital advertising profits will come from programmatic advertising campaigns by the year 2025. By restructuring your PPC campaign today, your practice will thrive and profit in the 2020s.
Content Marketing For Physical Therapy
Physical therapy is a rapidly evolving field that calls for constant updates of your website’s content. Landing pages and blog articles featuring new technologies, innovative therapies and exciting treatment approaches can bring an influx of new organic traffic to your website. Captivate your audience with educational articles, blogs, and newsletters, and informative ads that make them believe in the benefits of your services.
Facebook Ads For Physical Therapy
Facebook sees around 1.79 billion active visitors daily, giving advertisers an enormous audience. No wonder Facebook advertising is attracting more businesses every day who want to tap into this lucrative advertising platform. Reach out to future patients as they scroll through their news feed, and educate your target audience about your services.
SMM For Physical Therapy Clinics
Social media marketing (SMM) can be a highly effective tool for your physical therapy marketing campaign. Touch base with your patients on popular networks like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. SMM lends a personal touch to your advertising campaign by cultivating meaningful interactions with your audience. Short videos and informative posts build trust with prospective patients as they get to know you and your team.
Serm and PR management for Physical Therapy Clinics
A high reputation score in search engines fosters trust and draws more patients to your practice. Public Relations management is a time-tested channel for building a positive online image and helping you bond with your patients. We use Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) to help you control damage from negative online reviews and comments, by focusing on your professional accomplishments, successful patient outcomes and positive patient feedback.

Who We Are

The Clever Solution team is an experienced and passionate group of digital experts, specializing in web application design and development and digital marketing since 2009.

For the past 10+ years, our team has undertaken numerous projects and created multiple top-quality desktop and mobile applications, breathtaking websites and eCommerce platforms, and brilliant SaaS options.

Why Choose Us

  • Marketing your physical therapy practice requires the implementation of innovative and customized solutions, designed specifically for your practice by our experienced team.
  • We apply our in-depth knowledge and expertise to help your practice stand head-and-shoulders above your competitors.
  • Our tight-knit team of marketing professionals is small, which means minimal confusion, quick decision-making, and clear and open communication.
  • Our client-centered approach keeps you in the loop at every step, with daily reports and rapid response to your phone calls and emails.

When you work with Clever Solution, you can watch the success of your marketing campaign unfold in real time, as your online presence gains momentum and wins new patients for your practice.


Medical Director, New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation
Clever Solution provided SEO, PPC and social media marketing to a medical clinic. They also helped with content strategy and advice on how to appeal to the right audience.
Denis Pinsky
Founder, Savvy Herb & Webfia
SEO efforts have benefitted from both immediate feedback offered by Clever Solution Inc., as well as from internal changes stemming from knowledge gained during the engagement.

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How do I market my physical therapy services?

To successfully market your physical therapy practice, you need to establish an online presence, build brand awareness, and launch a well-structured SEO campaign. Reach out to new and loyal patients by advertising on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

What is the best way for a physical therapist to advertise?

Spread the word about your brand by launching a PPC campaign and delivering millions of impressions to prospective patients, locally and worldwide. Advertise by highlighting the benefits of your clinic in blogs and videos. Captivate your patients with useful and informative content.

How can I increase my physical therapy patient traffic?

Physical therapists get the most traffic from online organic search. A quality SEO campaign will help your website rise to the first page of Google search results. By increasing your visibility and click-through-rate, you will also increase your lead-to-client conversions.

What steps can I take to improve the business side of my physical therapy practice?

Providing outstanding patient care and growing a visible online presence are the keys to business success. Clearly define your goals for patient volume and needed revenues, then map out concrete steps to achieve them. Review and revise your business plan periodically to ensure you are progressing in the right direction.

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